Aren styles

What happens when you're the brother of Harry styles and you go one tour with one direction?? Read to find out.
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1. Airport

Harry's pov 

H-c'mon niall we have to pick aren up from the airport he just landed!!

n- ok ok I'm coming just let me finish my sandwich!!

h-no c'mon 

n-ok I'm coming 



arens pov 

i just landed in the us to go on the tour with Harry and the lads and I am extremely tired so Im just going to sleep. 

I woke up and saw a bunch of curls everywhere. 

H- hey aren your up!!ready to go??

a-ya sure but can we eat at nandos??

n-ya can we!!!!?????

h-fine but the guys are waiting for us!!

n-who cares let them wait.  


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