Our Little Hazza (Zianourry FanFiction)

A Zianourry one shot where Harry is the youngest and shortest member of One Direction. His four other boyfriends love him to bits and care for him. Sure it can be annoying when something is too high to reach, or when they tease him for being short, or when they joke around and use his height as an advantage. But it's worth it, because he gets cuddles, hugs, kisses and he gets carried around places.

A fanfiction where the boys love Harry and joke around, and comfort him when he's sad.

I'm not sure if it's going to be a one shot, or a one shot with many parts, or a fanfiction. I'll let you guys decide. :) x.

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4. Chapter 4

No One's POV:

The boys (minus Liam) were all snuggled up in the big bed, all touching Harry in some way or the other like always. Niall had Harry in his arms protectively, Harry's head was tucked under his chin and his arms were wrapped around Niall's torso. Louis had his arms wrapped around Harry's thighs and his body was pressed against Harry's back. Zayn had his legs under Harry's legs and had one hand on Harry's bum. They were all fast asleep and cuddled up together.

Meanwhile Liam was pacing back and forth downstairs in the living room. He was still fuming because of what Harry said. Sure, in any other case it wouldn't have made him so mad because Harry is genuinely a caring person and he's always happy and wants everyone else around him to be happy. He doesn't focus on the bad things but instead all the good things. Whether it be people, animals or even pointless objects like a used crumpled up wrapper. He's always looking at the positive and never giving the negative a thought. Sure he gets hate from fake fans, and sure he cries and gets upset. But that's just how Harry is. He can find the good in anything, but he's also very sensitive. He looks at hate he gets on twitter about him being a womanizer or a slut, or worse things, and he doesn't give the good tweets a second look. But that's just Harry.

Liam knew he overreacted. He knew what he did wasn't very nice, he knew that Harry is really sensitive and what he said probably hurt his feelings. But he was just so angry. He didn't want to be told to forgive Niall, why would he do such a thing? It's Niall's fault and not his. Niall made a mistake and it was a stupid one at that. What kind of boyfriend talks bad about his boyfriends right in front of them? Only a drunk Niall. What upsets Liam the most though about the situation is that Niall didn't do it only once, not twice, not three times, but several times. It became a regular habit for the Irish lad. He would go out, get drunk and wasted, then come back home to his boyfriends who were worried sick about him, especially Harry. Then he would yell at them and call them sluts, idiots, whores, asses and a lot of other bad things that really hurt their feelings. Harry was the only one who actually forgave Niall because Harry forgave and forgot. But the other three couldn't do that, they just usually act okay around Niall when Harry is asleep.

But what Niall did, it was disgusting. I mean sure they would all rub Harry's nose like that, and they have done that many times in the past. But they always cleaned their hands right away, not wanting to get sick and have Harry worry. Niall refused to clean his hands and got all stubborn and annoying. So Liam did what he had to do and told Niall off. Then Niall talked back and got him all angry and upset. But he did clean his hand, and that made Liam feel a little better, not completely though. He feels sort of guilty now, but why would Harry butt into their business like that? Why does he always have to be there. Why can't he just stay quiet and not talk for once. Just because he forgives people doesn't mean everyone else around him has to do the same. Harry is quite annoying and very clingy at times, and he expects a lot from the boys. Like they have to act the way Harry wants them to act, they have to do what he wants and they have to be nice and gentle around Harry. 

Liam growled angrily and slammed his fist against the wall. He hates Harry and his childish and clingy ways. Harry needs to learn to do things himself. Harry can't always have things go his way and not everyone has to be okay with it all the time. Harry is annoying, clingy, short and stupid. Liam decides as he grabs his keys, wallet and phone. He storms out of the flat angirly and slams the door behind him hard. Stupid Harry. Stupid Harry. Stupid Harry. He kept repeating over and over again in his head as he walked down the street and through an alleyway.

The boys were always depending on him. It's the fans fault, they came up with the name Daddy Direction. Just because he acted older and more responsible than Louis and Zayn, who were older than him, and he always told Niall and Harry what to do and what was right and wrong. It was his own fault for being so caring and protective of the boys. He was always the sensible one. Always telling Louis to behave and not take his pranks and jokes too far, because he could hurt someone's feelings. Always keeping an eye on Zayn and stopping him from smoking too much, even if he did it sometimes. He always told Niall and Harry to behave in front of fans and paparazzi and to not do anything crazy or stupid. Those two together are always up to no good and always looking for fun, or as Harry called it, having an adventure. 

Liam sighed and shook his head. He turned around another corner and walked passed the park they were at yesterday. He continued his walk to nowhere and anywhere. He let his mind go further into thought and sighed. Stupid Harry. Stupid Clingy Harry. Harry who never does anything himself. Harry who always wants attention. Harry who always wants to be carried around. Harry who always wants to please everyone even when they aren't in a good mood. Harry who is always there. He's always the center of attention, mostly because he's the youngest and shortest and most loved member of the band. The boys never minded and actually thought it was amazing and adorable. Harry was their center of attention, so having him as the center of attention with the fans wasn't a big deal either. But Harry needed to quit being so annoying and stupid. Liam walked and walked and walked to nowhere in particular. He groaned and got angrier and more annoyed by the minute, thinking of Harry.

-Back At The Flat With The Other Boys-

The boys were all still asleep and slowly woke up one by one. Niall was the first one to wake up. He slowly untangled himself from his boyfriends and climbed out of bed quietly and slowly, not wanting to wake anyone up. Once he was out of bed he looked down at his boyfriends with a small smile. They all looked so cute sleeping together. He moved his gaze towards Harry, who was now turned around and cuddled with Louis. Niall sighed and shook his head. He would check on Harry later when the other two were awake. He took a deep breath and walked out of the room quietly. He walked down the stairs and rolled his eyes when he saw Liam wasn't there. His shoes were missing and his keys, wallet or phone were no where in sight, so that only meant that Liam was gone out who knows where doing who knows what. Niall made his way to the kitchen and got himself some food to eat, trying to clear his mind from Liam's stupid behaviour.

It wasn't until 10 minutes later that Zayn woke up. He looked at his two sleeping boyfriends cuddled up together and smiled softly. Larry Stylinson, he thought to himself. He slowly got out of bed as quietly as he could and made his way downstairs to the kitchen where Niall was sitting on the bar stool eating some sour cream and onion chips. Zayn smirked and sat down in front of him on the bar stool. Niall looked up at him and said with a mouth full of food, "Hey Zayn, Liam went out who knows where and--" He was cut off by Zayn laughing and saying, "Chew, swallow then talk, Niall." Niall rolled his eyes and chewed then swallowed before repeating himself, "I said... Hey Zayn, Liam went out who knows where and I think Harry is still sick." Zayn nodded but frowned at the mention of Harry. He completely forgot to check on him, he was distracted by the cuteness of Harry and Louis cuddling and sleeping.

"I forgot to check on him. Larry Stylinson just looked so cute sleeping together all cuddled up in blankets." Zayn mumbled and blushed slightly. Niall laughed and nodded his head, "I agree with you, mate. They are both really cute. But still, I'm really worried about Harry." Niall replies. Zayn sighs and nods his head. "We'll just wait until Louis wakes up, then we'll check on Harry and see if he's okay or not." Zayn says. Niall nods and frowns. He really hoped that Harry would be okay. The two boys just talked some small talk and ate some junk food while waiting for Louis to get up so they could check on their little Hazzabear.

Around 30 minutes later Louis woke up. His eyes fluttered open and he looked down at the small, sick and adorable boy in his arms. Harry was wrapped around in blankets, cuddled into Louis' chest and had his arms wrapped around Louis. Louis smiled and kissed his forehead very gently. He pulled away and frowned when he felt the heat radiating from Harry's forehead. He then noticed how Harry's whole body was burning up and he was still wrapped up in blankets and shivering slightly. His skin was pale, paler than usual. His cheeks were bright red and sweaty, along with his forehead that was red, sweaty and burning up. His usually red plump lips now lost all it's colour and were chapped. Louis frowned and slowly untangled himself from the sleeping sick boy and got out of bed ever so quietly. Once he was out he kissed Harry's forehead gently and brushed some curls out of his eyes. He tucked Harry into the blankets and slowly walked out of the room, making sure not to make any noise.

Louis walked down the stairs and to the kitchen where his other two boyfriends were sitting on the bar stools. He didn't smile or greet them, but instead sat down beside Niall and frowned at the table. Niall and Zayn both shared confused and questioning looks before Niall asked, "Louis, mate. Are you okay?" Louis looked up and at Niall, then at Zayn, then back at the table and sighed. He shook his head and looked back up at Zayn. "Harry is really ill. He's not okay you guys." Louis says quietly, his voice cracking a bit at the end. "Lou, what do you mean, what happened?" Zayn asked worriedly. Louis took a deep breath before explaining what he saw. "Well, when I woke up I kissed Harry's forehead and when I did, I felt heat coming from his forehead, and he was burning up badly, his whole body and he was wrapped up in the blankets too, shivering. His skin was pale, paler than usual and his cheeks were bright red and sweaty, and so was his forehead. His lips lost it's colour and were chapped badly, and he just looked really, really sick. I'm worried guys." Louis said and heavily sighed.

"Shit, that sounds awful! When i checked him he wasn't that bad, he just looked really sick. We should go check up on him." Niall says. Louis and Zayn both nod and follow Niall up the stairs and to their shared bedroom where Harry was laying down and sleeping. They walked in slowly and stood beside the sleeping boy, taking in his appearance. Niall and Zayn both frowned deeply at the sight of their youngest boyfriend looking so ill and helpless. "We need to get him to the hospital." Zayn says finally after a long while of them just staring at Harry.

Louis nods and says, "Okay, lets let him sleep for now though. Maybe wait for Liam an--" He was cut off by Niall angrily saying, "No. Don't call Liam, he doesn't deserve to be here after what he did to Harry." Zayn frowns and shakes his head. "Niall, I know what he did was wrong and uncalled for, but we need to call him." Zan tries to reason with the fake blond. Niall shakes his head, "Call him later. Not yet." He reasons. The two older boys groan and heavily sigh before nodding their heads. "Fine, call him later." Louis agrees. "Okay I'm going to get him some soup." Zayn says and is about to walk out of the room when Niall and Louis stop him by saying, "We're coming too." In unison. Zayn smiles and nods his head, "Fine." He mumbles. "I'll just cry if I see Harry like this any longer." Niall mumbles while they walk out of the room. "Yeah, me too." Louis says with a sigh. They walk down the stairs and prepare a nice, healthy breakfast for their boyfriend, momentarily forgetting to call the hospital.

-5 Minutes Later, Harry-

Harry woke up with a pounding headache and sore body. He doesn't remember doing anything that could hurt him like this, but his body really, really hurt. He felt so tired and weak and he just wanted to close his eyes and go back to sleep. But he couldn't now, he was already awake and his head hurt too much and his stomach was aching and his whole body felt stiff and sore and was aching. He looked around the room weakly and slowly, trying to find his boyfriends. When he didn't see them in the room he whimpered quietly, his voice not being able to go too loud. His throat was sore and he felt like someone punched him repeatedly everywhere. 

His small body ached and he felt so cold. He slowly brought his hands up weakly and brought the blankets up to his neck, wrapping it around himself the best he could. He sniffled and croaked out very, very quietly in just a whisper, "Boys." He coughed right after and felt tears prickle down his cheeks. He was hurting and he wanted his boyfriends. He felt the need to go to the bathroom and whimpered, his body hurt too much. He was sweaty and he really wanted to drink some water because he was really thirsty. He felt so needy and that made more tears spill from his eyes. He wanted to be cuddled and wanted to be taken care of but no one was there and Liam was mad at him and maybe the others were mad at him too. What if they hated him? He needed them right now and they couldn't hate him, right? He was defending Niall.

Harry sniffled and wiggled around a little, he looked around desperately and sighed. He wasn't going to get any help. He slowly sat up and whimpered loudly at the pain it caused him. His head hurt even more and was now pounding rapidly. His stomach was twisting in knots and he felt really ill. He was clammy and gross, sticky and sweaty and he really, really needed to go take a wee. He miserably and painfully got out of bed and slowly started walking to the door, but not even three steps later he fell to the ground in severe pain. His body ached all over and he couldn't move, he was hurting too much. 

He stayed like that for at least five minutes before very slowly and very carefully getting up off the ground and standing up on shaky and wobbly legs. He sniffled and slowly walked to the door. After a lot of struggling he finally managed to get to the bedroom door and open it slowly. He fell to the ground again and whimpered. He didn't have the strength to pull himself back up so he stayed there for a minute. When he decided to get up he couldn't and he stayed there for a moment before figuring he could crawl to the stairs. He slowly lifted his arms up and to his sides before pulling himself up and keeping the pressure on his hands and arms, much like a push up position. He bent his knees and started crawling to the stairs.

Once he got there he sat down and took a deep breaths, trying to calm himself down and forget about the pain. He could hear his boyfriends laughing and talking and all he really wanted to do was call for them, ask for help. Tell them he was desperate.He continued taking deep breaths before slowly grabbing a hold of the railing and pulling himself up. He slowly made his way down the stairs and after about 7 minutes he was at the bottom of the staircase. He sighes quietly in relief and stood there for a few minutes, trying to get his balance back so he could walk. He never felt this weak before and all he wanted was his boyfriends there for him, and his family. He wanted to be comforted and taken care of. He finally found some energy and very slowly made his way to the kitchen where his boyfriends were.

Another two minutes and he was standing by the kitchen wall, looking at his boyfriends. Everyone was there, except Liam. He must still be mad, Harry thought to himself, and that thought caused his stomach to twist and he whimpered at the pain. 

Louis, Zayn and Niall all heard the whimpering noise and immediately looked at where the voice came from. When they looked towards the entrance of the kitchen they all gasped. There stood Harry, looking as small and innocent as ever. He looked like he was in so much pain and he could barely keep himself up. He had tear tracked cheeks and he was sniffling and whimpering very quietly. His eyes were shut tight and he was trying to take deep breaths.

They all shot up off their seats and ran over to Harry's side. Niall and Zayn rubbed his back soothingly, trying to calm him while Louis crouched down in front of him on the floor so he could look up at the small boy. "Harry, baby. Are you okay?" Louis asked, panic in his voice. Harry tried to shake his head, but the movement caused him to lose balance and he fell to the ground in front of Louis. "Harry!" Three voices gasped in unison and the two other boys crouched down beside Harry's side. Louis very slowly and gently put Harry in his lap and sighed when Harry was finally in his arms. Except Harry wasn't okay, he was far from it. 

Niall rubbed Harry's legs soothingly and Zayn massaged his scalp, both trying to calm the shaking and pained boy. Louis held him close while Harry whimpered and shook in his arms. "Baby, shh, your okay, relax. You'll be okay." Louis whispered desperately to his baby boyfriend. Harry pressed his face into Louis' chest and whimpered loudly, his voice raw and raspy. "Shh, Hazza. What hurts?" Niall asked calmly as possible, trying to keep the quiver from his voice. He needed to be strong, for Harry, and that's what he would do. 

Harry opened his mouth but nothing came out. All that came out was a squeak and a quiet groan. "Shh, does your voice hurt?" Zayn asked quietly. Harry nodded ever so slightly and whimpered at the movement. His head hurt and he felt dizzy. He wanted to scream and cry and ask for help but couldn't because his voice was gone and he could barely utter a single word. The worst part being that he still had to go to the bathroom.

Harry felt a strong pain in his head and that was all it took. He couldn't hold it anymore and let the warm liquid flow through him and into his boxers. He whimpered when it flowed through his boxers and onto Louis, but Louis shushed him softly and reassured him. "Shh baby, let it out. Your hurting, let it out. It's okay, I don't mind. Good Hazza. See? it's all okay now." Louis whispered quietly.

Harry relaxed a little once he got that out of his system but he still felt really ill. "Hu-r-rtt-sss." He hissed in pain and pressed his head into Louis' chest again. "One of you call the ambulance, now."  Louis said urgently. Zayn jumped up and grabbed his phone before rushing out of the room to call the ambulance. Niall stroked Harry's leg and curls soothingly. He felt like crying but held it in. "Harry, you'll be okay. Just relax, Kitten. You'll be okay soon." Niall said softly and quietly.

"Niall, go get him some new pants or boxers or something. He's burning and I don't think sitting in your own pee would help his case." Louis said quietly, trying not to upset Harry. Niall nodded and rushed out of the room to get Harry some new clothes. Louis continued to stroke Harry's curls and rub his back soothingly. He always hated seeing Harry like this and the whole Larry Stylinson thing with the fans wasn't helping their relationship. They couldn't hold hands in public anymore, they couldn't share their usual inside jokes or even sit beside each other. It was a rare chance when they were actually allowed to. But they did it every once in awhile, not caring about what management had to say. Harry was the smallest and they were all in a relationship, so it shouldn't matter if Louis and Harry spend time together or share inside jokes or even sit beside each other because they were together and management knows that.

Louis pushed the thought out of his head when Harry whimpered and clung onto his shirt for comfort. Louis had no idea what was wrong with Harry, but he knew it wasn't good whatever it was. They needed to get him to the hospital and fast. Louis continued to hug Harry and hold him close while he whimpered and groaned in pain. It was a horrible sight to see and he just knew that there was something wrong with Harry. 

Niall soon reentered with a fresh pair of clothing. A pair of Louis' blue Jack Wills t shirt, a pair of Zayn's sweatpants, some socks to keep him warm and a pair of his own boxers. He sat down in front of Louis and Harry and smiled down at the sick boy who looked up at him. "Everything will be okay." Niall reassured him just as Harry hid his face into Louis' chest in pain. "Okay Hazza, we're going to get you changed, okay?" Louis asked softly. Harry nodded once and hid further into Louis' chest. "How are we going to do this?" Niall asked Louis. Louis thought for a moment before looking at Niall then down at Harry and then back at Niall. "Sit up properly." Louis instructed. Niall raised an eyebrow and asked, "Pardon me?" Louis sighed and replied, "Sit up straight so I can put Harry in your arms." Niall nodded his head and sat down so his legs were straight in front of him and held his arms out, indicating he was ready to have Harry in his arms.

Louis rolled his eyes and gently moved Harry into Niall's arms. Niall hugged Harry close as Harry hid his face into Niall's chest and gripped his shirt. Niall started to rock Harry back and forth for a few moments before Louis spoke up, "We should get him changed." He said awkwardly and timidly. Niall nodded and stopped rocking Harry. "Okay Hazza, we're going to change your clothes now. Is that okay?" Niall asked softly. Harry nodded and whimpered in reply. Louis sighed and gently moved forward so he was in front of Niall. He gently started to remove Harry's wet boxers from his legs, making Harry whimper in protest. Louis shook his head gently and whispered, "We have to, Hazza." Harry sniffled but allowed Louis to take his boxers off. Once they were off Louis got off the ground and walked to the sink. He got a wet cloth and slowly walked back to Harry. He sat down on the ground in front of Niall and Harry. He brought the wet cloth to Harry's private part and gently wiped at it, making sure he was clean. Harry whimpered when the wet cloth touched his skin but it also felt very relaxing and calming. He let himself be papered and cleaned up by his boyfriends.

Once Louis was done cleaning Harry's private parts he was about to put the wet cloth down on the ground but was stopped by Niall. "Don't stop. It relaxed him, keep rubbing the cloth on his skin." Niall ordered. Louis obligated and gently brought the cloth to Harry's thighs. He started to rub Harry's tense body with the wet cloth and watched as Harry began to relax again in Niall's arms. He smiled fondly and started massaging and rubbing the cloth all over his small body. He went over Harry's thighs, private bits, bum, legs, ankles, feet, stomach, back, arms, armpits, neck and even his face. Harry relaxed when the cloth came in contact with his skin and let Louis rub it all over his sore body.

While Louis was massaging and rubbing Harry's side with the wet cloth Zayn walked into the room and sat down beside Louis. "I called the ambulance and Paul, Paul is cancelling all our performances for the next two weeks and the ambulance is coming." Zayn informed them. The two boys nodded and continued to focus on Harry. Niall was hugging him and holding him close while Louis was massaging his sides, which seemed to really calm Harry. Zayn watched in awe at his boyfriends. "What's going on here?" He asked smugly. Niall rolled his eyes and replied quietly, "It calms him down, Zayn." Zayn nodded and watched as Harry's face began to relax, then turned into a pained look then relaxed again. 

Zayn then got an idea and stood up off the ground and walked to the sink. He got another wet cloth and walked back to his spot and gently put the cloth against Harry's forehead. The boy in Niall's arm completely relaxed as Zayn began to rub the cloth across his forehead from side to side. He then moved it down to Harry's cheeks and massaged them gently. After a few moments he brought the cloth to Harry's nose and mouth and smiled when he felt Harry press against the cloth.

They continued calming Harry down with the wet cloths until they thought he was okay. They both put the cloths down beside them and stroked Harry's arms, legs and sides comfortingly. Harry whimpered and clung to Niall like his life depended on it. Niall hugged him tightly and shared a concerned look with both Louis and Zayn. "When's the ambulance getting here?" Louis asked quietly. Zayn shrugged and replied, "Hopefully soon." Louis nodded and looked back at Harry who was silently crying.  "Zayn could you unlock the door, so the ambulance people can just come in?" Louis asked after a few moments. Zayn smiled softly and replied quietly, "I already did." Louis nodded his head and whispered, "Okay." He then brought his hand up to Harry's warm cheek and stroked it gently and lovingly. "You'll be okay, Hazzey." He said quietly. 

"Lads, we should probably put some clothes on him." Niall said suddenly. Louis and Zayn both looked down and saw that Harry was indeed still naked. "Yeah, of course." Zayn replied in a quiet voice. "Okay Hazza. Could you lie down on the ground for us?" Niall asked the smaller boy softly. Harry gently shook his head and whimpered. "Here, I got him." Louis said quietly, he slowly and very gently took Harry from Niall's arms and laid him down across his lap. He started to stroke the boys curls gently to try and calm him just a little while Zayn and Niall dressed him into the boxers, sweat pants. Harry didn't complain much and only whimpered and groaned. 

Once he was in the sweatpants Louis slowly sat Harry up into his arms and made Harry face him. Niall slowly took Harry's legs and gently wrapped them around Louis' waist. Zayn then took Harry's arms gently and wrapped them around Louis' neck and Louis smiled down at him. Even when he was on top of Louis and sitting on his lap, Harry still managed to be shorter and his head wasn't even at the same level as Louis'. It was a cute sight for the three boys but they all snapped out of it because Harry was in pain and needed comfort, not three uncomfortable stares on him. Louis kissed Harry's nose gently and it was shocking that Harry didn't blush, kiss back or do anything in response. He just looked up at Louis with big innocent and pained eyes. Louis frowned and hugged Harry and rubbed his back gently while whispering soothing and reassuring things into his ear.

After a minute he pulled away and looked at the other two boys and whispered, "Could I have his shirt?" Niall nodded and handed him the t shirt. Louis looked down at Harry and smiled reassuringly when Harry whimpered and had a scared look in his eyes. He very quietly whispered, "Hands up baby." Harry tried to lift his hands up and once they were up they started to shake. Zayn frowned at that and got on his knees behind Harry and gently put his hands onto Harry's wrists to hold him up. Harry allowed him to and didn't make a move to stop him or question him. Louis was about to lift the shirt up but was stopped when Niall was also on his knees beside him and took the shirt from his hands. He gave Niall a questioning look but stopped when Niall lifted the shirt up to Harry's hands and slid it down, then put his head through the shirt and slid it down his body slowly and gently. Louis tried not to smile but failed. He grinned at how cute Harry was and couldn't help but smile at how caring Niall is towards Harry. Sure Louis doesn't forgive Niall, but Harry already did and Niall is just so sweet and caring towards Harry.

After Niall adjusted the shirt on Harry so it was straight and comfortable for him, he sat back down behind him and hugged Harry gently from the back. He rubbed soothing circles on the small boys back and kissed his shoulder. Around 5 minutes later the ambulance finally got to the house and came in with a stretched to put Harry on. "Oh yeah, I got us a private hospital room, actually the whole hospital is just going to be for Harry. Paul's orders." Zayn whispered quietly as the paramedics lifted Harry up gently onto the stretcher and brought him out with the boys following close behind. Once Harry was loaded into the ambulance one of the paramedics turned towards the boys and smiled gently. "You can all come into the ambulance, since it'll only be him in the hospital, go get whatever you need quickly, just some basic things, phones, wallets, keys, then come back out." The guy instructed. The boys were surprised at how kind they were being, normally they were never this caring, they figured Paul probably talked tot hem or something of the sort.

They all ran into the house and quickly grabbed their keys, wallets, phones and slipped on their shoes when they realized they went out bare foot. They ran back and climed into the ambulance where Harry was laying down, in pain. Zayn rushed forward and took one of Harry's hands in his whispering reassuring things to him quietly. "You're going to be okay, Haz. The paramedics will take care of you. Just get some shut eye, hmm, love?" Zayn suggested quietly. Harry groaned in response and Niall chuckled quietly and whispered, "Sleep, Kitten. We'll be by your side when you wake up." Harry closed his eyes slowly and sighed ever so quietly. Louis smiled and whispered, "Get some good rest, Pumpkin." And that's all it took for Harry to fall asleep while holding Zayn's hand.

It only took them a good 5 minutes to get to the hospital. The paramedics opened the doors and slowly reeled Harry out and into the hospital, the boys following behind. One of them turned around and smiled softly, "You boys can wait in the waiting room and a nurse will be there to assist you and keep you posted later on." He told them. They all nodded and walked into the hospital and into the waiting room. A nurse who looked to be in her mid twenties smiled at them and asked, "Are you boys here for Harry Styles?" They nodded and she nodded to herself. "You can sit down for a little while and go around if you'd like, there is a cafeteria down the hall and Harry will be moved to room 472 once he's done. For now could you stay here, for at least a little while?" She asked them. They nodded and she nodded back with a smile, "Great! Harry is getting checked right now, so you can sit in the waiting room." She told them.

They nodded and walked to the waiting room and sat down on the blue chairs. They frowned because Harry shouldn't be here, he hated hospital and he didn't deserve to be here. He was too sweet, innocent, adorable and happy to be here. They felt horrible and worried for their youngest and smallest boyfriend, best mate and band mate. They sat in silence for a good 10 minutes before Zayn spoke up and broke the silence, "Someone should call Liam and tell him Harry is in the hospital." Realization crossed Niall and Louis' faces as they realized that Liam doesn't know that Harry is in the hospital and is who knows where. "You do it, I don't want to talk to him and I'm sure Niall doesn't either." Louis said. Niall nods his head and Zayn groaned. "I don't want to call him!" He exclaimed. "Well I'm not talking to him." Niall stated. "And I'm definitely not talking to him after what he did to Harry." Louis said.

Zayn sighed and rolled his eyes. "FINE. I'll do it. But I'm not happy about it and don't expect me to be all sunshine and rainbows about this." He told them. Louis raised an eyebrow and asked, "Sunshine. And... rainbows?" Zayn groaned and replied, "As in I won't be all nice and joyful while talking to him." Louis and Niall nodded their heads and motioned for him to call. Zayn rolled his eyes and took his phone out and dialed Liam's number.

-With Liam, On The Streets-

Liam was still walking around to nowhere in particular. He took a break from walking for 30 minutes and just sat in a coffee shop, he didn't even order anything. He started walking again only 10 minutes ago and was walking aimlessly. He was still a bit angry with Harry, and Niall. But his anger towards Harry was starting to very slowly fade away. Don't think wrong though, Liam was still very, very, Very mad at Harry. He just tried to reason with himself to forgive the young lad, but only ended up making him angrier or more annoyed.

He was dragged out of his thoughts when his phone buzzed in his pocket, indicating that he was getting a call. He pulled his phone out and looked at the Caller ID. Just great, Liam thought out loud as he saw that Zayn was calling him. He sighed and pressed answer before bringing the phone up to his ear. "Hello?" He said in an annoyed voice. He heard a growl from the other end of the line before Zayn spoke, "Liam, you idiot, you douche, Harry is in the hospital and you have the nerve to sound annoyed?!!" Liam's eyes widened and he was doubting whether he heard Zayn right or wrong, Harry was in the hospital? "W-What do you mean, Harry's in the h-hospital?" He asked, his voice cracking a bit at the thought of his little Hazza in the hospital.

"You idiot, he was really sick! He had stomach cramps and really bad headaches when he woke up. He came down the stairs in god knows how much pain and effort, and he fell to the ground in pain when he walked into the kitchen where he was. He had a high fever, he said he was sore and he was also crying. He's in no way okay right now and I am so mad at you right now, Liam. Harry doesn't deserve to be in pain, or sick. He didn't deserve to be yelled at by you and you don't know how much you hurt him. He probably thinks you hate him!" Zayn growled lowly into the phone.

Liam took a deep breath and swallowed down the lump in his throat before speaking into the phone, "W-What h-hospital, is h-he in?" He couldn't keep the quiver out of his voice from fear. "He's in the one near the last show we did, it's all reserved for only him, thanks to Paul." Zayn said through the phone, tired of arguing with Liam. Liam nodded to himself and said, "I'll be there in a few minutes." And with that he hung up and started running to the hospital. It was a 20 minute drive and a half hour, or more, walk. But Liam was ready to walk all the way to the other side of the world for Harry. He couldn't stand to think that Harry was in pain and that he's in the hospital right now. Harry Hate's Hospitals. Liam thought to himself as he ran in the direction of the hospital.

After a good 35 minutes Liam got to the hospital and ran through the doors. He would have gotten there sooner but he was so tired and so worried that he got tired faster, for some unknown reason that he didn't have the answer to. He rushed through the hospital doors and ran over to the waiting area where he saw the other boys sitting in the chairs. They looked up at him with sad and worried eyes, but all turned away from him a moment later. None of them wanted to talk to Liam right now.

Liam slumped himself down into the hospital chair beside Zayn and just sighed heavily. He sat there, not talking and finally letting the tears spill that he was trying so hard to hold back. His Hazza, his Hazza, was in the hospital and none of them knew whether or not he would be okay. Rght now though, they could only wait and hope that Harry would be okay. They wouldn't be complete without their little Hazza, he was the life of the band, he kept them together, he kept them from fighting and right now, he wasn't there to reassure them that everything would be okay, because he was the one in the hospital bed right now, sick and tired.


A/N: So, what did you guys think? Did you like it? Did it surprise you? You thought it would be all fluffy, but nope! Hehe... I hope you liked it!

Comment and tell me if you want Harry sicker, like really, really sick, or if you want him to get better in the next chapter, or whatever you want! What sickness should he have?

I was thinking that he could go into a coma for awhile and it would just focus on the boys for a little while, them wanting Harry to get better and wake up, and them coping with the situation. I was also thinking that when Harry wakes up he would have lost his voice, and maybe he can't see, or walk, or something like that. Maybe he gets sicker later on again after and he loses his memory, or he loses his memory when he wakes up? Maybe all their families come and visit them too, because it's a private hospital. 

So! Comment and tell me your ideas and suggestions! I'll mash them up here and there, if not in this next chapter then in the up coming ones. I think I want to do it like, Harry wakes up after awhile and he starts getting better but is sick and in pain or something again and then he has to go to the hospital, or he faints and has to go to the hospital during a concert or interview, and he gets more ill, and then the boys would always be really protective over Harry because he is the youngest and shortest and he lost his memory and he doesn't know what's going on and they all want to be there for him. Or something...

So, your ideas!! I want to add the losing memory part for sure though, and losing his voice. But your ideas matter too! Because you are all reading this!

Shout Out To Directioner24787 (from Wattpad) for suggesting the idea that Harry gets more sicker, and he loses his voice, and a lot of other great things, Thank you so much!! (: 

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