The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


15. Football

Text from Kayla:

Hey I am in London, do you want to meet up a football game? You can bring the boys and Ginny and Grace and Anna. I know Manchester is playing at 3:00.

Text to Kayla:

Sounds great see you at 3:0!!!

Group text to Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, Ginny, Grace, Anna:

Hey guys, Kayla is coming into town and she wants to know if you guys want to go to the Manchester football game at 3:00?

Text from Niall:

Talked to the boys we all think that sounds great and I was wondering if you, Grace, Ginny and Anna would like to come over now and we can all have lunch at my place and then we can all go over together.

Text to Niall:

Sounds great see you soon! Xoxo

Text from Grace:

Sounds great when do you want me at your house?

Text to Grace:

We are going over to Niall’s place now so we will pick you up on the way.

Text from Ginny:

Sounds great Louis texted me and said he was picking me up and taking me to Niall’s place so I will see you there :)

Text to Ginny:

Kk see you soon :)

“Come on Anna lets go” I shout upstairs to Anna. “I’m coming, I’m coming” she says rushing downstairs grabbing and apple and her purse before running out to meet me in the car and  drive to pick up Grace. “Hey you ready for a fun afternoon?” Grace says climbing into the backseat of my car. “Yeah and do you want to pick up Starbucks on the way?” I ask Grace and Anna “Sounds great” Anna says “I’ll text Liam and see if the boys want anything.” “Ok so what do the boys want?”  I ask Anna as I pull into a parking spot at the Starbucks. “Liam wants a green tea, Harry wants a vanilla Latte Louis wants a black coffee Zayn wants White mocha and Niall wants a frapachinno” “Ok then let’s go” I say getting out of the car with Grace on my right and Anna on my left. We walk up to the cashier and take off our sunglasses, the cashier gasps. “Wait you’re Niall Horan’s girlfriend and you’re Harry’s, and you’re Liam’s right?” She says while gesturing to each of us as she says our boyfriend’s name. I see the small One Direction pin on her apron and smile inside this was my first fan encounter without Niall being with me. “Yeah” I say smiling, “well it might not be very professional but can I have a picture “sure” we say in unison.  She takes out her phone and asks her coworker to take a picture we smile as he snaps the picture then he hands her the phone and walks off. “Now what can I get for you?” she says with a smile we tell her the boys orders and then our “an ice coffee with a pump of coconut” Grace says to the cashier “A caramel frapachinno” Anna says with a smile.  “A hot chocolate” I say ordering for Ginny “And another caramel fapachinno.” I say wrapping up the order, I pull out my credit card and pay then we go and wait for our drinks to be ready. They call our name and we go get the coffee. We walk back to the car with our hands full with all the coffee. We get in the car and are off to Niall’s flat. “Knock knock knock” I say opening the door to Niall’s flat. “Hey babe” Niall says pecking me on the lips before taking the drinks into the kitchen to distribute them to the awaiting boys. I smile and walk into the kitchen to see Louis sitting on top of Harry who is lying across the table. I give Niall a questioning look and he winks as if to say “I’ll tell you later.”  I walk over and tell Louis to get off he whined but got up, then Harry gets up and grabs his drink and storms into the living room where he goes and sits next to Grace. The rest of the boys get there drinks and go into the living room. “Hey scootch over babe” Louis says to Ginny so he is able to sit with her. I smile as we all settle in. Harry next to Grace, Liam next to Anna, Louis next to Ginny, Niall next to me, and Zayn next to the bag of crisps; we sit and drink our drinks and talk. I learn lots about everyone which is amazing that we have been friends for almost a year and I am still learning new things about them. This year was such fun we had all decided that we were like one family. Liam is very fatherly and gives great advice and everyone is like a brother or sister to me and trust me I would know because I have an older brother, Matt, and twin little sisters Bella and Kinzie Matt is 3 years older than me and the twins are 7 younger. Louis and I give each other advice and tell each other stories, because he have twin little sisters around the same age as Bella and Kinzie. Eventually as we all knew was bound to happen Harry produces a bottle and we all settle in a circle to play truth or dare.  Harry spins and it lands on Grace “Truth or dare sweetie?” Harry questions Grace “Dare” she says back smirking. “I dare you to get an airbrush tattoo of my name on your lower back at the football game.” He says smirking “I would love to Grace says with a smile. The game continues until Niall spins it and it lands on me. “Truth or dare babe” He questions “Dare” I say confidently I dare you to kiss the person in this room that you love the most” I pretend to think for a minute and then kiss Niall lightly on the cheek. He smiles at me and Liam announces that it is time to go to the football game. We all pile into and S.U.V and drive off to the football arena. We pull up and get our tickets that Kayla had reserved for us. We walk by the airbrush stand and leave Harry with Grace to get all tattooed. We get to our seats and in a matter of minutes Kayla arrives we greet each other and introduce her to Zayn and Louis.

Zayn’s P.O.V:

OMG Kayla was so pretty with her long straight brown hair and her interest in sports was extremely attractive. She is so funny and getting to know her today is so much fun. Around the first water break Harry and Grace come to the seats hugs are exchanged and then we see Grace’s new tat it says Harry in really big cursive script across her back, we all laugh and turn back to the game. With our sunglasses on and the hoods of our jackets zipped we haven’t been noticed yet but I don’t know if that will last. Beep, the half time buzzer sounds and we all go to get snacks. As we get into line a girl screams “Oh my gosh it’s One Direction!!!”, a little  late hood had fallen and my all to recognizable hair had been recognized. The girl starts running towards us bringing a mob of probably like 200 people with her. Our little group starts running to the exit of the stadium with security helping hold the fans back. I don’t think we could live without them. But we are not out of the clear yet, we still have to get to the car and there is already a mob forming as we leave the stadium. As we expected the mob follows. I put my arm around Kayla and rush her into the car, not wanting her to get hurt. “Get off of me I don’t need your protection” Kayla says irritated. I apologize and but my arm down. We start talking and eventually we start talking about our trip to Hawaii in 2 days. This gets me thinking and I say, “We have room for one more you are than welcome to come with us” She smiles and says “I am off classes this month so I would love to.” Great we will pick you up at 8:00 a.m. on Friday” I say extremely happy and excited. “Ok see you then she says as we pull up to her hotel and let her out. “Someone’s got a secret crush on Kayla” Harry hoots. “Yes I do and I would prefer that it stays a secret.” I say to them with a little snap. They all laugh as we drop people off at their houses.  “Bye babe” Niall as Emery and Anna get out of the car. “Bye honey” Liam calls to Anna they both wave back as we pull out of their flat complex.

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