The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


9. Beach, Boys, and Birthday's

Emery’s P.O.V:

“Morning beautiful” Niall says while giving me a kiss to wake me fully. “Hey handsome” I say smiling at him as I get up to take a shower. “Babe don’t take a shower because we are going to go to the beach today.” He shouted from the bedroom, “Ok babe, but I need to go get my clothes from my house.” I say as put my hair in a side braid. “No worries I am going to take you shopping and show you off a little before we go to the beach I plan for us and the rest of the group to spend a lot of time up here over the course of the next couple months so it might be a good idea to get you some clothes to keep at this house.” He says walking into the bathroom pulling on a shirt. “That sounds great!” I say smiling at the fact that he was proud to show me to the world. As we go shopping we hit a shop where I get some pajamas and undergarments. Then we go to a bathing suit store. I get three bikinis and a cover up and Niall got a new pair of swim trunks. As we walk out of the shop we are swarmed by paparazzi shouting questions. Niall quickly rushes into the car as we head to the next shop. At the next shop we get some formal clothes to wear out to dinner and things like that. As we leave this store we see some fans and Niall takes pictures and signs autographs. But what he does more than that is answer who I am. He is quite considerate he says the same thing over and over. “This is Emery she is my girlfriend we go to the same school and she is really sweet.” It’s fun to watch him interact with the fans he is so polite and funny. Eventually we get through the fans and go get me some casual outfits and some shoes a purse and some other things before we head back to the taxi.  I get changed when we get home and by then it is almost time for dinner. So we go and walk on the beach to a small little restaurant that served fresh seafood. It was a cute little place and very quiet. Once we finished dinner we walked a little bit farther down the coast. As the sun started to go down dip down into the sky we got some ice cream and started back towards the house. We got back to the private stretch of beach just as the sun starts to   break the horizon. We sit down on the back porch and watch as the sun falls lower in the sky. Finally as the last rays of sunlight reach across the sand Niall kisses me and carries me into the house where we are greeted by all of the boys, Anna Grace and Ginny, fun; time for some friend time. This will be interesting.  “Hey what’s up?” Harry says as we walk into the room. “Not much” I say as Niall and I sit down hand in hand. Grace gives me weird look then texts me telling me that she needs to hear what has been going on over the last two days. I agree and tell the boys that I am going to go out and sit on the porch Grace nudges Anna and Ginny and they all say they are coming too. I figure while we are outside the boys will be grilling Niall in what happened too.  “Well what happened I need to know everything!” Grace practically shouts as I casually sit down on one of the lounge chairs. “Well” I say taking a deep breath and I tell them everything that had happened. Not fully explaining some of the sweeter more romantic parts so they wouldn’t get all gooey and questioning. Grace freaked out having already been asked by Harry she had been going crazy trying figure out when and if Niall was going to ask me. Well now she would be out of my hair and I could just enjoy the long weekend. Anna and Ginny seemed really happy for me but they didn’t freak. But that is one of the differences in my friends that balances us all out Grace and Ginny are usually the really happy crazy ones and Anna and I are usually a little more calm but we all have the things that make us really excited. As we walk back inside I can hear Niall telling Harry what had happened I could tell he was annoyed because his voice was kind of tight, I figured this wasn’t the first time he had explained what happened. All of us walk into the room and I go sit with Niall on the love seat then Grace goes and sits next to Harry and Anna and Ginny go sit between Liam and Louis, Anna sitting closer to Liam and Ginny sitting closer to Louis.  Then there is Zayn who is upside down in the chair eating Doritos. You never know the state that you might find the boys in.  We all settle in and Zayn flips down off the chair and suggests we play a game. Then he runs upstairs and comes back with twister.  This is bound to be funny. I’m judging Liam announces clearly not wanting to get into this mess. “Well I think we should do four people at a time.” I say knowing that more than that and it becomes impossible to play. “Ok” they all agree. “We want to go first” Harry says gesturing to him and Grace. “And we would like to challenge you Hazza.” Niall says gesturing to him and me. This was going to be great. “Right hand red” Liam says in his ridiculous announcer voice. Niall reaches under me and stretches to red then because of our location gives me a quick kiss while Liam makes Harry stretch all around the board there is no way Harry can do this and to prove me right Harry falls making everyone else fall in a fit of laughs.  After a few more rounds of twister we all head off to bed. As I change in the bathroom I think about just how fun tonight had been. And as Niall climbs into the big bed next to me he strokes my hair and sings quietly into my ear as be both drift off to sleep. I love having the sound of Niall’s smooth velvety voice in my head as I fall asleep.  I feel like I just fell asleep when Niall comes in singing waking me up with a nice plate of breakfast. I smile and ask “What is this for” “You, happy birthday.” He says smiling. Wow it was my birthday it had completely snuck up on me the crazy thing was that it was my 18th too. How had I forgotten?  “April 25th right?” He asks now worried that he has the wrong date. “Yeah, thank you for this it’s amazing!” I exclaim. “Well then come on downstairs and you can open your presents.” He says grinning “Ok” I say walking down stairs in my pajamas, luckily everyone else was in their pajamas too. “Mine first mine first” Grace exclaims as she hands me her present.  I open it and smile as I see a cute ring and a scarf and a gift card to the mall. “Yay thanks so much Grace!” I say with a smile. “I knew you would love it!” She exclaims with a laugh. “Now mine” Ginny says reaching over to give me her present.  As I open it I see the shiny magazine cover and laugh because Ginny and I have always been up on celebrity gossip. She also got me a gift card to cold stone creamery. Then Anna tells me that we are getting a dog when we get back to our flat.  This is great because she knows that I have always wanted a dog. I smile and thank her before the boys give me there presents.          Louis got me a striped navy blue and white shirt because I always give him a hard time about his obsession with stripes. Zayn got me a painter to paint my favorite quote on my wall like I had been wanting for a while. The quote is “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” I smiled at him and thanked him, he was so deep. Harry got me a new purse and some bracelets because he knows my fashion Liam gets me a savings bond for college but that’s Liam always thinking of the sensible present. Then Niall brings me an envelope that he says everyone chipped in on. I open it and squeal. It is and all paid trip to Hawaii over the summer. “Oh my goodness this is amazing thank you all so much!” I say truly excited. “We leave a week after school gets out. Wow this was going to be great.  Niall then gives me his present. I open it and smile it’s a heart shaped locket with diamonds covering the outside.

The necklace looked like this:


 When I opened it I saw the picture of us together walking out of the London eye and him kissing me the picture the paparazzi took of us in our first date and on the other side was the engraving “I will love you today, tomorrow and always.” Wow that was by far the sweetest gift someone had ever given me. I thanked him and gave him a kiss before we all got up to go to the beach. We all hung out and messed around on the beach until lunch then we all went and got lunch then the girls and I went shopping while the boys went back home.  As we left yet another shop Grace suggested we go home which is strange for her because she is always ready for more shopping but all the girls agree so we all go home. When we get home I find the house in a strange state lights out oven on and strange huffing noises almost like breathing then all of a sudden the lights turn on and Niall has me in a hug then everyone jumps out and shouts surprise I look around and see some friends from school and some celebrities that I will thank the boys of One Direction for.  Everyone is dressed in beach house casual.  We party for a while then as people start to leave, we all settle down for a movie. I feel myself starting to drift off so Niall carry’s me into the bedroom. He then lies down next to me and strokes my hair and sings to me as I fall asleep. As I wake up I go into the bathroom and get a shower and then we all pack up and head back to London.

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