Our Little Hazza (Zianourry FanFiction)

A Zianourry one shot where Harry is the youngest and shortest member of One Direction. His four other boyfriends love him to bits and care for him. Sure it can be annoying when something is too high to reach, or when they tease him for being short, or when they joke around and use his height as an advantage. But it's worth it, because he gets cuddles, hugs, kisses and he gets carried around places.

A fanfiction where the boys love Harry and joke around, and comfort him when he's sad.

I'm not sure if it's going to be a one shot, or a one shot with many parts, or a fanfiction. I'll let you guys decide. :) x.

NOTE: This story is also on my Wattpad!


2. Chapter 2

The ride back to their flat was okay. It was fairly quiet because everyone was tired, especially Harry. He just wanted to go back to the flat, cuddle with his boyfriends, maybe watch some films and relax a bit. Eat some food maybe.

The sound check went well. They barely made any mistakes, worked hard as always and got the job done. They went through a few songs, What Makes You Beautiful, Gotta Be You, More Than This, Moments, One Thing and I Wish. They sang well, only making a few mistakes with pitch and tuning, but it was good overall and they were pleased with the outcome of the day.

Now, they were all done and wanted to go back to their flat. All wanting to sleep a little, if not together then alone. As long as they got some sleep or something, anything, even a nap. Even if it was too early to be sleeping, they were gonna do it.

Niall and Zayn were sitting in the front seats behind the driver and passenger seats. Zayn on the right and Niall on the left. Liam, Louis and Harry were in the back. Louis was behind Zayn's seat and Liam was behind Niall's. Harry was in the middle, in between Liam and Louis. His head was on Liam's shoulder.

"I'm exhausted!" Niall said after a couple of minutes. Finally getting bothered by the silence. He and Harry were horrible at staying quiet sometimes, they both hate awkward silences, or any silence, unless there's some kind of noise you could hear.

"Me too." Zayn mumbles, already half asleep. "So am I." Liam says while rubbing at his eyes. "Same here." Louis mumbled. They all expected a reply from Harry, saying he was also tired, but got nothing from the youngest boy. They all looked at Harry, Louis looked down and to his left, Liam looked down and to his right, Zayn and Niall both looked behind them to the other boys, they all saw Harry asleep.

"Aww!" They all whisper coo. "He's so cute when he sleeps." Niall whispers. They all nod their heads in agreement. "And when he's awake." Zayn adds. "He looks like a little kid when he sleeps." Liam whispers, gently massaging Harry's scalp with his left hand. "He's adorable." Louis whispers while tracing circles onto Harry's leg lightly.

Zayn and Niall turn back to look up ahead, then they stare out their windows absentmindedly. Louis looks at Harry and smiles. How did we get so lucky to have him with us? What would we do without him? We wouldn't be One Direction, that's for sure. It wouldn't be the same, and also he's the one who came up with the band name. We're so lucky we have him. All those thoughts were racing through Louis' mind as he stared down at his sleeping friend, band mate and boy friend.

Liam was similar, he was massaging Harry's scalp gently, he was also looking down at his boyfriend who was rested on his shoulder, asleep. What would we be like without him? Would the band still be as loud, fun, exciting, cheery and big? He's definitely the loudest, most of the time. Though he can be quiet when he wants to be, or when something's wrong. But he's the life of the band. Our happiness revolves around him, our youngest, sweet, caring, happy, cheerful, loveable, fun, quirky, sassy, cheeky, cute and loveable boyfriend. Those were some of the thoughts going through Liam's head.

Zayn was thinking about how tired he was and Niall was thinking about how hungry he was. Liam and Louis' heads were filled with thoughts of the youngest, curly headed bandmate. Harry's mind was filled with sleep.

Harry was dreaming about performing with his mates, boyfriends and bandmates, in front of their fans, their thousands of fans who were amazing and dedicated, and a little bit wild and scary sometimes. But fans are fans, right?

His mind was clouded with a happy dream, instead of nightmares he so often got after reading hate, doing a bad show, messing up, embarrassing himself or doing or saying anything that he didn't like or thought he could do better at.

The car finally came to a stop outside One Direction's flat, as Paul Higgins, their security specialist, bodyguard and tour manager says. He calls it the One Direction flat because, well, they are One Direction and that's their flat.

They all got out except Liam and Harry. Liam didn't want to wake Harry up because he really needed some sleep, it's been days since they actually got a well rested sleep, so why disturb someone who's asleep?

Zayn saw that Liam and Harry were still in the car, and Harry was still asleep. So he decided to help them out. Zayn walked back to the car and opened the door to the car slowly, not wanting to wake Harry. He slowly and gently lifted Harry out, carrying him bridal style into their flat, Liam following close behind.

Zayn was about to walk up the stairs to put Harry down but Louis stopped him by whispering to him, "Zayn, hold on babe." Zayn turned to him and gave him a questioning look. "Bring him here. He doesn't like the dark and he doesn't like being alone either." The oldest band member reminded him.

Zayn nodded and slowly brought Harry to Louis. Louis took him into his arms and held him close to himself, warming up the usually cold boy. "It's going to rain too, today. Thunder and lightning, it's supposed to be a huge storm." Liam said quietly while eyeing the smallest boy who was laying in Louis' arms.

Niall walked over and sat on the couch beside Liam, keeping some space due to a recent huge fight between the two. Niall was drunk and said some really hurtful things to his boyfriends, not once but many, many times. Their all scared of drunk Niall now. He tried apologizing over and over again but they won't forgive him. Sure they talk to him a bit and sometimes rarely cuddle, but they don't completely ignore him.

Liam and Louis ignore him the most. Neither one of them really forgave Niall. Harry was willing and being the sweet, innocent and kind boy he is, he forgave Niall and comforted him, telling him everything would be okay and he's not mad. Zayn took a little longer but has finally forgave Niall, sort of, more to Harry's wish. So Niall usually tags along with Harry now.

"Harry hates storms." Niall mumbled quietly. They all looked at him for a moment. "No kidding. I did not know that." Liam says sarcastically. Niall rolls his eyes and goes back to watching the sleeping boy in Louis' arms.

"We could all cuddle him in our room?" Zayn suggests. They all agree and head upstairs to their room. They climb into bed and Louis sets Harry down in the middle. "Boxers?" Louis asks his boyfriends. They all nod, "Strip him to just his boxers." Liam says, and Louis does just that. They all eye their sleeping boyfriend who's only in his boxers. They all admire him, and notice each curve and dip in his lanky body that's surprisingly fit and skinny. Louis hums to himself as he traces the dips and curves. "Damn he's fit." Liam mumbles in adoration. They all nod in agreement. "We should all get some rest, we had a long day." Louis murmurs.

They all cuddle around each other with Harry still in the middle, they all have a limb or two that's touching their youngest boyfriend.

Louis and Niall are beside Harry. Niall on his left side and Louis on the right. Louis' arm is wrapped around Harry who's facing him. Harry has his head buried in Louis' chest. Niall also has an arm wrapped around Harry, but his arm is on Harry's stomach, lower than Louis' arm by a few inches.

Liam is beside Louis and is hugging him lightly, he has his legs on top of Harry's legs. Zayn is beside Niall, snuggled against his back slightly and his arm is over Niall's body and his hand is slightly tangled up in Harry's hair, he's slowly massaging and scratching the boys scalp soothingly. His feet are against Harry's.

And that's how they all fall asleep. Wrapped around each other, all snuggling with Harry mostly, feeling a little over protective of their small, fragile, sweet, skinny, amazing young boyfriend.


A/N: Hello! Did you guys like it? I didn't know what to write and I wanted to get this up for you, so tell me what you think? Please. I really would like some suggestions, ideas, or anything, I think this is just going to be extremely fluffy and sweet if I don't get ideas. I don't know what to write and I think I'm bad with writing problems and stuff, probably. So help?! :) x

Tell me what you think! Was it worth waiting for? :) xxx. Love you guys, thanks for reading!

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