I Will Find You *A Tobuscus Fanfic*

24 year old Paige Runnals went missing over a year ago. Everyone has tried everything to find her, but they never could. Her room mates, Toby and Wes, fight tooth and nail to do whatever it takes to find her. Will they ever find her? Will anyone ever see her again?


2. Chapter two (Prologue part two)


"HOLY CRAP!" I heard the boys screaming in Toby's work room. I giggled. I walked to the room and saw Toby at the computer desk with the Oculus strapped on. He screamed again and shut down the game.

"Wow.. Audience.. um, that was something. Um, bless your face. And if you sneezed during this video, bless you. Peace off. BOOP!" Toby said as he turned off the camera. Wes looked up at me. "Awesome, huh?" I rolled my eyes. "I told you guys last week it'd be too scary.." I looked at Toby. He was laughing. "But Paige! It's super fun!" He held the console towards me. "C'mon! Try it!"

"Toby n--" I was cut off by both of them.

"DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" They were both chanting with the biggest smiles on their faces.

"No, guys. I really don't want to." I said. I gave them the puppy dog face. Wes sighed. "Fine." I smiled. "Toby, hand me it." He said as he took off is glasses. I always thought he looked completely different without them on. But I still knew it was my best friend. It was actually really weird how we met.

We were both at Vid Con in 2008. I was looking around for some youtubers while texting a friend. We bumped into each other accidentally. 'Oh, I'm sorry." I said and reached for his camera that was on the ground. I looked up at him and we both smiled. He took out his hand. I shook it. "My names Wes." He said, still smiling. "Paige." "Want to look around together?" He asked. I nodded and started to walk beside him--- Later on we found Toby. I didn't know who he was, and neither did Wes.

Later on we found out he just started is account about a month before vid con and wanted to meet all his inspirations.


And that's pretty much how we all met.


I smiled at the memory. I heard a girly scream. I looked towards the computer and saw Wes screaming and Toby laughing. I laughed as well while I walked out the door.

I went into the living room and turned on the TV. I scrolled through a bunch of movies until I stopped on the Hunger Games. I already watched it but I really enjoyed it. I pressed the Rent button and it started playing almost automatically.


About half an hour into the movie I heard them walk into the room. They both ran to the couch and jumped on, making me bounce. They both sat on either side of me. "Sweet! Hunger Games!" Wes smiled. I grabbed the couch pillow I had on my lap and hit him with it. "Shut up! I'm watching it!" I giggled and placed the pillow back on my lap.


Around half way through the movie I got really tired and laid down. I put my legs on Wes and my head on Toby's lap. He started twirling my hair around his fingers. I didn't really pay attention to it.

Within ten minutes I fell asleep. But before I did I heard the two boys whispering to each other.

"Dude, She likes you."

" I don't know, Wes..."

"Toby! It's obvious! And it's obvious you like her too.."

"Let's just hope so..."




A/N: so how do you guys like it so far?! Ah! I can't wait to do next chapter! Its going to be so intense!! I might cry ;_;

Love you guys!

Peace off *BOOP* Xx

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