The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


16. Traveling

Emery’s P.O.V:

*Morning of Friday boarding the plane*

“Thank you for flying British Airways we hope you enjoy your flight” the flight attendant says through the intercom.  We sat in first class with Niall and I together, Liam and Anna, Louis and Ginny, Harry and Grace and Zayn and Kayla “Hey lets to a twitcam” Niall says pulling out his laptop. “Sounds great I say smiling. “Hey Niall here and I wanted to introduce you to my beautiful girlfriend Emery” Niall says to the 1,973,769 people watching. I blush and introduce myself “Now we will look at some comments and questions on twitter. First question” Niall says with a smile. “@Harry_Styles_Is_Sexy: wants to know how Emery and I met” “Well we go to the same school and she was showing me around on the first day of school and that’s how it started.” He says I smile at the memory, “Next one is from @ILoveOneDirection: Will you please kiss Emery I’m a diehard romantic and it would make my day” “So the shot the paps have been taking haven’t been enough and you want to see it for yourself?” Niall asks with a chuckle. I smile as Niall cups my face in his hand and kisses me gently on the lips. After that we continue to talk and answer questions for about an hour. Then he signs out and announces that he is going to sleep. I agree and lie my head on his shoulder and I feel him wrap his arm around me I smile as I hear him start to sing Little Things as we both drift off to sleep.  “We have now crossed the Atlantic and will be landing in Atlanta Georgia in about half an hour the time is 10:00 a.m. where we are landing” the flight attendant says waking me up. I wake up Niall and tell him that we are landing soon. He smiles and goes to make sure the rest of the boys are up and know that we are landing. Once Niall gets back he sits down and buckles his seat then he leans over and tells me “So when we get to the airport we will have an hour long layover before our next flight that would take us from Atlanta to San Francisco then one more flight from San Francisco to Hawaii but that layover will be an overnight so we will be staying in a Hotel about 5 minutes from the hotel then the next morning we will get on another plane and we should arrive in Honolulu Hawaii at about 3:00 tomorrow” “Sounds exciting and it sounds like you might have to do another twitcams to pass the time” I say smiling and winking. “Please buckle your seatbelt as we start out decent” the flight attendant announces in her perky voice. We get off the plane and immediately a girl squeals and runs over to the boys she looks about 13 “Oh my gosh you’re One Direction” she exclaims beaming. “Can I have a picture??” “Sure” Harry says smiling. They take a group picture and then individual shots with each of the boys then she asks if she can take a picture with me and the rest of the girls, we smile a little shocked and pose with her for a picture then the boys sign the white t shirt she has on and give her a kiss on the cheek before she runs back to her seat looking like she is going to burst with excitement. I laugh at how excited the girl was and smile at how sweet the boys were. We go to a Starbucks near our gate and get a drink before we board the next plain to San Francisco. We get on the plane and settled in our seats.  I love first class it is so amazing the seats are more comfortable, there is more space, good food, and Niall sitting next to me.  Niall and I start talking about random stuff and eventually we start to play Q and A learning more about Niall then I ever thought I would it went like this.

Me: Favorite color

Him: Blue or green

Him: Favorite actor

Me: Josh Hutcherson

Me: Favorite actress

Him: Jennifer Lawrence

Him: Favorite musical group

Me: One Direction

Him: I’m glad

Me: Favorite member of the One Direction family

Him: You

“You consider me part of the One Direction family?” I ask

“Yeah of course you’re the best part”

“That’s so sweet”

Him: Favorite book

Me: The Hunger Games

“No way me too” He exclaims smiling

“Yeah they are like the best books ever the Percy Jackson books are cool too” I say smiling

“Totally loved both series” he smiles back

“Peeta or Percy” I ask with a laugh

“You” he responds with a smile

“You are so cheeky” I say “And that is what I love about you”

He smiles and wraps his arm around me and I rest my head on his chest we stay like this for a while talking and laughing and singing. He finally asks me to sing him a song. I take a deep breath and start to sing. “I was riding shot gun with my hair undone in the front seat of his car/ he had a one hand feel on the steering wheel the other ion my heart” I continue to sing the song and he smiles and starts to sing too. “You’re fantastic” he exclaims “can you play any instruments?”  “Just the Guitar, Piano, and the triangle” He smiles and says “that’s really cool you have to play for me when we get to the beach house. I smile and agree before resting my head back on his chest and dosing off. I wake to the sound of Niall talking. “Well we are almost to San Francisco then from there we go to Honolulu” I yawn and see that Niall is doing a twitcams Niall opens the next question. From: @Mrs.Horan My question is for Emery if that’s ok I want to know what it’s like being the girlfriend the Niall Horan. I smile at the question as Niall says “so Emery, what is it like being my girlfriend?” “Well the fans are amazing and caring and know One Direction amazingly well. l know  the other girls and I have been recognized without the boys being around which is crazy to me that people know me that I don’t know. But Niall was patient and explained what it was going to be like and he helps me get used to it. He and all the other boys are extremely easy to talk to and fun to be around. It is truly a blessing that I found Niall I don’t know what I would do without him. He treats me like a princess.” I say smiling and giving Niall a quick peck on the cheek, he turns his head so he is able to kiss my lips before turning back to the twitcam. Lots of girls were going crazy about the little PDA that they just saw I laugh at some of the comments. We continue to talk and laugh and answer question until we are told to turn off all electronic devices as we descend. Wow time really does fly when you are having fun!  We start to descend hitting a patch of turbulence and I grip Niall’s hand in fear. He kisses my cheek and rubs my hand and says “It’s ok just a little wind.” I smile but I don’t let go of his hand. We finally touch the ground and as I get of I hear the fans screaming. I then remember Niall mentioning San Francisco and I guess some fans in San Francisco heard and are now screaming at the Airport exit. Niall leans over and whispers “Our security team is meeting us here in a few minutes after that we can go out and interact with the fans or we can wait in the airport for our car what would you like to do?” “I would love to go see the fans but I understand that it can get crazy so you choose.”  I respond “well then let’s go for a few minutes.” He says smiling “sounds great “I say as we get our luggage from the baggage claim then we walk over to a Starbucks with everyone else while Liam calls to see when there security team would be there. He comes back and informs us that security will be here soon. With that we all go get some coffee and wait for security. “So Kayla are you staying in Florida or are you coming back to England?” Zayn says winking clearly flirting. “Going back to U.F in the fall” she says with an even tone. “Oh well then are you spending the rest of your summer in London we are going to Greece you could come with.” He says still flirting shamelessly “Yes I am in London for the rest of the summer and I am staying with Emery and Anna and if I’m invited I would love to go to Greece with everyone it beats staying in London” She responds still ignoring any flirtatious behaviors “Well that sounds great I can’t wait” Zayn says running his fingers through his hair. I crack a smile at Niall and then we both crack up so do Harry, Grace, Louis and Ginny Anna and Liam sit there smiling then Zayn glares at us as if to say “come on guys she is totally digging me” and that sets all of us off again including Liam and Anna, Kayla just sits there rolling her eyes and smiling. After a few minutes security gets to the airport and we are escorted to the front entrance. As we near the front of the airport I hear the girls screaming and wow is it loud. The girls out there are screaming some are crying the emotion is crazy. There are barricades up so the girls can’t attack but security has to work hard to make sure no girls get over the fence. The boys disperse and start hugging girls and taking pictures talking and signing autographs. Niall grabs my hand and pulls we to the fence “I hope you have practiced your signature because I would think that you might be signing some autographs too” Niall says as we approach the girls sharpies in hands. “Hi what’s your name?” Niall asks a girl who looks about 12 Emily she says smiling he nods his head and signs her poster. She then turns to me and asks for my signature too I smile and sign the poster then we smile while her mom takes a picture and then we go to the next group of girls they all squeal when we get to them Niall and I smile while they start talking “Oh my gosh this is amazing” one of them says “So what is the best part about being the Niall Horan?” another asks and the last girl just gives him a huge hug. He smiles and responds to the question he was asked “well it is fun to meet fans like you and it is cool to see the world but I don’t consider myself the Niall Horan I consider myself Niall Horan just a boy from a small town in Ireland.” He says with a small laugh “well can we have a picture?” the first girl asks “Sure” he says “And will Emery be in it?” I smile and say “of course” We smile for the picture then Niall signs there picture I also sign another picture before we give them each a hug and go to the next fans. It goes on like this for a little while with some girls screaming and crying and laughing it is really fun but by the time we get inside my ears are ringing but it is worth it. The lads have amazing fans and I can see how blessed they are, I think it is so amazing that so many girls around the world have fallen in love with the lads and I get to have one of them all to myself. And to have the friends I have going to places that I would never even dream of going is amazing I am so grateful for these opportunities, to see the world with my 8 best friends and my incredible boyfriend was a chance of a life time. I am snapped back to reality when Niall grabs my hand and pulls me out of the seat I was sitting in and grabs my luggage leading me to the car. We climb into the big black SUV Niall and I sitting in the far back row with Anna and Liam. Then Louis and Ginny climb in with Grace and Harry behind them, leaving Kayla and Zayn alone in the next row with our driver in the front. “So what is the first thing you are going to do when we get to the beach house?” Niall asks as we drive. “Well I am going to get changed and go to the beach, hopefully with you baby.” I say smiling “Well of course I wouldn’t want to go to the beach alone” he says winking. “No that would ruin your reputation if you are going to be on the beach you would have to have your beach babe with you” I say with a sarcastic smile. “Well of course I would, but that is just one of the many reasons I love you, because you are willing to be my beach babe and I don’t even have to ask” he says cracking a grin I laugh and respond “I’m glad I can spare you the trouble” “and scene” he says laughing. I smile and giggle and put my head on his solid chest and smile at the ridiculousness of the conversation we had just had. I felt myself slowly drifting to sleep when I jerk myself up “Hey it’s ok it is going to be a while until we get to the hotel go ahead and close your eyes. My beach babe needs her beauty sleep.” “Ha-ha very funny Niall goodnight” I say kissing his cheek he smiles and winks at me. He then rests his chin on the top of my head I feel secure with his arm wrapped around me, I fell asleep feeling safe and comfortable. “Wake up love birds” Louis says in a voice that makes him sound like a 5 year old. I laugh and Niall and I climb out of the car Niall grabs my luggage and we walk up to the hotel. We check into our 2 rooms with the girls in one and the boys in the other. We all go to our rooms and immediately go to sleep because we are all tired. “Rise and shine ladies” The boys shout as they knock on our door. We all get up and get dressed and get ready for the day. We then leave the hotel and get in the car as screaming fans swarm and we go to the airport.

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