The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


27. Telling the World

“Morning babe” I hear as I roll over on my bed, “morning” I say to Niall as I trying to blink out the sleep in my eyes. I get out of my bed and go over to my closet, I get out some clothes for the day and go to the bathroom to change I shower do my hair and makeup and come out about 45 minutes later feeling awake and ready for the day. Once I exit the bathroom Niall goes in and about 15 minutes later comes out with his hair dripping wet I grab my towel and wrap it around his head trying out his beautiful blonde hair, he chuckles and shakes it out once I’m done. We walk downstairs hand in hand and I see a note on the counter.


Morning sweetheart dad and I had to go to work we will be back for lunch at 12:00,

We will then be going back to work until about 6:00 we don’t have any dinner plans and

we understand if you and Niall would like to do something on your own we understand,

but please be home for lunch with us. Don’t wake up your brother we love you we will

see you at 12:00.


I turn back to Niall and tell him “Well the morning is ours my parents are at work and will be coming home for lunch at 12:00 and my brother probably will be asleep until then so what would you like to do?” “Well it is breakfast time and I am starving so what if you took me to your favorite breakfast place.” He says with an adorable gleam in his eyes, I nod and tell him that it was a great idea. I go upstairs and get my purse and my keys and run back downstairs. Niall is waiting for me by the kitchen counter; I grab his hand and pull him out the door. I get in the driver’s seat and he raises an eyebrow “well I’m not going to tell you where we are going, you’re just lucky I’m not blindfolding you.” I say sticking out my tongue. “Fine baby, but please don’t get a scratch on my other baby” he says climbing into the passenger seat, I roll my eyes and start the car. We pull into Dana’s Diner my favorite place ever. We walk into the diner and I go to the counter pulling Niall with me. I smile when I see Molly behind the counter, “Hey Molls is Dana here?” I say to Molly once we all greet each other “She is coming in, in about a half hour, so you guys can have a seat and I will get you something to eat” she says with a smile “Sounds great thanks.”

 Niall and I go sit down in a booth and look over the menu, when Molly comes over to take our order Niall and I decide to get a few things and share because all of the food is to good not to. We get chocolate chip pancakes, an omelet, some sausage and bacon and two mugs of hot tea. Our food arrives a few minutes later and we begin to eat.  “So what would you think about going to the Wolverhampton carnival tonight with Emily, Scott, Troy, and Molly?” I ask Niall “Sounds great babe.” I grin and reach across the table and give him a peck on the lips.

 Just as I sit back down I feel a gentle hand on my shoulder I look up to see a women about 50 years old with a cute bob and a warm smile I jump up and give her a hug “Oh my goodness Dana how have you been?” I exclaim once we break away “I have been good sweet heart, and you?” she asks with her warm smile “I have been great Dana” I say returning the smile “and who is his?” she asks nodding to Niall “Oh how rude of me Dana this is Niall, Niall this is Dana” I say Niall gets up and shakes Dana’s hand.  “Well I need to get back to work, great seeing you Emery and nice meeting you Niall take care of her she is a great girl.” I blush and Niall says “Of course. She is a very special girl.” This makes me blush even more, Dana then goes to the kitchen and Niall and I are alone again.

 “You know I meant it when I said you are a special girl” Niall say with a sincere smile showing on his face “I love you, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

            A tear falls down my cheek and Niall wipes it away gently with his thumb. “I love you too Niall, you give me a reason to get up in the morning and I can’t thank you enough for that.” I say he leans across the table and kisses me deeply. When we pull away Niall pays and we leave. We climb in his car and drive back to my house.

“So since my parents don’t get home for another two hours how would you like it if I took you to my favorite park?” I ask Niall as we pull into the driveway.

“Sounds great can we walk?” Niall asks “Yeah it’s about a block away from here.”  I respond with a smile. “Sounds great let’s go” he says wrapping his arm around my waist and walking down the driveway.  We walk to the park with hands entwined, when we get to the playground I run off and jump on a swing Niall comes up behind me and pushes me I smile and laugh as he continues to push me. We play on the playground until we here the familiar click of camera’s and flash of light. I roll my eyes and Niall looks over to them for a minute, when he looks back he looks like he is thinking about something.  Finally he says “we haven’t really made it official with the media yet, would you be opposed to us going and telling them so we don’t get the obnoxious ‘Niall Horan and Mystery Girl’ front page anymore?” “That sounds great let’s do it!” I say knowing how annoying this can get for him.

Niall grabs my hand and pulls me over to the about 10 paps taking photos of us. “Hey” he shouts silencing all of the paps shouting questions “I would like to stop the rumors, this girl standing next to me” he said raising our entwined hands “This is my beautiful girlfriend Emery she is sweet, kind, loving, funny, and she makes me happy.” With that he pecked me on the lips and pulling me away from the paps.

            When we get home I go up to my room and call Emily, Molly, Zoe, Troy, and Scott up to see if they want to come with us. We all agree to meet by the ticket booth at 7:30. After we all say good bye I go down stairs and find Niall watching T.V on the couch. “Hey E news is coming on we can watch it and then we can get lunch ready” he asks me giving me the puppy dog look, “of course babe” I say coming and sitting down in his lap. He chuckles and we reposition ourselves so we are more comfortable; we settle in, me in the crook of his chest and E news starts. We watch for about 20 minutes about random celebrity news. I feel myself beginning to doze off when the reporter says something that catches my attention. “And One direction’s Niall Horan made his relationship with ‘mystery girl’ official today at a park in Wolverhampton” the screen changes to Niall and I at the park. I gasp and Niall chuckles “Gossip travels like wild fire in in this business.” He says getting up and offering me his hand, I grab it and we walk into the kitchen and start making lunch. Niall and I are just finishing making sandwiches when my mom and dad walk through the front door. We eat lunch and my parents go back to work.

Niall and I wander back into the living room and sit down on the floor. I get out a deck of cards and we play go fish for a little while. We start talking about his career and our relationship and it gets really serious. Well that is until my brother comes stumbling down the stairs in his underwear. This makes us both laugh and I roll my eyes. I tell him to go back upstairs and come back down when he isn’t oblivious to the world around him. He rolls his eyes and trudges back upstairs, after that we turn the TV on and watch just random shows as I feel myself drift off to sleep listening to Niall’s rhythmic breathing.

I wake up later still lying on the couch with Niall. I look up and see that he is asleep so I quietly get off of him and go to get a shower before the carnival tonight. After I shower I pick out what I am going to wear. I pick out a cute outfit that consists of a white sweater with some pale green stripes, a pair of my dark wash skinnies, some dangle earrings, a fringed bad and brown ankle boots. I quickly put my outfit on and go to do my hair. I decide to do big loose waves and some light make up. I am putting the finishing touches in my makeup when Niall comes into my room. “Hey babe what are you up to?” he asks plopping down on my bed.

“Finishing up getting ready for tonight”  I say looking at myself one last time “You should too we need to leave in like an hour”

“Sounds good I will get ready now.” He says I peck his cheek and run down stairs to get a drink.


OMG I feel awful for not updating in such a long time. I just started school and all my classes are AP  so I have a TON of H.W!!!!!! I am really sry and I will try to update more frequently from now on.

Lots of Love


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