The Fall of Achievement Hunter

A Fan Fiction about the break of of the AH crew and how the lives of them develop after their five year mark


1. Rage Quit

Rage Quit


“Lets Stop” says Geoff



Everyone starts to stop their recording software and stretch while Jack retrieves the




“I love GTA, but we really gotta take a brake from these, we’ve been recording these Lets Plays for the past 2 days, I need to get back to editing! Lindsey gets mad when I have to spend all night doing work” Michael complains to Geoff who is staring at his plan.


“Look, we have Biker Bats and one more Co-Op mission to record then we are done with Grand Theft Auto until September, its out second biggest show behind Minecraft, if you want paid for your week off, you better suck it up Michael Jones, or you and Lindsey can kiss that week in New Jersey goodbye!”


Michael walks up to Geoff staring right at him in anger.

“You know what Geoff, I may act nice to you on camera, but honestly, I hate you Geoffrey. You over work us! When I go home after work I should be able to do what I want, play games, go out for dinner with my fiancé or even just have a nap. I should not have to edit your stinking lets plays! I’m already sticking my neck out for you with my full plays, but I’m doin it no more, I quit.”

Michael turns and walks out the door, when he goes to close it behind him, Jack sticks his foot in the door.


“Michael you don’t do shit in this company compared to some of us in Rooster Teeth, you act all tough on camera and in Rage Quit but we all know that you are a little pussy with a bitch of a girlfriend”


Michael pushes jack and again tries to close the door, before he can Jack reaches and grabs Michael’s collar and pulls him into the office, they both fight to try and gain control but Jack clearly has the weight and height over Michael. Ryan, Gavin and Ray try to pull the two apart but only succeed when Kerry and Miles run in after seeing the fight begin.

Michael breaks free from the restraint of Gavin and Ray and walks out the office door and heads for the exit. Jack follows and grabs Michael throwing him at the wall breaking the framed Achievement hunter poster in the process.


The noise has caused many of the Rooster Teeth staff to head out into the main hall to find out what is going on, Lindsey sees Michael bleeding from the glass on the floor and runs to him. Michael stumbles to his feet and heads to the exit clutching his hand which is covered in blood.

Jack currently being restrained by many of the AH team is now released now that Michael has left.

He looks up to see Matt staring at him who now yells “OUT!”

Jack grunts, then stomps out the door slamming it as he goes.

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