Our Little Hazza (Zianourry FanFiction)

A Zianourry one shot where Harry is the youngest and shortest member of One Direction. His four other boyfriends love him to bits and care for him. Sure it can be annoying when something is too high to reach, or when they tease him for being short, or when they joke around and use his height as an advantage. But it's worth it, because he gets cuddles, hugs, kisses and he gets carried around places.

A fanfiction where the boys love Harry and joke around, and comfort him when he's sad.

I'm not sure if it's going to be a one shot, or a one shot with many parts, or a fanfiction. I'll let you guys decide. :) x.

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3. Chapter 3

The next day was a good day. The boys were asleep for most of the day, management had decided to give them a break. They were really glad, even though they got the call at 7 am, they went back to sleep and cuddled.

At around 11:47 am, Liam woke up. He smiled at his sleeping boyfriends, all cuddled up together. He slowly and quietly got out of bed and tiptoed to the washroom. A few minutes later he came out and headed downstairs to the kitchen to make some breakfast.

About a half hour later Louis woke up and stretched a little. He sat up slowly and looked around the room tiredly, he looked at the clock that read: 12:17 am. He sighed and rubbed his eyes, he was happy that he got some rest and they all got a break from their busy schedule. He climb off the bed quietly, but not quiet enough.

Harry, who had been awake a few minutes ago and had just almost fallen back to sleep, sat up slowly and looked at Louis who was now standing and fixing his shirt. Harry yawned quietly and Louis looked up and spotted Harry. Harry rubbed at his eyes tiredly, still half asleep. He looked up at Louis who smiled and sat down slowly on the edge of the bed. He moved a stray curl out of Harry's eyes and kissed his cheek. Harry smiled tiredly and mumbled, "Morning." Louis smiled and whispered, "Morning love, go back to sleep."

Harry looked at Louis, then at the clock and back at Louis. He mumbled, "It's too late to be sleeping, we missed our photo shoot... concert.... Interview." Harry was so tired that he dozed off a few times while speaking. Louis chuckled and whispered, "Sleep, Boo, your tired. You need rest, go back to bed." Harry nodded sleepily and snuggled back into the duvet. Louis smiled and kissed his forehead. Louis then got off the bed slowly and stood up. He walked to the washroom and closed the door quietly behind him. A half hour later he came out and joined Liam downstairs in the kitchen.

Thirteen minutes later Niall woke up from the smell of food coming from the kitchen. He sat up in bed and looked beside him, Harry was cuddled up beside him and Zayn was asleep on his other side. He smiled at them both and got out of bed very slowly and quietly, knowing that Harry was a very light sleeper at times. He got off the bed and made his way to the washroom. Twenty minutes later he walked out and headed downstairs to the kitchen where the food was.

Forty minutes later Zayn woke up. He opened his eyes and saw his youngest boyfriend asleep beside him, cuddled up in his arms. He smiled and placed a soft kiss to his lovers forehead. He slowly and gently untangled himself from his boyfriend and got out of bed. He put some fresh clothes on and walked to the washroom. Twenty minutes later he walked out and headed downstairs to the kitchen, where his boyfriends have been for the past while.

A half hour later and Harry is still asleep. It's already 2:30 pm, so the boys decide to check on him. They slowly and quietly make their way up. They open the bedroom door and see that Harry is still fast asleep. Frowning, they all walk over and sit around him on the bed. Liam moves Harry's curls out of his face and when he does, they all take in Harry's appearance. His curls are damp and stuck to his sweaty forehead, his cheeks are a light red and are flushed. His nose is slightly red, more pink from the bottom and his lips are redder than usual. His body temperature is warm and he's wrapped up in the blankets.

"Okay, Louis, you go get some medicine from the store. Zayn, you go get a wet cloth, thermometer and a water bottle. Niall, you go make some soup or tea or something for Harry and I'll wake him up." Liam orders. The boys all nod and go do what they need to do. Liam looks back at Harry with a frown. He holds Harry's left hand in his right and gently strokes it with the pad of his thumb. "Hazza, darling, it's time to get up." He hums softly. When he gets no reply from Harry, he tries again. "Hazza, it's time to get up, please love? Wake up." He says a bit louder.

Liam's POV:

"Hazza, it's time to get up, please love? Wake up." I say a bit louder. Harry's eyes flutter open and he looks up at me. I smile and kiss his forehead. "Li, I don't feel well." He whispers. I nod my head and squeeze his hand lightly. "You have a fever, baby. But it's going to be okay, you are going to be okay." I reassure him. He nods slowly and closes his eyes. "Hurts." He whispers. I frown and ask, "What hurts?" He opens his eyes and looks at me, then replies, "My head and stomach. I don't feel good, help me." He closes his eyes and a single tear falls. I wipe it away and slowly and gently bring him into my arms. He lets me put him on my lap and snuggles into my chest. "Head... and stomach. Headache." He whispers. I hold him and start rocking him back and forth gently in an attempt to sooth him and calm him.

Zayn then walks back into the room with a wet cloth, thermometer and a water bottle. He sits down beside me on the bed facing Harry. Harry looks up at him with innocent eyes that make me melt just looking at them. I hold him closer to my body and Zayn kisses the top of his head. "His head and stomach hurt." I inform him. He nods and opens the bottle of water. "Hazza, look up at me." Zayn says. Harry looks back up at him and Zayn puts the water bottle to Harry's lips. Harry takes a few sips and Zayn puts the cap back onto the water bottle. "It'll be okay, Haz. Just a little fever is all." Zayn sooths. Harry nods and closes his eyes. I kiss his forehead softly and move the hair out of his eyes.

Zayn reaches out and slowly brings Harry into his arms. I smile when Harry snuggles into him and sighs. Zayn lifts the duvet up and brings it around Harry's small body. I pick up the thermometer and take the cover off. "Hazza, mouth open, please." I say softly. Harry looks up at me and opens his mouth slowly. I place the thermometer in his mouth and say, "Close, please." He closes his mouth and we wait for the beep. After a minute passes the thermometer beeps and Harry opens his mouth. I take it out and look at it. 107.5 it reads. "Hazza, you have a bad fever." I say softly. He rests his head back on Zayn's chest and I lift up the wet cloth. I place it gently on Harry's forehead and he whines. "Close your eyes, Hazza. It'll make you feel better." I say to him. He does what I say and closes his eyes, relaxing after a few moments. "See, much better now." I whisper.

Niall walks into the room with a tray of soup and a hot cup of tea. He sits down on the bed in front of Zayn and Harry and smiles at Harry. Harry looks at him and sniffles. Niall sets the tray on his lap and lifts his hand up to Harry's nose. He places it under his nose and wipes at it gently, as if it was his own nose. Harry whines at Niall's actions but Niall whispers, "It's okay, love. I want to take care of you." Niall continues to wipe Harry's nose and suddenly Harry sneezes, Niall's finger still under his nose. "Bless you." Zayn says softly. Harry starts to whimper and looks up at Niall with big watery eyes. Niall smiles and shakes his head fondly before whispering, "It's okay, love. Your sick, we're here to help." He then wipes Harry's nose off with his finger and smiles when Harry doesn't complain or whine.

After he's done that he takes his hand away and I raise an eyebrow. "You should probably clean your hand, Niall. You don't want to get sick while Harry is sick then who would take care of you?" I say to him, still upset over what happened when he was drunk. Niall rolls his eyes at me and replies, "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Only Harry would take care of me anyways, I'm not expecting you guys to."

I roll my eyes at him and we all watch as he exits the room to go to the bathroom. I look back at Harry who is looking at me with a frown. "That wasn't very nice, Li." He whispers, his voice raspier than usual. I smile softly and shake my head, "Don't worry about it, Hazza. He deserves it." I say to him.

He shakes his head again and whimpers when he does it too fast. "Don't deserve it." He croaks out. I roll my eyes and glare at him. "I don't care Harry, just because you forgave him doesn't mean I need to. Get over yourself." I say before standing up and walking out of the room.

Zayn's POV:

 "I don't care Harry, just because you forgave him doesn't mean I need to. Get over yourself." Liam says angirly before standing up and walking out of the room stubbornly. I frown at him but focus on Harry again. I look down at him and see that he has tears in his eyes that are rolling down his cheeks. I wipe them away with the pad of my thumb and smile softly when he looks up at me. "So mean." He whispers brokenly. I sigh and pull him into a tight big bear hug which he returns immediately. I rock him gently in my arms and he calms down after a few minutes.

Niall then returns and sits down in front of us. "Where's Liam?" He asks curiously. I sigh and shake my head, "He got mad at Harry and said some mean things. Harry was defending you." I reply. He frowns but nods his head. "Hazza?" He asks softly. Harry shakes his head and buries his face into the crook of my neck. I rub his back soothingly and Niall's frown deepens. "Hazzeybear?" He tries again. 

Harru sniffles and slowly looks up at him. "Mmmf." He mumbles, causing both Niall and I to smile. "Are you okay?" Niall asks. Harry shakes his head and lays his head against my shoulder, still looking up at Niall. "I'm sorry. Thank you for defending me, though. It really means a lot to me, I love you." Niall says softly. Harry stares at him for a moment before flinging himself at Niall. He wraps his arms around Niall's neck and buries his face into Niall's chest. His feet are still in front of me though and his left foot is rested in my lap. I smile and stroke the back of his leg gently.

"Shh, kitten. Don't cry. You'll be okay, everything is going to be okay." Niall whispers to Harry. It's then that I realize that Harry is crying in Niall's arms. "You're okay Hazza. I'm so proud of you, I love you. I love you so, so much. Please don't cry. No more tears, you're okay." Niall continues to whisper.

Harry calms down after about 10 minutes of sobbing and shaking, but he still calms down thanks to Niall's soothing words and reassurance. "Your okay, Harry." Niall says softly. Harry looks up at Niall and smiles. "Love you, so, so much, Niall." He whispers. I smile at the two and continue to watch. "I love you too, kitty." Niall says softly. I chuckle quietly. Niall and Harry always have these cute little nicknames for each other, Niall's being kitten, kitty, curlyboo and kittycat. Harry's nicknames for Niall are IrishLepreacaun, NiNi, NiBear, Noody and Nialldos. I remember we all asked Harry once why he calls Niall Nialldos, and he replied by saying that Niall likes Nandos, and his name is Niall, so Nandos and Niall combined makes Nialldos. We all laughed at his adorableness and hugged him a lot that day.

After a few minutes Louis comes back into the room with some medicine and smiles when he sees Niall hugging Harry. Sure, Louis and I are still mad at Niall also, but we try not to show it in front of Harry because he'll get upset. Louis sits down on the bed beside me and smiles again when Harry looks at him. "I got you some medicine." Louis says softly. Harry whines and hides his face into the crook of Niall's neck. Louis laughs and takes the water bottle that was in front of me while I take a pill out of the bottle and give it to Louis. "Okay Hazza, open your mouth for me and swallow this pill? It will make you feel better." Louis says softly. Harry whines and whispers, "Water?" I smile and reply, "We've got it here for you."

Harry looks up and nods his head slowly. Louis brings the pill up to Harry's mouth and puts it on his tongue. I then uncap the water bottle and put it against Harry's lips, tilting it a little so he drinks some water. Once Harry swallows the pill I cap the water bottle again and put it on the bedside table along with the bottle of pills.

Niall moves with Harry on his lap and sits so his back is against the headboard of the bed. He gently takes the bowl of soup from the tray and gives it to Louis, who moves forward and stirs the soup slowly so it cools down.

After a few minutes the soup is cooler and Louis gently scoops some into the spoon and brings it to Harry's lips. Harry opens his mouth and let's Louis feed him with no complaining. Once the soup is done Louis puts it back on the tray and hands me the cup of warm tea. I smile and take it, then look at Harry who is nuzzled against Niall again.

"C'mon Hazza, time to drink some tea." I tell him softly. He looks up at me and whines a little. I smile and shake my head, "You gotta, it will make you all better in no time. Please?" I ask. He nods and lets me bring the cup to his mouth. He takes a sip and sighs, making us all smile.

Once the tea is done Louis takes it from my hands and puts it on the tray beside the empty bowl. I look back at Harry and see that both Niall and Harry are snuggled in bed together. Louis and I both smile before joining them in the bed and snuggling with them. I'm behind Niall while Louis is behind Harry. Too bad Liam is grumpy and decided to leave, otherwise he would be here in the group cuddle.


A/N: Tada!! What did you guys think? Did you like it? Was it worth the incredibly long wait? I hope you liked it, I think it's okay! Please no hate, because who could hate about this kinda story? I am in love with it myself.... hahaha. So tell me what you think?

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