The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


14. Graduation Day

Emery’s P.O.V:

*Day of Graduation*

“Mo it’s time for you leave” I say walking into the kitchen where my grandma (Mo) is. “Ok we are leaving so your friends can come over” Mo says we had both agreed that we would meet at the school and that that was where she would meet my friends and more importantly Niall. I give Mo a hug before she leaves. I walk into my room and pick up my flash cards to go over my speech one more time before everyone gets her. This year all the 12th graders voted on one student to represent the graduating class and give a speech at graduation. I was chosen and have been working on perfecting my speech ever since. “As we say good-“Knock knock I am interrupted by Grace and Ginny walking into my room to get ready. I do hair and Anna does makeup just like last time. I curl mine and leave it all down. I but on some blue eye shadow and mascara, eyeliner blush and lip gloss. Then I put Grace’s Hair in a ponytail and straighten is then she gets a smoky eye from Anna and some light gloss. Ginny’s hair is in a bun on the side of her head. And she has on light purple eyeshade and Anna’s hair in straightened and down. Right as we finish the boys knock on the front door and let themselves in when we call and tell them that it is open, I smile nervous but ready as the boys come in with all the gowns. All of us girls are wearing dresses we all got a cute little strapless dress with a cute bow in the back same cut but we each have on a different color. Mine is purple, Anna’s is blue, Grace’s is pink and Ginny’s is pink. We all greet the boys as they walk in grabbing our cap and gowns and laying them on the couch. We all set out lunch but all of us are too excited to eat. We all eventually get into a luxury black S.U.V having a famous boyfriend does have its perks. We all get to the school and head inside we all get on our cap and gowns. All of the girls do last minute makeup touches before heading out onto the football field to wait for time to start. We all sit in the front row talking and laughing. Anna pulls a key chain size Rubik’s cube from her clutch and starts to solve it I know she is doing that to calm her nerves. Once she finishes she scrambles it and hands it to me I thank her because she knows how nervous I am and she knows that that will make me feel better. I solve it and hand it back to her just as our Principal approaches the stage and start her speech it starts with a little history of the school and some of this year’s academic and extracurricular achievements made by this class then we all stand for recognition. Then she invites me u to the stage, Niall squeezes my hand before I go as I approach the stage I am introduced to the crowd and applauded as soon as everyone quiets down I take a deep breath and begin. “I would like to start off by thanking every single one of the dedicated teachers at this amazing school for helping and pushing us every day to reach our full potential. I would also like to thank on behalf of the class of 2013 the faculty of our school for their dedication, our parents for their late nights helping prepare us for exams or tests or projects. I would also like to thank every graduate out here today for making my year special. This school is a place where we have formed amazing friendships that will last forever, a place where everyone is able to be themselves and be proud of who they are. A welcoming family that accepts us exactly the way we are and teachers that encouraged us to forget about the Status-Quo and just let our own light shine. This place has been a safe haven, and we are all incredibly blessed to have the moments that we have had. We have made so many lasting memories, from Homecoming to football games to extracurricular activities to the school sleepover to chocolate day to prom and now graduations. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing group of American citizen’s and to be able to stand up here representing all of them.  So as we say good bye to high school and accept the challenges ahead I hope that we will all stay united as London University class of 2013!” I say smiling “Thank you” I finish leaving the stage. “You did amazing babe” Niall whispers in my ear. “…Grace Franchez, Niall Horan, Emery Lee, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Anna Thyme, Louis Tomlinson, Ginny Will…” the vice principle calls at the podium. We all walk up and receive our diploma shaking hands with teachers and the principle then returning to our seat. “We are officially out of high school” I say to Niall as we sit down. “Scary, right” he says “Yes but also exciting. After the graduation I find my mom and Mo and bring them over to my friends who are already with their parents I say hi to Grace and Anna’s parents and introduce myself to Ginny’s parents and Niall’s brother.  Then I am introduced to the rest of the boy’s family that was able to come. I met Niall’s s brother Greg, and then I met Liam’s mom, Karen and his older sister Ruth. Then I met Zayn’s mom, Trisha and his dad Yasir. Then Louis introduces me to his mom Johanna and his younger twin sisters Phoebe and Daisy. Then Harry introduces me to his mom Anne and his older sister Gemma and his step father Robin. It is really fun to meet all of them and they all seem really nice. Once we leave we all go back to my place to pick up our stuff then me and Niall agree to show Greg and Mo around London. Niall drives and Mo sits in the passenger seat leaving Greg and I in the back. As we ride to the heart of London I get to know Greg some more I learned that he was engaged to a girl named Denise, he was getting married in less than a year on March 27th, 2014 to be exact. He was older then Niall by 6 years and had decided that Niall would be his best man. That was exciting I congratulated him and we continued talking.  He seemed nice and genuine and caring. Very similar to Niall I could see the family resemblance in the personalities and I could see why someone might fall in love with him, for similar reasons that I love Niall. I hear Niall and my grandma talking about Wolverhampton my home town. Niall talks about Mullingar County his home town in Westmeath, Ireland; when we reach the heart of London Niall and I start to narrate a tour about London. “That is Big Ben and if you cross Westminster Bridge” I say gesturing to the bridge that Niall and I crossed on our first date “You can get to the London Eye.” I see Niall wink at me in the rearview mirror and laugh. He cracks a smile and then we both just crack up while Greg and Mo look at us like we are crazy. We pull up to a Nando’s we all pile out of the car to eat dinner before continuing the tour. We walk in and the hostess smiles at Niall and says, “Hello Mr. Horan the usual spot?” She asked looking to Niall with a questioning look. “Yes thank you Christine.” He says smiling, wow now I know that Niall goes to Nando’s a lot but the fact that he knows the hostess and he has a usual spot. Well I guess when you are a famous boy bander people remember stuff. It was sweet though because as he walked through the restaurant he would smile and greet some waiters and some fans as we make our way over to the table Niall pulls out his wallet and sorts through gift cards, credit/ debit cards until he finds the card that he wanted it’s a black card with the Nando’s logo on it I recognize the card as the card he got a few months after becoming One Direction he got a card that would get him free Nando’s whenever he would like. I giggle to myself as we walk to the corner booth Niall and I sitting on one side and Greg and Mo sit on the other.  We talk until a waitress comes to take our order we get water and Niall orders the chicken like he usually does because I never order because Niall knows the kind of things I like and I trust him to get something tasty. We talk and everyone gets to know each other. My grandma starts asking about Prom so Niall and I told her about prom and she got happy and a romantic look in her eyes. I laugh and say “you’re such a romantic Mo” laughing she smiles and replies “yes I am.” Once we finish our dinner we go back to the car “You sit up front with your boyfriend” Mo says with a smile.” Are you sure” I say smiling, “absolutely” she says smiling. Niall opens the passenger side door and I get in as Niall walks over to the other side of the car letting himself in. We drive around London for a little longer then we go back to my flat where Niall drops Mo and me off. “Bye love, see you tomorrow” Niall says pecking me on the lips I smile and say “Goodnight babe see you tomorrow.” I say walking into my flat and closing and locking the door behind me. “Hi sweetie, how are you” Mo asks Anna while sitting down in the living room “I’m good Mo how are you?” Anna asks settling in. Anna is from Poland so when she came to London she left her family behind, so Mo has become her 2nd grandma and everyone else in my family her 2nd family. I go up to my room and get ready for bed, then I go back downstairs to tell them that I am going to bed and I will see them in the morning. When I wake up I hear pans in the kitchen and smell bacon. I walk into the kitchen smiling and giving Mo a kiss on the cheek at the stove while she watches the bacon that she is frying. “Well I have to go to the airport in about an hour so I thought I might make some breakfast. “Well thanks” I say “ And Niall and I have agreed that after the group goes to Hawaii Niall and I are going to go out to Wolverhampton so Niall can meet the rest of the family then we will be going to Ireland so that I can meet him.” “That’s great so I will see you in a few weeks then?” Mo asks “Yup I can’t wait” I say giving her a hug.  As we climb in the car to take Mo to the airport Anna grabs Mo’s bags and put them in the trunk. We all climb in the car and drive off to the airport. “Bye Mo I hope to see you again soon.” Anna says giving Mo a hug “You too sweet heart” Mo says returning the hug. “Bye Mo, see you when I get to Wolverhampton. Love you see you soon.” I say with a tear in my eye, I quickly wipe it away and give her a bear hug and then a kiss in the cheek. Then Anna and I get back in my car and drive home.

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