Our Little Hazza (Zianourry FanFiction)

A Zianourry one shot where Harry is the youngest and shortest member of One Direction. His four other boyfriends love him to bits and care for him. Sure it can be annoying when something is too high to reach, or when they tease him for being short, or when they joke around and use his height as an advantage. But it's worth it, because he gets cuddles, hugs, kisses and he gets carried around places.

A fanfiction where the boys love Harry and joke around, and comfort him when he's sad.

I'm not sure if it's going to be a one shot, or a one shot with many parts, or a fanfiction. I'll let you guys decide. :) x.

NOTE: This story is also on my Wattpad!


1. Chapter 1

There are many perks of being the shortest in One Direction. There are also many disadvantages at times. Being the shortest isn't all that fun. You get teased, made fun of, you can't reach things sometimes, you need help from others to do things. You feel so tiny and useless. It can be really annoying. The hate isn't good either.

But there are advantages. You get cuddles, you get kisses and hugs. You get complimented. You get carried around and everyone adores your cuteness. Everyone wants to be around you and everyone wants to make you happy and comfortable. You feel loved and wanted.

But maybe that's how it feels with the four best boyfriends. You feel loved. You are adored by them. Though it's embarrassing sometimes, when you get complimented or do something "cute." They all love you and care for you. They're gentle, sweet, caring, fun and kind. The best boyfriends in the world. In Harry's eyes, at least.

They are also there for you during the ruff times. When you feel low and want to cry. When you feel overwhelmed and nervous. When you feel alone. When your scared. When your sick. When the hate gets too much. They are always there through it all. They don't judge your insecurities.

Harry woke up on a Friday morning, it was 9:07 and the alarm just went off. Groaning, he reached his arm out to shut the device off. Once it was off he sighed and sat up. He rubbed at his eyes and looked around the room. His boyfriends were nowhere in sight. He stood up and stretched his arms with a yawn.

He walked over to the closet and picked out one of Louis' baggy (baggy on him) shirts. He shrugged it on and slipped one of his skinny jeans on. He put some socks on and went to the bathroom to use the loo and brush his teeth. He didn't take a shower because he had already taken one last night before bed.

After he was done he went back to the shared bedroom and grabbed one of his beanies from the drawers, slipping it on he made his way downstairs. When he stepped down the last step he saw his boyfriends Niall and Zayn sitting on one of the couches. They smiled at him and he smiled back. "Good morning, Hazza!" Niall said to him.

"Good morning Nialler, Zaynie!" He says cheerfully before skipping into the kitchen to his other two boyfriends. Louis was sitting on one of the stools by the counter, doing something on his phone and Liam was cooking breakfast. Louis looked up from his phone and smiled. "Good morning, Haz!"

Harry smiles back at him. "Good morning, Boobear!" He says cheekily and Louis playfully rolls his eyes at the younger boy. "Good morning, Hazza!" Liam says while cooking, glancing at Harry with a smile then looking back at the food on the stove. "Good morning, Lili!" Harry cheerfully skips over to Liam and wraps his small arms around Liam's waist. Liam puts one hand over Harry's. Harry goes slightly on his tippy toes and rests his head onto Liam's shoulder and sighs contently.

"Aw! No fair! We don't get any hugs?!" Zayn whines as he sits beside Louis, Niall on the other side of Louis. "Yeah, why does Liam get all the hugs?!" Niall complains in a whiny tone. Liam chuckles at that and Harry giggles.

"I guess Harry doesn't love us." Louis says dramaticly but jokingly. But Harry thinks he's being serious and he frowns. He lets go of Liam and spins around, he runs and jumps into Louis' lap. Louis chuckles and wraps his arms around the smaller boy. Harry buries his face into Louis' chest. They all coo at him and he blushes, going deeper into Louis' chest.

"You are too cute, Hazza!" Niall says while stroking Harry's curls. Harry blushes a deeper shade of red. Liam sets the five plates onto the counter and goes back for the orange juice. Zayn coos once he sees Harry's blush.

"Stop embarrassing him, lads." Liam says sternly, but fondly. He sets three glasses of juice onto the counter and goes back for the other two, setting those onto the counter he sits in front of Louis and Harry.

Harry doesn't move from his spot on Louis' lap, but nuzzles deeper into him. Louis strokes his curls. "Let him eat, Lou." Niall says after a few moments. Louis sticks his tongue out at the Irish boy who just rolls his eyes in response. "Make me." Louis says, tightening his grip around Harry.

Liam suddenly steps in and makes Louis loosen his grip around the smaller boy. "Don't hurt him, Louis." Liam warns. Now it's Louis' turn to roll his eyes. "I wasn't hurting him." He states. Zayn chuckles at that. "You had a death grip on him, mate."

Louis sticks his tongue out at them. Harry then sits up, moving his head away from Louis and getting off, but Louis pulls him back, making him sit down with a huff. "Where do you think your going?" Louis asks while holding him close.

Harry sighs and shakes his head. "No where." Louis smiles and pats his head. "Good. That's what I thought." Liam looks at him sternly, but Louis ignores Liam's stare, not really caring what he thinks. He just wants to hug Harry and hold him. But seriously, who wouldn't want to hold Harry? He's so cute, adorable and cuddly.

"Louis, let him go. He might not want to sit on your lap." Niall tries to reason but Louis shakes his head and says, "And maybe he does. So hush up." Niall, Liam and Zayn decide to leave him be. "Well, let him eat at least." Zayn says.

Louis lets go of Harry and lets him sit up straight. They all eat their breakfast, making small banter and sharing some laughs. All in which Harry stays in Louis' lap and cuddles while eating his breakfast. All of them sneaking secret glances at their young boyfriend.

After breakfast Zayn goes upstairs to get changed, Louis continues cuddling with Harry, not letting him go, Niall eats a little extra, just for the heck of it and Liam clears the table and does the dishes.

Harry stares at Liam, feeling bad because he's doing all the work. He made breakfast, set the table, cleared the table and now he's doing the dishes. He shouldn't have to do it all. Harry gets off of Louis' lap, Louis frowns but lets go of him. Harry walks over to Liam and hugs him from the back again, resting his head on Liam's shoulder and once again going on his tippy toes. Liam smiles at Harry.

"You shouldn't have to do everything, Liam." Harry mumbles to his boyfriend. Liam chuckles at his adorableness and shakes his head. "It's not a big deal, Hazza. I don't mind doing it." Harry pouts at that and nuzzles into Liam's shoulder.

"I wanna help." Harry mumbles. Liam smiles because he's just about done. "I'm almost done, Haz. Just one more plate." Harry pouts again, causing Liam to chuckle. "I could've helped." He says to Liam. "Could have, but maybe next time, okay?" Liam asks. Harry nods eagerly making Liam, Niall and Louis laugh. "So cute." Niall says in adoration. Harry blushes and whines and they laugh again.

Liam finishes the last plate and turns around so he's facing Harry. Harry looks up at him and Liam looks down. "So cute." Liam repeats what Niall said and pokes Harry's nose gently, causing Harry to blush like a tomato.

Liam than takes Harry's hand in his and leads him to the living room couches, where the other two boys are now sitting. He sits down and pulls Harry ontop of him and onto his lap. Harry doesn't protest though.

Niall pouts. "Where's my turn? Harry hasn't sat on my lap yet!" He complains and Liam sticks his thongue out at Niall. Harry looks at Niall for a moment before climbing off of Liam's lap and onto Niall's lap. He sits down in front of Niall and looks directly into Niall's blue eyes.

Niall smiles at him and wraps his arms around Harry's slim waist. He pulls Harry closer and Harry rests his head on Niall's chest. Zayn then walks down the stairs and sits on the spot beside Niall. He smiles at Harry and ruffles his curls. "Is it possible to be as cute as Harry?" Zayn asks his other boyfriends. They all shake their heads. "Not possible. He's the cutest, most adorable person ever!" Louis coos, making Harry blush madly.

Niall holds Harry closer. "What are we doing today?" Zayn asks. They all shrug. "I think we have a sound check. That's all, probably." Liam says. "Do you know when?" Louis asks. Liam thinks for a minute, then looks at the clock. "At 1:30, and now it's 10:57, so in around two hours from now."

They all nod. "What should we do now?" Louis asks. They all ponder for a minute. "We could... Go for a walk?" Zayn suggests. They all nod. "Good idea." Niall says. "But where to?" Louis asks.

"The park?" Harry mumbles, still in Niall's lap and on his chest. "Good idea, Haz! We'll go to the park!" Louis says cheerfully.

They all stand up and Harry gets off of Niall's lap, standing up straight. "I don't think we need our coats. It's pretty warm out today." Liam says. They all nod and slip on their shoes. Zayn holds Harry's left hand in his right hand as they make their way out. Niall locks the door and they make their way to the park.

The walk there is quiet. But it's a comfortable silence. They all admire everything around them. The trees, the leaves, the different houses and buildings. The cars zooming by, the birds chirping, the people walking by. It's quite surprising no one notices them, for the most part, and the ones who do, are used to seeing them around.

They reach the park a few minutes later. They walk over to the benches and sit down. Liam sits down on the left side, beside him is Louis, then Niall and then Zayn, who pulls Harry on top of him. Harry sighs and rests his head on Zayn's chest.

"It's really nice out." Niall comments after a few moments. "Yeah, it really is." Zayn agrees. Niall moves his hand and starts stroking Harry's hair, making the younger boy relax into the touch.

"It's so peaceful." Liam says after a while of them just enjoying their surroundings. "So peaceful and quiet." Louis mumbles.

An hour later and their all still sitting there, admiring everything and making small talk every now and then, Harry was quiet for the most part.. Harry is still on Zayn's lap and his head is still on Zayn's chest. Liam checks the time on his phone and says, "We should get going, mates, it's already 12:20." Everyone but Harry nods.

They all get up, except Zayn and Harry. "He's asleep." Zayn whispers. Liam, Louis and Niall look down at Harry and see him fast asleep. "I'll carry him." Louis says quietly.

Zayn slowly turns Harry around on his lap so Harry's back is against his chest. Louis slowly wraps Harry's arms around his neck, then he puts his arms under Harry's butt and lifts him up gently. Niall helps wrap Harry's legs around Louis' waist and Harry's head falls gently onto Louis' shoulder.

Louis puts one hand on Harry's back and the other stays on Harry's butt to keep him up. They all start walking back to the shared flat. "It's really horrible how adorable and cute he his." Liam mumbles. They all nod in agreement. "So many people want to be around him because he's so much smaller than us." Zayn says.

"Yeah, but he gets a lot of hate, too. Because of how small he is." Niall argues. They sigh, knowing Niall is right. He gets the most hate and it's really not fair. "I wish he didn't get hate." Louis says quietly. "Yeah, why would they hate him, why are they so mean? Because he's cute, small and adorable?" Zayn asks.

"I know. It's unfair to him. He didn't do anything wrong. He's just being himself, and he gets hate because of that." Liam says. "It's cruel. He doesn't handle hate well, and he cries. I really hate when he cries." Louis says. "No one likes to see him cry." Niall says.

Once they reach the flat they unlock the door and walk in. They all slip off their shoes. Liam goes behind Louis to take Harry's shoes off. After Harry's shoes are off Liam and Louis sit on the couch beside Zayn and Niall. "It's 12:40, our ride will be here in 10 minutes." Liam informs them.

"What do we do till then?" Zayn asks. They all shrug. "We could... Sit here and wait, watch some telly?" Liam suggests while playing with Harry's curls. "Yeah, lets watch some telly to pass time." Niall agrees.

So that's what they do for 10 minutes. But they mostly stare at Harry for the most part, not really paying attention to what's on television. After around 12 or so minutes, there was a honk outside, indicating that their ride was here. They all stood up (Louis carrying Harry) and slipped their shoes back on. Niall and Zayn helped to put Harry's shoes on him. After doing that, they grabbed their phones, keys and wallets, and walked out the door. Zayn locked the door and they all got into the car.

Liam and Zayn were in the two seats in the front, behind the driver and passenger seats. Zayn on the right and Liam on the left. The other three boys were in the back, behind Zayn and Liam's seats. Niall was behind Zayn, Louis and Harry were behind Liam. Louis had Harry laying on his lap, still asleep. The car ride was pretty quiet. No one wanted to wake Harry up or disturb him, so they only talked a little bit and quietly. They mostly stared out their windows.

Once they reached the studio for sound check they all were getting out when they remembered Harry was still asleep. "I'll wake him, you lads go ahead." Louis tells them. They all nod and get out of the car, they start making their way to the studio doors.

Louis looks back down at his sleeping boyfriend and smiles softly. "He's so cute." Louis thinks to himself. He sighs because he knows he has to wake Harry up and disturb his sleep. He gently shakes the boys arm. "Hazza, love, you gotta get up." He whispers.

Harry stirs in his sleep then his eyes flutter open. He blinks a few times to get used to his surroundings. He sits up and looks at Louis while rubbing his eyes with his fist. Louis looks at him in adoration. "Where are we, Boobear?" Harry mumbles.

Louis smiles at him. "We're outside the studio, love. We gotta do sound check." Louis explains. Harry nods in understanding. He looks around again then back at Louis. "Carry me?" He asks. And Louis obeys, because really, who could say no to Harry? You would have to be mental or stupid, either that or heartless.

Louis opens the car door and takes the seat belt off. He moves his feet out and stands up, while carrying Harry. Harry tightens his grip around Louis and buries his face into Louis' shoulder.

Louis walks into the studio with Harry and looks for the other boys. Once he spots them he walks over. "Hey lads." Louis greets. "Hey Lou, is Harry asleep?" Liam asks. Harry moves his head away from Louis' shoulder for a moment, "No, I'm awake." He mumbles, then he rests his head back on Louis' shoulder.

They all coo at him and he blushes. "You are the cutest, Hazza." Niall states. "Cutest thing ever to exist!" Liam corrects, causing Harry to blush a deeper shade of red. He buries his face deeper into Louis' neck, trying to hide his red cheeks, but they all saw it already. "Definitely the cutest, most adorable person." Zayn says. "Especially when he blushes." Niall adds. Harry tries hiding further into Louis and groans when he can't. They all coo at him. "Stoooop." Harry whines, blushing like never before, completely embarrassed but loved. "No can do, pretty butt." Niall says, smacking Harry's bum lightly.

Harry goes redder. "Stop it." He whines again. They all laugh and Louis puts him down on his feet gently. Harry stands up straight and stretches his arms and legs because they got sore from not moving for so long. He looks up slightly at his boyfriends and they smile at him.

"Why am I so short?" Harry pouts crossing his arms over his chest and staring at his boyfriends. They laugh lightly at his cuteness. "I don't know baby, but it's cute." Liam says softly. Harry pouts again. "There's nothing wrong with being short, love." Niall reassures him.

"Not cute!" Harry protests. He brings his bottom lip out and looks up at his boyfriends, he gives them puppy dog eyes and bounces on his heels slightly.

Niall pokes Harry's cheek lightly and smiles. He lifts Harry up and spins him around then he puts him back down. "Your our little Hazza." Niall says softly before pecking his lips lightly.

Harry giggles and Zayn picks him up next. "Your amazing just the way you are." He says sweetly and pecks Harry's soft plump lips. Zayn puts him down and not long after Liam picks him up.

"Our sweet little Hazza." Liam coos and pecks his lips. He rubs his nose against Harry's lightly and Harry giggles at the touch. "Ours." Liam repeats before putting him down on his feet.

Next is Louis who picks him up. "Your perfect no matter what, and we love your height." He says before pecking Harry's cheek then lips. He hugs him tightly before putting him down again.

"Thanks, mates. I love you all." Harry smiles warmly at them and they return it. Liam holds Harry's hand in his and squeezes it gently. "We love you too, Hazza." He says softly. They all smile at Harry before walking onto the stage and to the mic's. Liam leads Harry to his mic and stands beside him.

They sing a few songs and an hour later they head back to their flat.


I'm going to add more parts to this, I don't know if it should be a long story or short one, or a one shot with a few parts. I'll add another chapter or part, and you guys can tell me if you want more.

Basically, it's mostly sweet and fluff. Some ups and downs. :P 

Hope whoever reads, will like it!

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