Aren styles

What happens when you're the brother of Harry styles and you go one tour with one direction?? Read to find out.
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5. Interview

Arens pov 

we all got in the car and headed to the interview and when we got there once again we were mobbed and had to rush inside the building. 

*interview starts* 

i was standing to the side watching the interview when the lady asks the boys "who Is that handsome young boy you were seen with at nandos??"the lady asks "oh that's my brother aren he's going on tour with us."Harry replied "oh that's so cool!can we bring him out??"she asks excitedly. "Yeah sure,aren!come here!!"Harry yells to me. I walk to the couches and shake the Interviewers hand. "So aren,im going to ask you some questions.ok??"the lady asks "um yeah sure go ahead."I reply (interviewer-i aren-a) 

I-how old are you??

a-I'm 12

i-do you have a girlfriend?

A-haha no 

i-wow really but you're so attractive!!!

harry-yeah he gets that from me. 

Everyone laughs at Harry's joke. 

I-ok sorry but that's all we have for today folks see you next time. 

*end of interview*

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