friends, love and heartbreak

kyra and Tahlia are best friends, they love one direction and meet them at a meet and greet, it was love at first sight for kyra and louis, and tahlia and niall what happens when harry styles gives louis a choice between him and kyra, it will heartbraking for the three and what happens when tahlia and niall get court in the middle. it will be heartbraking for the friends.


1. The first sighting


The day was finally here we waited nearly a year for this concert and it was finally here My best friend tahlia and I were going to one directions concert! I am so freakin excited, we were getting ready, I was wearing my galaxy tights and my one direction summer love tank tee and my gladitor shoes, I put my hair in a messy bun and put foundation and mascara on, tahlia was wearing Aztec print tights a fresh tops me+wifi shirt, and her surpas shoes she had her hair in a fish tail braid, she put fondation on and mascara we were ready to go, "kyra can we go already," tahlia was really impatient but so was I.

an hour later...

We finally got to the concert I am so excited we walked in to the venue and we were three rows from the front, the boys came on stage and me and tahlia started to scream, then they started to sing they don't know about us, and idk if it was just me but louis and niall kept looking at me and tahlia, I felt a little spark inside light up, 



as soon as we got on stage I saw her she was beautiful and niall fancied the girl sitting next to her, we had to know there names, so after the concert we have to get Paul to get them and bring them back stage, I think I might be falling for a girl I haven't even met.

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