The Call that Changed My Life

Hi, I am Emery Lee; I live an average life. I go to school in London, get good grades, have good friends and work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress. I am going to Uni next year in New York and plan study dramatic arts. This was who I was until the day I met a person that changed my life forever.


18. A Bump in the Road

We all walk out on the beach where our instructors are standing with all of our surf boards. “Hey I’m Kyle” The guy says “And I’m Tatiana” the girl says “Hi it’s nice to meet you” we all say shaking hands. “Well I’m going to be working with you four” Kyle says gesturing to me, Anna, Ginny, and Louis. “And I’m going to work with you four” Tatiana says gesturing to Niall, Harry, Liam and Grace. We all walk off with our teachers carrying our surfboards, “so the first thing you are going to do is paddle out to a wave…” Kyle says explaining the surfing process. “Well the first thing we are going to do now is work on the pop up. This is the motion you will use to prepare yourself to ride the wave. It should be one fluid motion in which you go from the laying position to a standing position with one foot in front of the other.” Kyle says demonstrating the pop up, Anna and Ginny do it without a problem and Louis does it after a few tries I get it on the first try but then when Kyle gets to me I do it again but I fall backward he catches me and turns me around staring into my eyes. This feels wrong nut for some reason I stay in this moment just a minute to long.

Niall’s P.O.V:

What was that I just glance over and see Emery looking into this guy’s eyes and he has his arms around her waist and why didn’t she pull away? Is there something that I missed? Does she not have the same feelings that I have for her? This was all wrong, “Niall are you ok?” Tatiana asks sounding worried “Yeah I guess” I say not wanting to talk about it. “Ok well here’s my number if you want to talk.” She gives me a piece of paper and I put it in the pocket of my bathing suit. As we surf I see Emery with Kyle and he is holding her waist helping her balance in her board she is laughing and he looks extremely happy with himself. This makes my blood boil but I try to keep my cool that is until he brushes is hand over her bum. That is when I get extremely mad I storm into the water determined to catch an amazing wave to show him that he is no match for me. Unfortunately I get one then fall and go under, Tatiana helps me up and I give her a small friendly hug in thanks. Emery looks over at just that moment and gives me a look of shock then hurt. This gets me even angrier, she has the nerve to get upset with me when she is the one that started flirting with Kyle. After the lesson finishes we all meet back up behind the house. “Bye guys thanks” We all say “Bye Emery” Kyle says giving her a squeeze at this I almost totally loose it. I storm inside the house before she can see the tears that are now rolling down my face.

Emery P.O.V:

“Get off of me Kyle!” I shout as I rush into the house after Niall. Kyle has been shamelessly flirting with me since I got to the beach this morning and I am tired of it. But a large part of me tells me not to follow him because he was hugging Tatiana although a small part of me says to trust Niall. I decide to let Niall sort out his feelings on his own; I enter my own room and plop down on my bed and cry. I cry and I cry until all of my tears are gone and then I just sit there until I fall asleep.

Liam’s P.O.V:

Oh my goodness this was a mess Niall had been an idiot to hug Tatiana in front of Emery even though she had looked like she was flirting with Kyle. And the fact that both of them ran into the house could not be good. I look and see that Anna has a worried look on her face too. I wave her over to the corner of the porch and start talking “You take Emery I will take Niall?” I ask she nods and runs inside. I follow after her and we both go into our own rooms to talk to our friends and try to salvage the perfect relationship. I knock on the door lightly and walk into the room to see Niall lying face down on his bed “Hey Nialler are you ok?” I ask as I sit down on the edge of his bed. “I don’t know Liam” He says sounding absolutely miserable.

“Well how about you tell me what happened” I say, he sits up and begins his side of the story.

“It started when I looked over and saw Emery and Kyle locked in each other’s eyes then a little later he had his arms around her waist when she was on a board and it ticked me off. So to try and ignore I go and try to catch a wave, I fall Tatiana comes and helps me up I hug her in thanks and I guess because I was jealous I see Emery looking at us and I felt kind of bad but I shook it off.  Then when Kyle gave her a hug good bye I lost it. I felt jealous and betrayed and unimportant to her. So I come inside before I pound Kyle’s face in and before Emery can see me cry.” He finishes wiping away the tears that had fallen while he was speaking and takes a shaky breath.

“That makes a lot of sense it was a normal reaction.” I say while putting my arm on his back

“Your right I need to work this out with Emery” Niall says jumping up and running out of the room.

I smile at my job well done.

Anna’s P.O.V:

I took a deep breath and entered the warzone. I saw Emery curled up in a ball sleeping, her eyes puffy and red from crying. I sat down next to her and slowly rubbed her back until she woke up. She looked at me confused for a minute then remembered the most recent events and started crying again. I wrapped my arms around her and swayed back and forth for a few minutes to help her calm down. When she had stopped crying she looked up and I said “You really don’ have to do this but if you are willing to please tell me what happened so I can understand what is going on.”

“Well Kyle started flirting with me to no end. I was trying to ignore it but he was being really annoying. So he had been staring into my eyes and I left my gaze on his too long, but I wasn’t trying to be flirtatious or anything just being kind then I was on my board and he grabbed my waist. When I told him to stop he told me that he didn’t want me to fall. I shook it off and then I looked over and saw Niall hugging Tatiana. This made me extremely mad but I figured we were even.  So I shook it off then when we were all saying good bye Kyle just threw himself on me I pushed him off of me but now before Niall ran out.”

“That makes a tone of sense and I understand completely but-“

“Oh my gosh Anna I really screwed up my relationship I need to go talk to Niall!” She exclaims cutting me off. I smile, mission accomplished!

Niall’s P.O.V:

As Liam was talking to me and I was explaining what had happened I realized how stupid I had been not trusting Emery and I realized how much I had screwed up. As soon as possible I ran out of my room to talk to Emery. I start running down to her room and she literally runs into me going towards my room. “Listen I screwed up and I need to talk to you” I say urgently before she is able to leave. She says “Me too” “do you want to go down to the beach and talk?” I ask nervously. “Most definitely she says giving me her dazzling smile. I grab her hand and we walk outside and onto the beach, as we walked out onto the sand the sun was already starting to sink. We sat down on the sand and started talking. I told her what I had told Liam and she listened intently nodding occasionally and starting to tear up. I got to the part of me hugging Tatiana and my voice cracked I cleared my throat and tried again I was so ashamed of myself. When I had finished I leaned over and wiped a tear off of Emery’s face with my thumb. She then proceeded to tell me her side of the story, as she talks I feel my eyes start to well and at the conclusion of her explanation she reaches over and wipes away the tears that had fallen down my face. “I am so sorry babe I was stupid for not trusting you and I don’t want something like a rude teacher and a stupid boyfriend to get in the way of the spark that we have” I say staring into her eyes “Me either what we have is special and I can’t imagine life without you.” She says back before either of us can say anything I crash my lips into hers as the sun falls from the sky. We kiss for a moment both of us enjoying being with each other. I guess what had happened today had rattled her just as much as it did to me. Once we pulled away we just sat together with my arm around her waist and her head on my shoulder. We sat there just enjoying each other’s company. We get up hours later with the sky black nut some of the lights still on in the house. We creep in quietly to find Grace and Harry asleep on the couch, I grab a blanket and put it over them as Emery and I head up stairs. When we walk into Emery’s room we find Liam and Anna in the room with the credits to Toy Story rolling. I chuckled and led her out of the room. “Just come sleep with me tonight babe” I say to her in the hall way. “Ok babe let me go get some P.J’s and I will be right over” she says pecking me on the cheek. With that she runs back into her room and I go into mine. I quickly jump into the shower and start singing the sing More Than this while I wash my hair. Once my hair is washed I just stand there and let the warm water wash away all my thoughts

Emery’s P.O.V:

As I walk into my room I can’t help but smile at how well everything had gotten worked out, I grabbed my clothes and jumped in the shower, I washed my hair and cleaned myself before getting out brushing my teeth and washing my face , then I get in my P.J’s and go over to Niall’s. I hear the shower running so I let myself in and climb into Niall’s bed, I curl up in the blankets and wait for Niall to come out. He comes out about 5 minutes later in a pair of sweats. He smiles as ha lies down next to me, I smile as his warm arms wrap around my torso and I turn to face him. “Thank you for everything you have done for me” I say as we look at each other “Thank you for letting me love you” he says to me with a sincere smile in his face. “I love you” I say as I stare into his crystal blue eyes, the same eyes that I fell for the day I laid my eyes on him “I love you too” he says I smile as he strokes my back and I fall asleep to him singing Little Things in my ear.

Niall P.O.V:

I smile watching Emery drift off to sleep. I smile at my beautiful girlfriend sleeping peacefully beside me and I can not imagine a place that I would rather be.

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