The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


25. Party Time

Emery’s P.O.V:

“Wake up sleepy heads” one of my sisters shouts through my door. I groan and shake Niall awake. We both then go into my bathroom and brush our teeth, once we are both ready for the day we walk downstairs and are welcomed by the smell of bacon and French toast. I walk into the kitchen and give my mom a kiss on the cheek before giving Niall a plate and taking one for myself for breakfast. We both then walk into the dining room and sit down at the table. My dad is reading the paper my little sisters are nowhere to be seen, and my brother was probably still sleeping. “So what are we doing today?” I ask my mom as she comes in and sits down with us. “Well I was thinking that Niall, Tanner and Dad could go out and run errands and us girls will go get everyone something to where then we will all work together to decorate the house for tonight.”

“Sounds good I will go wake up Tanner?” I say with a devilish grin. I quickly run upstairs and get my IPhone and its speakers. I creep into Tanners room quietly before turning the volume up all the way on the speakers and with the remote in my hand I creep out of the room. I get a safe distance away before pressing play. Who let the dogs out blasts from the speakers and I run down stairs back to breakfast before Tenner can see me.

A minute later the music cuts off and a very tired very annoyed Tanner comes down the stairs with a look of revenge on his face. Tanner walks up to me acting completely calm then he dumps a cup of ice cold water on my head saying “you awake now ‘cause I am” I roll my eyes and push him lightly. He goes into the kitchen and fixes himself a plate. A few minutes later I finish my food and after clearing my place go upstairs to change into dry clothes and do my hair and makeup. I come downstairs n about half an hour later ready to go everyone is in the living room ready to go. “Well we need to go, John do you have your list of things to get?” My mom asks getting up, “yes and we will meet you back here at 12:00 for lunch” my dad says giving my mom a warm smile. Everyone get up, I give Tanner a hug and I give my dad a kiss on the cheek then I walk over to Niall and peck him on the lips before leaving with my mom and sister.

            We go to my sister’s favorite store first there Lainy finds a really cute shirt that had a black and white checkered pattern and some dark blue skinnies. The next store we went to was for my mom, she found a purple flowy top and a denim skirt. After that we come to another store, here Bella gets a pair of black high wasted shorts and s red tank top. Finally we get to the last store all of us tired, we look for a little while and I go to the dressing room with a pile of clothes to try on. After a few bad outfits I put on a white dress with high neck and a long zipper. It hugs my curves perfectly and flows out at my waist making it look tiny. I smiled and twirled in the mirror the dress was stunning my mom smiled and both my sisters started shooting praise and admiration I smiled and went back to the change room. I come out with the dress and we all go to the counter to pay. After that we go find shoes, Lainy gets some black gladiator sandals, my mom gets a pair of nude wedges, Bella gets some red ballet flats and I get a pair of sky blue pumps with pink and coral roses on them. After we pay we get in the car and head home all tired and hungry. We walk into the kitchen to find the guys already making sandwiches.  We join in behind them and ten minutes later we are all seated in the living room eating. We all talk and laugh it seems like the ice has broken and Niall has been accepted by the family which makes me happy. After about an hour we all finish and clean up and begin decorating. When I ask my mom what I can do she tells me to go upstairs and into my room because this is my party and she wants it to be a surprise.

I give in and go to my room and start getting ready, since I hadn’t seen some of my friends and family for about 3 years I wanted to look good. I start on my makeup putting on foundation and concealer then I put on some light blue eye shadow with black eyeliner and some mascara the colors really make my eyes pop. Then I put on some light pink blush, I go into the bathroom and brush my teeth before applying some pink lipstick and a clear gloss over it. Then I plug in my curling iron and sit on my bed waiting for it to heat up. When my curling iron is ready I brush my hair and spray it with heat resistant before curling it. After about 2 hours of work I am finally ready for the party I slide my pumps on and flop down on my bed careful not to wrinkle my dress. I take out my IPhone and check twitter. I gasp when I see that I have 7,539,713 followers. This was a significant change from my small 200 before. I quickly pose and post a picture of myself saying ‘good to be home, can’t wait to see everyone!!!’ I immediately get at least 100 comments. There are a few mean ones but I brush them off, then I see one from Niall that makes me smile

@emeryleexoxo beautiful as always <3 #mybeautifulbabe

Thx @NiallOffical luv you xoxo <3

Immediately our two tweets blow up receiving many reposts and comments, I guess the fans liked the romance. A few minutes later Niall walks into my room and says “Even more beautiful in person” I smile and give him a joking wink. He wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my lips gently I smile and kiss him back then I tell him to go get ready. He smiles and goes to his suitcase, once he is ready his trademark kakis and red polo. I smile and we take a picture together posting it on twitter and immediately receiving all kinds of comments. I smile and touch up my makeup, when I hear the doorbell ring I grab Niall’s hand and pull him downstairs wanting him to meet everyone who was coming tonight. I open the door and engulf my Mo in a big hug, I had missed her since the brief time I had seen her I pull away and usher her inside, “so Mo you remember Niall right?” she nods “And Niall you remember my grandma Mo” he nods and gives her a hug saying how great it was to see her again. We all go inside when there is a knock on the door. I get up bring Niall with me when I open the door I smile and hug her, “Niall this is Emily one of my best friends!” I exclaim happy to see her “and Emily this is-“she cuts me off “Niall Horan your boyfriend, you guys are all anyone talks about at the high school and on twitter” I laugh and hug her again before letting her in. It continues like this for a little while me introducing Niall to countless friends and family. Once everyone gets here we all go outside where my dad is grilling for us all. We talk and mingle. The best part is when I find my Uncle Dan I walk over to him and give him a big hug “Hi Dan how are you?” I ask with a smile Dan is truly like another older brother. He smiles at me and says “Doing fine, and clearly you are just fine” he says nodding to Niall and I’s entwined hands I blush slightly ad introduce Niall to my uncle Dan. Dan smiles and shakes his hand in a friendly manor then he gives Niall a death glare and says “don’t hurt my niece, because I kind of do boxing in my spare time and you don’t want to find out how good I am” this makes me blush more, and Niall replies “I wouldn’t dream of it sir” “that’s what I like to hear” Dan say cracking a smile a pulling Niall into a hug then giving me a kiss on the cheek before going off to mingle. Niall and eat and walk around me stopping and talking to friends and family with Niall being his usual charming self.  Everyone starts leaving and it ends up just being some of my closest friends left. We all go into the living room; there are 7 of us, me, Niall, Emily and my other fiends Molly, Zoe, Troy, and Scott. I make sure they all know Niall and since we are all around the same age Niall get on well with all of them.  We all end up sitting in the living room and I say “We should all play trigger” “Sounds good how do we play?” Scott asks “Well we all sit in a circle and then we go around and tell the person to our left what they have to do is someone does something. So I might tell Niall that every time Emily flipped her hair he had to yell toast. You do this until you figure out every ones trigger.” “Sounds fun let’s play” Troy says with a grin we all sit in a circle and I start off I whisper in Molly’s ear “Every time Troy fixes his hair you have to quack like a duck.” She rolls her eyes and leans over to Scott and whispers something in his ear it goes on like this until I feel Niall’s warm breath on my neck “every time Emily smiles you have to kiss me on the cheek.” I smiled knowing that all Emily ever does is smile. After this we all go on talking and hanging out. Troy reaches up and messes with his hair Molly then start quacking like a duck everyone laughs and since Emily is smiling I kiss Niall on the cheek which then Scott starts yelling ‘Crazy people Crazy people’ Troy pulls out his phone and looks at something and Zoe says “I love British boys especially ones in world famous boy bands”  Emily smiles and I kiss Niall on the cheek and Scott yells ‘Crazy people Crazy people’  “Scott your trigger is when Emery and Niall kiss or have some kind of physical contact I think” Zoe says with a smirk, he nods and I blush deeply. “I am Emily he me roar” Emily shouts everyone laughs. We all continue talking until Troy yells “peas!!!” I laugh them see Emily smiling and I lean over and kiss Niall’s cheek. A few minutes later Niall says that he is an undercover clown. Eventually everyone’s triggers are figured out but mine. Zoe’s was that every time Troy looked at his phone she had to yell ‘I love British boys especially ones in world famous boy bands’, Troy’s was whenever Molly checks her nails he had to yell pea’s, Niall’s was that whenever Scott rolled his eyes he had to say that he is an undercover clown, Emily’s was that whenever I blush she had to yell I am Emily hear me roar. “Well what was your trigger Emmie?” Scott asks nudging me “every time Emily smiled I got to kiss Niall on the cheek. They all giggle and tease me about it. After a while they all leave and Niall and I go upstairs I take a shower and when I come back into my room Niall is asleep on my bed I get in next to him and drift off to sleep, tired from a crazy day.

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