Only for you ~Niall Horan~

"There something you to know" Kimberly said to Niall. I cover my eyes so Niall won't see. "What?" He asked "Maya eyes change due to her moods. When her eyes are pale blue she is sad. If her eyes are blue she normal. If her eyes are green that means she likes someone. If there dark green she is-" "Kimberly don't!" I cried "She what?" Niall said curious "She-" I stop Kimberly and covered her mouth and then noticing I was also covering her nose making hard to breathe. Kimberly push me making me fall on my bum. "She is in love" Kimberly said breathless.


2. Page 2

 *Maya P.o.v*

I got up from my bed and checked the time it was 9:48 am. I went down stairs and got the milk and cereal. I poured it into the bowl and started eating. I took the bowl to the living room and turn on the t.v. I began to relax and continue eating my cereal. I jumped when I heard a loud knock on the door. "Maya!" It was Kimberly I got up and open to the door "What!" I snipped She gave me a wired look "Someone woke up in a bad mood" Kimberly said under her breath "I'm not, I still mad that you told Niall about my how my eyes get due to my mood!" I huffed "Clam down because he like you back." Kimberly grind looking at the door. I turn to the door then Kimberly "What did you do this time." I mumble I walked to the door and seeing Niall front of my door. "Niall?!" I gasped I look down to realize am still in my Pj's. Kimberly giggled. Niall walked in and looked around. "I-I go change." I ran to my room and did a quick scan of my closet then found a perfect outfit. I walk out my room and saw Kimberly eating my cereal. "You wear glasses?" Niall asked "hm..yea" I mumbled "God damn Maya speak louder!" Kimberly yelled "Kimberly shh!" I snapped again "It's 9 am and people need to sleep!" I went to the kitchen to check the time.I need to go I thought to myself. "Okay I need to go to college so I need you guys to get out." I did a little hand gesture telling them to get out. Niall opened the door and left. Kimberly rolled her eyes and left. I got my car keys and locked the house door and left. 


 I got back and opened the front door. I turn on the light and placed my bag on the couch. I checked the time and it was 6:54 pm. My eyes were heavy and I closed my eyes. I heard a kinda loud tap and jump to my reaction. I slowly got up and went to the side of the window but no one was there. I went to to my room and the the noise got louder. I look around and notice that the noise was coming from my window. I looked at window and opened the curtains. I saw Kimberly throwing little rocks at my window? I open my room window "Why didn't you just knocked at my front door?" I asked unsure "Because that will be boring!" She said putting her hands on her hip. 

Kimberly came in sat down on my couch smiling. "Guess what!" Kimberly jumping up on the couch "What?"I asked "Guess!" "Okay hmm.." I thought for a second "You got a boyfriend?" I shrug. She frowned "No." "Then what?" I asked again "I will never have a boyfriend and I never marry a guy!" She looked at the floor mad "What's wrong?" "Nothing it's just that I'm....lesbian."She gave a little smile. I gave her a big hug. "Okay." I said "Your not going to leave me because am lesbian?" "No! of course not!" I yelled I smiled. 

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