The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


24. Dinner

“Hey babe we are going to dinner in about 2 hours and it is a formal place so where something nice.” I say to Niall walking into my bedroom, “Ok sounds good, who all is going?” he questions while sitting down on my bed. “Well my mom, dad, Lainy and Bella, my older brother Tanner will all be at dinner tonight but tomorrow night I think most of my family is coming over to see me and meet you .” I say while walking to my suitcase to see if I could find something to wear. “Is there anyone I need to be nervous about meeting” he asks hiding the nervousness in his voice with a light laugh “Well meeting the parents is over and I think they like you so you don’t have to worry about that, but to be honest my older brother is quite protective but you are so sweet, and such a gentleman that I doubt it will be an issue” I say tying to give him a reassuring smile. “Well thanks for the heads up” he says I walk over to him and give him a hug then we kiss before I run off to the bathroom to change. 45 minutes later I am dressed with my hair and makeup done. I hear two shrill shrieks and quickly run into my sister’s room to find them both freaking out by the fact that Niall had signed everything. I laugh and walk into their closet to find something for them to where. I pull out a white dress with red roses on it for Lainy and a solid blue dress or Bella. I get a sweater the same colors as the roses on Lainy’s dress and put it with her dress, I grab a white denim jacket and put it with Bella’s dress “put these on then meet me in my bathroom ok girls” I say walking out of the room and back to my bathroom. I plug in my curling iron and my hair straightener then I lay out my makeup and get ready to get my little sisters ready. After about an hour of hair makeup and gossip Lainy Bella and I walk down the stairs ready for dinner, Lainy with her hair curled and just some mascara and a light pink lip gloss, and Bella with her hair straightened with some mascara, bronze eye shadow and some lip-gloss, and lastly me with my hair hanging in lose wave and my eyes lined with a thin liner some mascara a smoky eye and a nude lip gloss. When I see Niall in the living room I can’t help but giggle, he looks at me and then starts laughing too, we were both wearing the clothes we wore on the date he gave me the promise ring how strange.  My family gives us a strange look and my mom asks “what is so funny” “nothing” we both say at the same time causing us to laugh harder.  My mom rolls her eyes and walks out of the room to go get my dad so that we can go. Apparently Tanner was meeting us at the restaurant then coming back to stay at mom and dads for a few days while I was here; after a few minutes we are all in the living room ready to go we talk until it is time to leave, we all get up and head to the front door Niall entwining his hand in mine, my mom sees and gives me a wink before opening the front door. “Well we won’t all fit in one car so I suppose we will have to split up” my mom says “Niall and I will go in his car then” I offer while walking towards the car my mom nods and gives us directions to the restaurant then she goes and gets into her car. Right before we are about to pull put Lainy comes running and gets in the back seat. I look at her a raise my eyebrows, she gives me a mischievous grin I roll my eyes and turn back to the front of the car. On the way to the restaurant Lainy asks every awkward uncomfortable question you can imagine. When we finally make it to the restaurant we all turn our phones off and Niall hops out of the car opening my door and helping me out before doing the same to Lainy. Lainy walks next to me and Niall stands on my other side I entwine our finger and reach up and give him a kiss in the cheek and telling him that he has nothing to worry about. We get to the front of the restaurant and I immediately go and give my brother a huge hug, he picks me up and spins me around before placing a light kiss on my cheek. “I missed you so much” I say to him when he lets me go, as protective as my older bro is he is still my best friend. By this time Niall and Lainy are beside me Lainy gives Tanner a hug before turning to Niall.

Niall smiles and sticks out his hand “Hi I’m Niall” he says turning into his confident sweet self “nice to meet you Niall I am Tanner” Tanner says to him in response. “Tanner Niall is my boyfriend” I say to Tanner “And Niall Tanner is my brother” I say to Niall. Then my parents and Bella show up and there is more hugging, we are all escorted inside to a nice table; Niall pulls out my chair and then sits in the one next to me. I cringe slightly when Tanner takes the seat directly across from Niall.

Niall’s P.O.V:

Oh my gosh I thought I had escaped the daunting task of meeting the family when I met her parents but meeting her older brother was 10 times scarier. We all sit down and look over the menu. After we all choose what to get and order I am hit with multiple questions. “So Niall you are in One Direction right?” Tanner asks me “Yeah” I say with a smile “what is it like being away from home for that long?” Lynn asks me “It is really tough being away from family and friends for that long, being with the lads helps a lot because we are all doing it together. I try to look at it in a positive way though. I am very fortunate to go the places go, see the things I see, and do the things I get to do. So I can’t really complain” I say hopping it was ok. “How interesting I can’t imagine life on the road like that!” she says with a light laugh lightening the mood considerably. We go on talking and eating and laughing. I think it is going well but it is hard to tell, we eventually get up and go back to the house. Once at the house we all go up to our rooms to get ready for bed. Then we all come back downstairs and sit in the living room. We sit and talk for a while sharing stories and memories, we all have a great time and it starts to get late. At this point Emery gets up and says she is going to bed She gives everyone a hug goodnight then comes over to me and gives me a hug and a peck on the cheek before heading upstairs, “I’m wiped to goodnight everyone” Tanner says following Emery upstairs. A few minutes later I yawn and get up and tell everyone goodnight before heading upstairs too. “So what did you think of Niall?” I hear emery ask someone in her room, “he seems like a gentleman I think I like him but what I think doesn’t matter, does he make you happy?” a voice asks it sounds like Tanner “Yes happier than I have ever been” Emery says to who I think is Tanner. “Well then I approve” ‘Tanner’ says I walk into the bathroom before he enters the hallway. When I walk into Emery’s bedroom she is beaming. “What?” I ask her confused “well Tanner likes you, you can breathe again” I sigh in relief hearing it from her is great. We both climb into her bed and I sit there stroking her hair and singing ‘Little Things’ in her ear as me both drift off to sleep.





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