The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


10. A Night to Remember

As we approach my flat Niall tells me that he and Harry were going to take Grace and me shopping next weekend for prom dresses and a double date. “Wow Niall that is so sweet I would love to go let me tell Grace-“

“No need to do that babe Harry is telling Grace when they get to his place.”

“Ok then why don’t you come to my place for dinner and the boys can come over”

“Or I can take you out to dinner and we can then go to my house and watch You’ve Got Mail on Netflix. And if you bring some pajamas and school clothes you can spend the night and we will pick Anna up on the way to school.”

“Sounds great I’ll tell Anna that I might not be home tonight so she doesn’t worry then I will go get myself changed and ready to go and you sir can pick me up at 6:00.”

“Sound great” he says “Oh and wear something nice.”

I smile and get out of the car and unlock my front door I walk in and walk up stairs to get myself ready for dinner. My clock says that it is 4:15 so I should have enough time to get ready.  I walk into my closet and find the dress I was thinking of wearing. It’s a High low baby pink strapless dress with a laced top, a satin waist line and a long flowing bottom. It was perfect I matched it with some pink heels with a rose design on them and a nude heel then I pulled my rhinestone silver clutch out of my drawer then went to the bathroom to do my hair. I curl my hair then put on some mascara and some bronze eye shadow and some pale pink lipstick and head down stairs. I then make my way to the living room where I see Anna sitting on the couch. She then starts clapping sarcastically, “What” I ask completely confused. “Well you always claim to need me for fashion sense but it looks like you can handle yourself.” She says smiling.

My dress

My shoes

My clutch

Niall's Suit

*Knock Knock*

“Hey babe you look even more stunning then usual” Niall says with a smile.

“And you clean up quite nicely too.”  I say smiling at Niall he is all dressed up in a black suit with a black vest, a white shirt and a striped tie and a nice flower pinned to his jacket.

“Well let’s go our reservation is for 6:30 “Niall says helping me into then passenger seat of sleek black Lincoln Niall then walked around to the driver’s side and we left for the restaurant.  We then start talking about the little group we had formed we decided who needed to be hooked up with who and who was asking who to prom. I found out that Liam was planning to ask Anna and I couldn’t help but smile then he told me that Louis was going to take Lilly which I couldn’t believe because he and Ginny would be so cute together and Zayn was taking a girl named Tina who he had met a few days ago but he wasn’t really serious.  About 25 minutes later we pull up to the Claridge’s Hotel, only the fanciest most expensive Hotel in all of London. He walks me into the hotel and to the restaurant inside the, Gordon Ramsay. “The reservation is under the name Horan.” Niall says to the lady at the front of the restaurant. “Right this way” she says batting her eyes, and standing extremely close to Niall clearly flirting with him. Apparently Niall realized this too because he wrapped his arm around me and kissed me in the nose. That made her fume as she walked away from our table leaving us alone which I didn’t mind. Because of my18th birthday and I am now legally allowed to drink he gets us a bottle of wine for the table flashing his I.D and then me flashing mine to the waiter. Then Niall poured me a glass of the wine and him some. We then looked over the menu and decided what we were going to eat, and as if on cue the waiter comes back and we order. After we order we start talking about Megan and laughing about how ridiculous she is sometimes. She got suspended for yelling at a teacher that bumped into her making her spill her lunch. Watching it had been hilarious. We both continue laughing, then Niall got serious and looked me in the eye. He then took a deep breath and started talking. “Emery look, these last couple of months have been absolutely perfect. I have been happier in the last 7 months, 9 days and 3 hours and, he takes out his phone to check the time and 5 minutes then I have ever been. You bring out a side of me that I have never seen before I am so much happier than I ever imagined myself being and I don’t want to lose that feeling. I know we are only 18 so I would like to offer you this.” He pulls a box out of his coat pocket and opens it inside is a silver ring with a row of diamonds that lead into an infinite sign made of diamonds and the silver band, entwining together.  “It’s a promise ring. I would like to promise you that I will always love you and that I will always be yours and that I will never hurt you in any way. Will you accept this ring?” He asks looking deep into my blue eyes searching for an answer just like he did when he asked me out on our first date. “Of course I will.” I say smiling as he slides the ring on my finger I then I turn my head and he kisses me deeply. Then the dinner arrives and we eat and talk and laugh, everything was perfect.  After Niall pays we leave the restaurant and walk to his car.

the promise ring looked like this

Once we get to Niall’s flat I text Anna and tell her that I’m going to spend the night at Niall’s place and then I turn my phone off and get my pajamas on. When I walk out I am greeted by Niall sitting on the couch ready to start the movie. I smile and sit down next to him and the movie starts. I curl into his side and tuck my head into the crevice between his head and shoulder. It was like we were meant to be. I love this movie and Niall does too. I settle into his chest and watch the movie until my eyes begin to drop and I begin to doze off.  I wake up when Niall stretches and the end credits of the movie roll.  I smile up at him and go to put my pajamas on. Then I go into the bathroom to find Niall already in there brushing his teeth.  I walk in and grab my tooth brush and started brushing my teeth as Niall spat into the sink and went into the bedroom to get changed for bed. I walk in to see Niall in pajama pants while unsuccessfully trying to unbutton his shirt. I laugh and walk over to him and help him unbutton it. He laughs and lets me continue to unbutton his shirt. Once I get it off he thanks me and pulls me down into the bed. “I love you” I say while we cuddle. “I love you more.” He says smiling. “And I love you most!” I say as he kisses my forehead. I smile and move my head so he is kissing my lips we kiss deeply then he holds me close, strokes my hair and sings the song Little Things in my ear as we drift off to sleep.

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