Only for you ~Niall Horan~

"There something you to know" Kimberly said to Niall. I cover my eyes so Niall won't see. "What?" He asked "Maya eyes change due to her moods. When her eyes are pale blue she is sad. If her eyes are blue she normal. If her eyes are green that means she likes someone. If there dark green she is-" "Kimberly don't!" I cried "She what?" Niall said curious "She-" I stop Kimberly and covered her mouth and then noticing I was also covering her nose making hard to breathe. Kimberly push me making me fall on my bum. "She is in love" Kimberly said breathless.


6. page 6


              *Maya POV*

 "I'm home!" My dad yelled, Closing the door behind him. "Hi dad!" I said then running to the hall closing the hallway door. I go to my patents  room and seeing Niall fix there bed "Niall! My parents are here!" I whispered/yelled "I need you to go to my room!" I pointed to my room, which was end of the hall. "Why?" He said "Shh! Go to my room! Now!" I whispered. He ran closing my room door without saying anything. I walk back to the living room meeting my patents again. "Maya," My father began "What was that all about?" My mother finished "Uh, I don't know what you are talking about?" I nervously giggled without hesitation "Maya." My father said one more time angrily "What?" I said like I didn't do anything. He pushed me aside and made his way to his room. He looked around, side to side. He brought up white shoes who look like Niall's. I mentally face-palm myself. "Who are these?" My dad asked holding them up so I can see "Um, there my shoes," I lied "You like it?" I said trying to make it seem real and not a lie "Maya! These are boys shoes! Don't lie to me." He yelled. I gulped "You know I don't have to wear "girl" shoes all the time. I mean I could wear guys shoes to." I said and placed both of my hands on my hip. "Maya have you been sleeping with guys while we where gone?!" He questioned and put Niall's shoes down "No, of course not!" I protested "And Maya, you are not a guy. I want you to wear woman's shoes inall times." He said seriously and you can totally tell because his eyes where focused on mine and nothing else, "Look dad, we did nothing! My friend, Niall, just lost his keys and I told him that he can come over and sleep for the night. Nothing more." I said trying to claim him down and explained to him  "I hope so Maya! I don't want a whore in this house!" He growled and left the room angrily "Danny!" My mother yelled at my father by his first name and runs after him. Tears wanted to escape from me but I didn't let it happened. I walked to the living room "Maya, tell me the truth. Who is in here that I don't know about." He said a little claimer but still angry at me "No one is here but Kimberly." I choke "Okay, lets ask her what really happened between you and "Niall" and maybe she'll tell me the truth." My dad said and opened my door room "No!" I ran to close it but it was too late. Fuck. My dad sees Niall sitting on my bed and then turns to me with a angry face. I smiled, trying to way it off  "Maya! How many time I told you not to bring a boy in this house!" He scowled "He is just a friend. Calm down." I shrugging "You!" My dad points Niall "Get out!" Niall jumps in fear and runs though my door, not wanting to get anymore trouble from my dad "I'm sorry." He whispered as he was waiting past me "It's fine." I manage to smile "And you!" My dad pointed at me "Go to your room." I rolled my eyes and I slam my door. I sat at my bed wanting to cry but I didn't and inside but I stared to sniff. I could hear my mom and dad fighting in the living room. It reminded me when I was younger and when my mom and dad would yell at each other and I would stand there in font of them. I hated that growing up.

  My phone beeped and I saw it was a message from Niall asking me if everything was okay. I was just going to text back when I heard glass breaking. I run out of my bed and opened the door to see what was going on and then I saw one of our white plates on the floor broken. "What the hell is going on here?" I yelled putting my hands up, waiting for an answer. I felt like I was the mother yelling at her kids but of course that would be wrong. "I leave for a second and you guys are already breaking shit?" I said still waiting for an explanation "Maya go back to your room!" My dad yelled "Dad! I'm old enough to do things I want! I'm eight-teen for crying out loud!" I yelled at my dad "Then why are you still living under my roof? And it doesn't matter because your still living here and I can still give you orders so go back to your room! Now!" He yelled back at me "I still have to live here because I have to! you tell me everyday to be home and not to leave in till I was older enough then leave!"  yelled at his face "Then get out if you think your "Older Enought" to so anything." He said to my face and pointed at the door. My eye brow were narrowed but now my eyes were soften by my daddy's words. It's was hard to think that your dad told you to get out but in the same time...  


                                                                          This is what I wanted...


  So sorry that I didn't update since FOREVER! But if it wasn't for my best friend Amanda then I wouldn't have made a new chapter! See next time! Keep reading and don't forget to like this Fan Fiction and comment ;)

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