The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


12. Dress Shopping

Emery’s P.O.V:

“What do you think of this” Ginny asks.  We had been shopping for about 20 minutes. We had decided to all go look at dresses and pick out about 10 then go person one person at a time when trying them on Ginny went first and so far has tried on 5 dresses none of which really suit her or look good for that matter. She walked out in a short hot pink skin tight dress that looked awful. “No not for you.” I say shuddering. “I’m glad you agree” she says laughing and walking back to the dressing room.  Next she comes out in a dark purple ball gown style dress. It is strapless with a sweetheart neck line and a jeweled bust line reaching up to the lowest point of the neckline and down to her waist line. It was perfect on her and completely stunning. I heard Louis gasp; only confirming my suspicion that he had feelings for her. “Oh my gosh Ginny that dress is perfect!” I exclaim extremely excited for her. “Well I think so too” she says twirling a little in front of the mirror. She then goes back into the dressing room to get changed. After which she then heads back out with the dress in hand.  Then Grace goes into the dressing room with her stack of dresses. First she comes out in a long black dress with little sequins. “Goth is not a good look on you” Harry says laughing with Grace as Grace goes to try on the next dress.  It is a long mermaid style dress that she can barely walk in. she trips and falls on the way out of the dressing room starts laughing and waddles back into the dressing room with all of us laughing really hard on the couches. Next she walks out in an oversized white dress with a long skirt. She looked ridiculous. “Any amount of alterations won’t be enough with that dress” Liam says laughing. She giggles and walks back into the dressing room. In the next one Grace looks like a peacock tail feathers and everything.  She says “Look I could be Hera, Queen of the peacocks, woo” sarcasm dripping from her voice. We all crack up and she walks back to the dressing room rolling her eyes. Next she comes out in a sunset colored pinkish orangish dress with a diamond encrusted belt it has a short skirt with lots of tool layering.  It was stunning on her and it fit her personality. “It’s perfect for you!” Ginny says clearly exited. “I know!!! What do you think Harry” she says raising an eyebrow. “I think you look perfect in it and it fits your personality flawlessly.” “Then this is the dress I’m getting” she says with a huge grin. Next Anna goes back with her dresses and starts trying them on. The first one is dark orange and made of satin. Don’t get me wrong on someone it might look nice but on her it looked like someone had burnt a pumpkin pie them thrown it on the dress. “That’s not for you” Grace says with a light laugh, Anna smiles and walks back into the dressing room. The next dress she walks into the room in is a light green almost white dress that gathers on one shoulder it is a short skirt with what looked like someone had tied a cape around the waste of. It was an elegant dress but not good for prom or her. “I don’t think that dress is right for prom.” Ginny says as if reading my mind.  She walks back into the dressing room and comes out in the most stunning dress I have ever seen her in.  It is a spaghetti strapped aqua dress with a beaded top half, then a satin belt and a high low bottom that flowed over her curves perfectly.  “You look absolutely perfect in that dress Anna; it is the one that I think you should wear to prom.” Liam says with a wide grin.  I guess that what they say ‘3rd times the charm’ is true in some situations.  She agrees and goes to get changed. Once she gets back I go and start trying on my dresses. The first one I slide into is dazzling and I think it is absolutely amazing. It’s a sky blue dress with beading at the top that you wouldn’t believe with shapes like flowers and butterflies and things like that but in an elegant way not a corny juvenile way. The bottom was simpler; it flowed elegantly down to the floor in waves of the fabric: nothing structured just flowing fabric. I walk out of the dressing room and everyone gasps and Niall gets up and hugs me. He whispers in my ear “it is so perfect, just like you, you always look stunning but this on you is just amazing.” I smiled and hugged him back then he pecked my lips and went and sat back down while everyone else agreed that the dress was perfect.

All the dresses are listed below






A/N Plz note that these dresses are ones I found online and the models are not what these characters look like.

We then all go to the checkout counter to pay for our dresses when the boys come up behind us waving their credit cards and shooing us away. Louis is sweet enough to pay for Ginny’s wow how sweet. Then we all go out to lunch after that the boys all give us there debit card and claim that they have some guy shopping to do and that we should go get accessories and things like that. I of course am going to wear my ring and my necklace but I need to get earrings and shoes. While all the girls need all of their accessories. We stop at Icing where we get all of our accessories. Anna gets a pretty silver bracelet, silver hoop earrings. (A.N both accessories are on the model in the picture of Anna’s dress.) Ginny decides to go with just earrings and a necklace because her dress is so dramatic. She gets silver earrings with little circles that overlap each other, and a small necklace with a G on it. Grace gets a pair of triangular silver dangles and lots of little silver bangles. I get a pair of sky blue dangly earrings. We all decide to get matching silver clutches to show that we are a group. Then we all go to the shoe store in the mall to get our shoes. I get just silver strappy stilettos about 3 inch heels. Ginny goes for some nude 4 inch heels.  Grace got some silver sparkly peep hole heels. And Anna gets a pair of smooth silver peep hole heels. I then get a text from Niall saying that they are ready to go and to meet them at the ice cream parlor. I text him back telling him that we will be there in a few minutes. We walk out of the store and see the lads standing at the ice cream place. “Hey babe what kind of ice cream do you want?” Niall says wrapping his arm around my waste. “One scoop of salted caramel in a cup please” I say to the guy behind the counter. “Coming right up babe” he says winking at me wow is it just me or is he flirting with me??? Yikes, awkward. He gives me my ice cream and then the rest of them order once everyone gets their ice cream we get into the car and drive home. As we are sitting in the backseat Niall tries to steal my ice cream but instead I raise the cup and kiss him. Then I lower my cup but before I can put it back in my lap Niall gasps “what is that???” Niall asks looking at the bottom of my cup. “I think that is a phone number probably from the guy who was hitting on me at the ice cream place.” I say laughing “Oh you noticed that too, I thought I was being paranoid.” Niall said “Ok I’m going to call him just to see what the heck he was thinking.” Niall says getting really protective, it suited him nicely. So while Niall dialed I sat there waiting to hear Niall start going off on the guy. “Um hello? Yes hi sir I’m Niall Horan. And I believe you were inappropriately flirting with my girlfriend so you need to watch yourself and back off. Yes thank you and I would appreciate if you don’t call this number again. Thank you and have a nice night.” Niall said in an icy cold tone to the person on the other side of the phone. “Thank you for doing that, and by the way your hot when you get mad” I say giving him a huge hug while he kisses me on my forehead and says “of course babe anything for you.”



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