friends, love and heartbreak

kyra and Tahlia are best friends, they love one direction and meet them at a meet and greet, it was love at first sight for kyra and louis, and tahlia and niall what happens when harry styles gives louis a choice between him and kyra, it will heartbraking for the three and what happens when tahlia and niall get court in the middle. it will be heartbraking for the friends.


2. Meeting the boys,


After the concert Paul came and got tahlia and I, we thought we were in trouble but he led us to the boys dressing room, I nearly fainted, "I-your-er mi god," I couldn't speak, "kyra I'm gonna buy buy you a farm to calm it ok," I nodded "so your name is kyra? A beautiful name to match a gorgeous face," ermigosh louis just spoke to me! "Uh thanks but no,I'm not gorgeous, I'm not even pretty," I felt everyone look at me, my face started to go bright red, "tahlia can we just go?" She looked at me blankly "tahlia, that is the prettiest name and face I have ever seen," niall was doing the speaking now, "no actually you stay call me when you wanna be picked up Kay," I practically ran out of there dressing room, "kyra hold up, hold up, CAN YOU WAIT," I turned around and Lou was standing there "don't walk away, please," I didn't know what to say, I turned around but he grabbed my arm and kissed me, "I know we only just met, but I wanna spend every day with you, ok?" I just nodded and kissed him back, I couldn't believe it, I was so happy, I was finally happy.


hey beautiful people! So if anyone wants to direct message me you can kik me @ kyzastan24 or you can snapchat me kyra_tomlinson or follow e on twitter @_kyrajade you guys are my rocks thanks for being amazayn I wuv u all too much xxxxxx talk soon xo ~kyra 

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