I'll Save You Until the End

Jayme had always dreamed of having her very own Prince Charming come and save her, make her finally feel safe in this dangerous world. One day, Jayme finds herself wrapped up in a life or death situation. Her Prince Charming came to her rescue and saved her. Jayme goes through life threatening problems, romantic rendezvous, and many hardships along the way. What will happen to her very own Prince Charming? Will they accept each others love or leave it as the bodyguard-client relationship he's getting paid to do?


1. Chapter 1

I'll Save You Until the End

"I have to keep running," I thought as my legs were starting to give out. I quickly glanced behind me. The man, eerily dressed in all black, was still chasing me. I have no idea what's happening or why... I always had a feeling that one day, going through the almost deserted back roads as a way home would prove to be a bad decision. Today is that day. Right here, right now.

My heart thumped in my chest as fear and anxiety pumped through my veins, pushing me to keep running. The unfamiliar alley came to a dead end. I quickly turned around to face the man, who was slowly and threateningly making his way towards me. I lethargically backed up against the wall, breathing heavily. I then noticed something that made my heart stop. 

The moonlight reflected off of a knife that the man took out from his tall, black army boots. My eyes widened in fear as he lifted the knife. I closed my eyes without realizing it and awaited the pain. 


Nothing's happened. I then heard rustling and yelling in front of me. What's going on? I forced my eyes open as quickly as I could. 

The scene unfolding in front of me was unbelievable. There were two men, which I could tell from the moonlight were very attractive, capturing the man. Out of the corner of my eye, another man quickly, but calmly, walked towards me.

The man that walked up to me talked into an earpiece. "We've got her. Come down."

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as I looked at the man. I couldn't see him very well, as it was dark, but I could make out enough of him to tell that he was definitely an attractive person. 

Abruptly, the man gently grasped my arm as I heard a very loud sound from above. There was a helicopter that made the papers on the alley swirl around. A rope ladder then rolled out of the open door, where I could faintly see a manly silhouette. 

As the man wrapped one of his arms firmly around my waist while holding onto the ladder as it started to be lifted, I could only think of the mans large, warm, rough, yet gentle, hand that had once grasped my arm. It made goosebumps appear all over my body. I NEED to see what he looks like! 

While I was thinking, I barely noticed when the man in the helicopter took ahold of my hand and helped me in. I looked around the helicopter, which from the way it was decorated, looked expensive and luxurious. 

I then turned to the man who had helped me into the helicopter as he cleared his throat. 

"We apologize for coming and getting you this way. We were planning on getting you tomorrow, but we did it tonight since he was...well, you probably figured he was trying to kill you, but he was threatening you. With your life."

What? Why would anyone do that to me, of all people? That's what I wanted to ask him, but I don't want to annoy him. "...oh..." I said quietly. 

"Oh! Where are my manners? Ms. Moss, I am Joshua Harken."

How does he know my name?

"You'll meet the other four when we get to the estate."


"You don't say much do you?" Joshua lightly laughed. "Well, I wouldn't expect you to, after what just happened to you," he said as he awkwardly scratched the back of his neck. "Come here," he said after he sat down. He patted the seat next to his. "You can sit here, if you want," Joshua said as he gave me a friendly smile. 

I paused for a moment, then slowly walked over and sat down. "Thank you," I mumbled, embarrassed over nothing. 

Joshua smiled once again and patted my hand twice. "You're such a kind girl, I can already tell...yet you have such bad men after you..." he trailed off. 

I stayed silent. I just wonder...how did I not realize that the man who had held my arm left?

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