The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


20. Picnic

We were nearing the house when we noticed some light coming from the beach. We quickly hurried to see the source of the light as we neared I could see the boys sitting on a large picnic blanket when they see us they all walk over to us each of them holding a single rose. Niall walks up to me giving me a sweet kiss on the lips before handing me the rose, I take it and give him a hug and a peck on the cheek before he wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me to the picnic blanket. I see the other girls being treated in a similar fashion but I am surprised to see Zayn giving his to Kayla. Once she is holding the rose he grabs her wrist and pulls her away from us and out of earshot.

Kayla’s P.O.V:

Zayn gave me the rose and then pulled me away from the rest of the group. Once we are out of earshot he turns me around and search’s my eyes, he takes a deep breath and begins speaking. “Kayla you are an amazing person, you are funny, honest, athletic and kind; when I met you I instantly fell. Then my charm didn’t work and you pushed me away, I accepted this and just sat out and watched you pass by. Every time I see you walk be not noticing me I die a little. So I understand if you don’t feel the same and I will learn to live with that, but I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t tell you how I feel. I love you Kayla will you be my girlfriend?” I stand there frozen but when I come back to reality I say “I love you too Zayn I was scared to let myself fall for anyone, but I now see that that was stupid and I have fallen. I would love to be your girlfriend.” He grins like an idiot before lining I and softly resting his lips on mine.

We stayed like this for a little while until he entwined his hand in mine and we walked back to the picnic. All the boys acted like nothing had happened but the girls jumped at us figuratively of course. “So are you guys like a couple now” Ginny asks the question that I’m sure are on all of the girls were wondering. “Yes!” we both say holding up our entwined hands, they all smile and squeal and are extremely excited for us. We both sit down next to each other as Liam brings out sandwiches and some mac and cheese that they made. They also bring out a few bags of chips and some champagne. Then the boys pulled out plates and silverware and napkins and some wine glasses. They served us girls then got some food themselves. We all raise our glasses and clink them together before starting to eat. We are all finishing up our food when Louis brings out a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. He picks one up and hand it to Ginny she thanks him and eats the strawberry, the plate gets passed around and we all have some.

Emery’s P.O.V:    

The picnic had been amazing and now to top it off they bring out chocolate covered strawberries. When we are passed the plate Niall picks one up by the top and outs the top to my lips. I open my mouth and he puts the strawberry into it, I smile and eat the strawberry; then I grab one and put it in his mouth, he smiles before eating it. Then he leans over and kisses me before passing the plate to Harry and Grace. We sit there talking and laughing until Niall takes my hand and pulls me up saying that he wanted to go take a walk on the beach and asking if I would join him. I smile and nod before Liam says “Well we are leaving for the airport at 9 so be sure to be up by 8 or so” “Ok” we both say at the same time before rolling our eyes and walking away.





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