The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


23. Meeting the Family

            I walk back to the car bringing Niall with me this time. “Mom, Dad, this is my boyfriend Niall” I say. He smiles and sticks his hand out to my dad my dad shakes it and says “Nice to meet you son, I am Emery’s dad, John” “It is very nice to meet you too sir” Niall said before turning to my mom. She opened her arms wide and laughed a bit before saying “Sorry Niall but I am a hugger” Niall smiled and gave her a hug, after she released what was sure to be a bear tight grip on Niall she smiled “I am Lynn Emery’s mom I am glad she found a sweet boy like you” she said before engulfing him in another hug. After all the hugging is over Niall and I walk back to the car to get out our luggage. “Babe go in and be with your family I will get the bags.” “No need babe I want you to get to meet my family so please let me help you!” I say back “This is one of those times where it doesn’t matter what I say you are going to do what you want right?” Niall asks with a smirk “Yup” I say grinning “and that’s why I love you” he replies pecking me in the lips. I smile and pull kiss him in for another kiss, before reaching into the trunk of the car and pulling out my suitcase and my bag. He grabs his suitcase and my Vera Bradley duffel and we both head inside. We walk through the living room and I see my little sisters Bella and Lainy. I drop my suitcase and my bag and run over and hug my little sisters. They are both so sweet and we are best friends I run over and engulf both of them, we hugged for a good minute before I released them and said “so what is new with you two?” “Not much” they say in unison. “Well girls this is my boyfriend-“I am cut off by Lainy squealing “Oh my gosh is that Niall Horan, as in the one from One Direction???” I giggle and Niall cracks a grin, “the one and only” I say winking at her. At this point both Lainy and Bella look like they are in shock, Niall laughs and says “Nice to meet you girls what are your names?” “Lainy” Lainy says confidently “B-B-Bella” Bella stutters out clearly fan girling. I smile thinking about when Grace fan girled when she met 3/5th’s to one direction. “Well it is very nice to meet you Lainy” he says giving her a hug “and Bella” he says giving her a hug. They both were very clearly on cloud nine. After everyone meets everyone Niall and I go upstairs to my room with Niall following behind me. We put the luggage in my room and Niall bursts out laughing “that is by far the funniest fan experience I have ever had!” he gushes I smile and say “well they are twelve year old girls” “Oh so they are twelve?” he asks “Yeah and they are twins so they will gang up on you until they get what they want” I say with a small giggle “Oh yeah well then we can gang up on them?” he says with a mischievous grin “sounds good you know I think the first thing you should do is sign every picture of you and the boys in their room.” I say flashing him a hat sound like a great idea” he says pecking me on the cheek. I hand him a sharpie and point him to their room. I sit in my bed for a minute just looking around the room that I haven’t lived in for more than a few weeks in 5 years or so. Sort out my bag before heading back downstairs to find my sisters in the couch in the living room. I guess my dad was working and my mom was reading like they always did before dinnertime. I walk into the living room and sit down on the loveseat “so what do you guys think of my boyfriend?” I asked them drawing both their faces away from their phones. “Do you really need to ask that? He is Niall Horan as in the Niall Horan” Lainy exclaims I smile and reword what I said “what do you think of Niall and I being together?” “I think you guys are perfect” Bella says smiling, then her smile dims and she adds “but what we think doesn’t matter if Tanner doesn’t like him.” Tanner is my older brother he is 23 and somewhat over protective of his little sisters. “Well forget him, for now I have something to tell you guys; a sister secret…” So sister secrets is a thing I started with my little sisters when they were 7, it is basically a way of us telling each other something important that we won’t share with anyone including our parents unless it could affect someone’s safety. “Well so about two months ago Niall gave me a promise ring he said and I quote ‘I would like to promise you that I will always love you and that I will always be yours and that I will never hurt you in any way.’ That was the promise he made and he does not break it I really do love him. But I would never forgive myself if I didn’t ask you guys what you thought of him” I say taking a breath. “I like him” Bella says “and I love him, Nmery forever!!!!!!!” Lainy exclaims. “I’m glad I think I can face Tanner knowing that you two are behind me.” I give them a hug. My mom walks in and says “Well we are going out to dinner tonight, it is a formal place so where something nice, we are leaving in two hours, and Tanner is meeting us there.” “Thanks mom” I say getting up and giving her a hug. “Girls meet me in my room in an hour and I will help both of you get ready ok?” I ask my little sisters “sounds great they say turning back to their phones. Tonight was going to be interesting.

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