Aren styles

What happens when you're the brother of Harry styles and you go one tour with one direction?? Read to find out.
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4. Bowling and breakfast

Arens pov 

we got in the car and headed to the bowling alley I was squished next to niall,louis,and Harry in the back of the car while Liam drove and zayn was in the passenger seat. 

"I'm so gonna beat all of you guys in bowling"louis said. "I don't know louis,aren is really athletic  and he is really good at bowling."Harry explained."oh yeah?!"louis shouted."yeah!!"I exclaimed "oh it's on"louis said in a sassy tone.

when we arrived at the bowling alley we all went to the desk to pay for it and get the shoes. After we payed I went and got a ball and went to the lane and rolled my ball and knocked down nine pins!! "You're up louis"I said "ok guys this is a strike!"louis told all of us. Louis threw his ball and it went in the lane next to ours and made a really loud noise. We all tried to contain our laughter when one of the workers yelled at louis and kicked us out. 

"I can't believe you got us kicked out Louis!!"zayn yelled at Louis. "I'm sorry it slipped out of my hand"Louis explained. "Anyways lets just go home it's 11 o clock anyways."Liam said to everyone 

When we made it to the flat I went straight to my room and went to sleep. 

When I woke up I heard talking coming from downstairs so I put on my jack wills sweat shirt and went down. As I went into the kitchen I saw all the guys at the table eating pancakes. "Hey sleepyhead you're up"Harry said "yeah yeah just give me some food"I said to Harry. He put 5 pancakes on my plate and I went to the table and ate my food. In about 3 minutes I finished my pancakes and went to my room to get ready because the boys had an interview in an hour and I have to go. I put on some jeans and a read short that said,"Miami" on it and put a grey hoodie over it.  

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