The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


13. Prom

“I am so glad senior ditch day falls on Prom day this year!” Grace says when she walks into my flat.  Since it was senior ditch day we had all agreed to meet at Anna and mine’s flat to get ready. We had all agreed to meet at 12 to make sure we had enough time to get ready and that we were all well rested. As Grace and I walk into the living room Anna and Ginny get up and we all go up to my room to lay out our outfits for tonight.  We then all go back downstairs and eat the pizza that Anna had ordered before the girls got here. We eat and talk about how we want our hair and makeup to look. We all decided that my hair would be in a low bun with some of my hair curled in front of it and I would be wearing bronze eye shadow with black mascara and eyeliner the color of my dress. And a light pink color of lipstick with a clear gloss over it. Ginny would be curling her hair and sweeping it to her right and she would have on purple eye shadow and black eyeliner and mascara she would also be wearing a dark red color lipstick to compliment her dress.  Grace would have her bangs clipped up with a little bump and the rest of her hair straightened and down. She would have a smoky eye with thick eyeliner and mascara and a nude color lip gloss. Anna would be wearing her hair half up half down leaving her bangs out with a slight wave to her hair. She would be wearing some light blue eye shadow with light eyeliner and a little mascara and some pink lipstick. Once we got all of this planned out we all went up to my room to get started.  Because Anna is a miracle worker with hair and I with a makeup brush we get ready first helping each other look perfect then we go get Ginny and Grace from my room and pull them into the master bathroom to get them ready. I start on Grace’s makeup and Anna works on Ginny’s hair. We have all been talking about tonight Ginny didn’t seem to thrilled about her date but she said what the heck and just went with it. “So who is Keri going with?” Grace asks wanting to hear what poor soul got roped into going with her. “I heard Cam was taking her.” I say “But you know that he just falls for the rich pretty girls. So I don’t really feel bad for him.” “That’s understandable” Grace says “Well your done so go switch with Ginny” I say “Hey girl you ready?” I say as Ginny sits down on the stool I had set up for her.  “Yup” she says smiling at me as I direct her to close her eyes and I start in on her make up.  When her makeup is done I look up to see Grace and Anna laughing. We all look each other over then go into my room to get our dresses on.  I help Anna slip into her dress and she helps me into mine while Ginny and Grace help each other. Now I put on my earring, latch my necklace and slide on my ring.  Anna gets on all of her accessories. And Grace and Ginny get their jewelry on we all grab our clutches and shoes and go downstairs to wait for the boys. We all decide not to sit for fear of creasing our dresses. So we stand around talking and chewing gum. We are all headed into the kitchen to get some water when a knock on the door makes us all turn I walk to the door and look in the peep hole to see a smiling Harry straightening his bow tie. I laugh and tell Grace that someone is here for her winking. She smiles and walks to the door.  “Hey sweetheart, are you ready to go?” Harry says sweetly to Grace as she takes his hand and they walk out the door. We were all going out together but we were getting picked up at different times and going in different cars. Knock knock Anna goes and checks it and tells Ginny to go to the door. Ginny gets up and goes to join her date at the door.  She and her date then leave and then there were two. The doorbell rings and I get up to answer it I check through the peephole to see Niall I smile and tell Anna that I will see her at dinner then I go out the door Niall has a blue flower pinned to his tux and a corsage in his hand he took my hand and slipped the flower onto my wrist. Then he leads me into a white stretch limo. I smile at him as he helps me into the limo.  I smile as he pours me a glass of champagne.  We pull up to the same hotel that Niall gave me the promise ring, we get out of the limo we see the rest of the crew at the entrance we join them and a few minutes later we see Liam and Anna pull up. We all then go into the restaurant to eat. We all get a light dinner because there will be snacks at the dance. After dinner we drive to the country club that the school rented out for the prom. We get out of the Limo and are shown to the front door, when we walk in I catch my breath and the whole décor is so beautiful. It looks like we walked into a sunset with orange, red, pink lights swirling around the room and blue waves washing on the dance floor. “This is so amazing” I say to Niall still looking around the room. “It is but not as amazing as you” he says with a cheeky grin. “Why thank you” I say with a smile. “May I ask you to dance?” Niall says holding out his arm. “Why of course you may.” I say taking his arm and letting him lead me to the dance floor that is already packed.  He leads me out and we start to dance to Call Me Maybe. We jam for a few minutes, Niall and I laugh at the fun playlist. Then the song changes to the Cupid Shuffle we all line up and do the dance laughing and having a great time.  Then the D.J takes the mic and says “Now grab that special someone because we are going to slow things down a bit” I smile as I hear a familiar melody start playing as Little Things plays quietly from the speakers. Niall wraps his arms around my waist and I put mine on in his shoulders.  I smile as we sway back and forth in our own little bubble that seems separated from the world around us I find myself just lost in his eyes. He then pulls me closer singing the song softly into my ear as we have done in the past it makes me smile and realize how perfect my life is right now.

Anna’s P.O.V:

Liam eventually gets me onto the dance floor when the D.J decides to slow things down as the D.J plays Little Things. I look at Liam to see a look of excitement in his eyes. I smile as he grips my waist and I wrap my hands around his neck. We dance and everything is just us no one else and it is perfect. We dance until our feet hurt; going from a slow song to more of a party song. We laugh and talk and dance and have a great time eventually we all make it to our table where we eat and chat and rest until we are ready to go back and dance.

Louis’s P.O.V:

Wow my first and probably only normal school event and I mess it up by taking some random girl instead of the one I love.  I have been listening to Lilly talk about random stuff, don’t get me wrong she is nice and all but I don’t have any feelings for her. I interrupt her and say “Listen Lilly, you are an amazing girl and really kind and sweet and honest but you’re not right for me. I’m really sorry but I don’t feel anything here” she sighs and says “I figured, you have seemed to be distracted tonight and I don’t think I feel anything either. So go get your girl, you can do it” “Thanks, you are really cool I’m sure you will find someone someday.” I say smiling before I go to find Ginny.

Ginny P.O.V:

Wow my one and only prom and I go with the wrong guy. Eric has been nice but I’m not really enjoying myself. “Are you okay you seem distracted” he asks questioningly. “Honestly no, this isn’t going to work I’m really sorry your just not the one.” I say feeling really bad. “Hey it’s no problem you clearly have feelings for someone else go find him” Eric says smiling. “Thanks” I say running off to find Louis. I am wading through the dance floor when I bump into someone “I’m so sorry” a familiar voice says I look up to see Louis. “Listen Louis-“I start when I am cut off by him “Ginny you are so amazing and I just dumped my date because it didn’t feel right I want to be here with you” he says rushing his words together. He tries to continue but I cut him off by giving him a kiss. “Louis that is exactly what I did. I love you, can I have this dance” I say smiling. “Of course” he says taking my arm as the song Valerie comes on. I smile as he starts singing to me. Louis and I dance the night away, at one point I look over to see Lilly and Eric dancing how strange I guess things happen for a reason. Then I see Grace dancing with Harry I catch her eye and she winks at me before turning back to Harry tonight is perfect and nothing can change that.

Grace’s P.O.V:

Wow the school had really outdone itself this year, prom was amazing it made it all better that I was there with Harry I felt so lucky that this was my life now. It was amazing that Harry is with me and we have this perfect moment the will last forever.  As we dance I see Ginny and Louis dancing together. I smile and wink at her before turning back to Harry. “I don’t know where life will take us but I know that we are taking a step in the right direction. I feel like tonight is the beginning of my future.” He says with a genuine smile I look into his eyes and say “I fell the same way, I love you Harry” “I love you too babe” he says. We leave the dance floor after a while and meet up with everyone at the table. We smile and laugh and talk Ginny and Louis are now officially a couple and this school year is officially the best one ever!

Niall’s P.O.V:

Tonight has been lovely. Emery is such a joy to be around and she was so nice and open and it has been so much fun being with her tonight. She is always so honest and respectful and has good advice. When Little Things started playing I got really excited because this was and forever will be our song. I sang quietly in her ear while we danced. We danced and danced until our feet hurt and we were short of breath. Then we went back to the table to find Anna and Liam kissing. Awww how cute, I cough making them aware of our presence as we sit down they laugh and pull away we get some food to eat. Eventually everyone comes back to the table and we talk and laugh and just chill for a while before we go back to the dance floor the girls leaving their shoes at the table. We all hit the dance floor standing together in one big clump in the middle of the dance floor jumping between popular music to older party songs and every once in a while a One Direction song. Kind of weird I know but still fun. We dance and laugh and just have a good time. We are doing the YMCA when the D.J announces that it is time to slow things down a bit. I smile as our group breaks up as the lads and I take our dates away having this special moment with our own girls. I pull Emery up to me wrapping my arms around her waist as the familiar tune of No One by Alicia Keys starts to play. Not completely slow but sweet and romantic. We sway back and forth and share in some sweet little kisses.  After the song ends I expect the music to pick back up again but it doesn’t the song I Will Always Love You by Whitney Huston. I smile knowing this song very well. I pull Emery in a little closer to me and sing the song to her and only her meaning every word I say. “And I will always love you.” She smiles and says “Me too.” I laugh and we both continue to dance she smiles and I smile back, happy to be with the person I love.  As the song starts to wind down Emery smiles again and instead of smiling back I gently place my lips on hers she smiles against my lips and kisses me back. It lasts a little while and then we both pull away and smile. As the song ends she pulls me off the dance floor and takes me to go get pictures done. We go to the photographer. We take one just together smiling then one with her kissing my cheek and popping her foot and then one more where I hold her bridal style, then the rest of our group comes over and we all take a picture together. We get the card where we can by our pictures then go to the photo booth our school rented. We climb in laughing. The first one is of us laughing, the next has me kissing her cheek and her looking surprised then we have one just us kissing each other. Then on our last one we scoot closer together and she leans against me I but my arm around her shoulder and we just smile. We get our picture strip and go back to our table to put the pictures down before heading back to the dance floor. When we get to the dance floor we join up with the rest of the group we kind of dance awkwardly and talk until the D.J says that there would now be an open mic for anyone who wanted it. I look at the boys and they all nod and we tell the girls that we will be right back. We ask the D.J to play the track to our favorite song. We get up onto the stage and get handed some extra mic’s some of the girls scream and it gets louder when the familiar beats start playing. Da dada dadddd dada dad daddd. Then Liam starts singing “Your insecure don’t know what for/ your turning heads when you walk through the door-or-or” We continue to sing and jump around stage getting into the mood everyone is cheering and dancing. When it gets to Harry’s solo we all stand in a V like we have done a million times. I see Harry find Grace in the crowd and sing directly to her. Meanwhile I find Emery and wink she smiles back understanding that I dedicate this song to you. “Baby you light up my world like nobody else/ the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed/ but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell/ you don’t know oh oh, you don’t know you beautiful” Harry says in his rocky tones. Then we all start singing again and finish up the song. After that Emery runs up to me and says that that was amazing and that she loves it when I sing. We go back to the table and start talking about graduation. We all decide to go tomorrow to get our caps and gowns and that everyone is going to meet at Emery’s house that morning so we could be ready for the service at three. my older brother Greg would be coming down and that is when Emery will get to meet him and I will also get to meet her grandmother who will also be coming up. It is exiting but also a little nerve wracking.  The night wares on and eventually we all climb back into our limo and crash at my place.

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