Aren styles

What happens when you're the brother of Harry styles and you go one tour with one direction?? Read to find out.
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3. Meeting the rest of the lads

Arens pov 

When we were done with our piles of food harry payed for the food and we left nandos. When we were about ten feet away from the car we heard a girl scream,"oh my god it's Niall and Harry!!"and"who is that boy??"

then in a matter of ten seconds we were being mobbed by a bunch of screaming girls.

Harry picked me up and ram to the car and we got in before anybody could catch us.

the car ride was mostly silent except for Niall complaining about how he didn't get enough food. 

5 minutes later we made it to their flat and when we walked in I was tackled to the ground by three teenagers. "So you're aren?" I think Liam said "yup" I replied "cool I'm Liam,this is Louis and that's zayn"he introduced me to the other two boys standing in front of me. 

"So what do you want to do?"Louis asked everybody "lets go to nandos!!!"niall shouted. "Niall,we just went there"I told him. "I know but". He said but louis then cut him off. "Let's go bowling!!"he shouted.

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