I Will Find You *A Tobuscus Fanfic*

24 year old Paige Runnals went missing over a year ago. Everyone has tried everything to find her, but they never could. Her room mates, Toby and Wes, fight tooth and nail to do whatever it takes to find her. Will they ever find her? Will anyone ever see her again?


1. Chapter one (Prologue part one)

Paige's P.O.V

I woke up to the smell of Bacon and eggs. I sniffed and smiled. It smelt amazing. I quickly tossed my sheets and hopped out of bed. I grabbed a pair of shorts and put them on, since I was only in my underwear and a tank top. I walked slowly out of my room, to try and not wake up anyone that was still sleeping. I passed by Wes' room, but didn't see him. Was he the one cooking?

I walked down a little father through the hall and reached Toby's room. Again, only seeing a made bed. I stopped tip-toeing and walked to the kitchen. The smell was even stronger in there. I peeked my head out the door and saw Toby cooking. I smiled faintly. I walked in and towards him. Once I got there I wrapped my arms around his waist from behind. He saw him smile almost instantly. He took his arm off the pan and wrapped it around me. "Morning." I said into his side. "Morning." He said to me while rubbing my back. He took his arm off of me and placed it back on the pan handle. He flipped a pancake and put it on a plate. I moved my arms away from him and grabbed two plates for Toby and myself. I grabbed a pancake and some bacon. I sat at the island and started eating. He grabbed his plate and did the same.


"Where's Wes?" I ask, with a bit of food in my mouth. Before he could answer the front door flew open. "Toby! I got the games!" I heard Wes call out. We both giggled. "There's your answer." He said while pointing to the door. I turned around and saw Wes jogging towards the counter. He had a small bag in his hands. He took out a box and a few cases. I looked at the box. "Another game console?" I asked, looking back and forth to both Guys. Toby shrugged. Wes came closer to me holding the box in his hands. "You don't understand, Paige." He began speaking. "This here, is the Oculus Rift. This is the most amazing console ever."

"That's what you said about every other game console you get." I said, smirking. I heard Toby laugh faintly.

"Yeah but I mean it this time. It's so cool! It feels as if you're in the game!" He opened the box and showed me it. I looked down. "That's it?" I asked.

"Um, yeah?" Wes looked at me weird. "It's so small." I laughed and reached for it. I held it in my hands. 

"Well yeah, Paige. What did you expect? The box is small." He said, taking it back. I looked at him. I knew he was hoping I wouldn't ask this next question.

"How much did this cost?" I asked, looking at both boys. Toby grabbed his plate and quickly walked to the sink. I turned to face Wes. "Well?" I asked.

"Three hundre--"

"Wes!" I was a bit annoyed with them now. "Hey! Before you say anthing, just think!" He said, trying to calm me down. I put my arms on my hips and sunk my body down. "Yeah." Toby walked up behind me. "Just imagine you playing with it. It's like you're IN the game. And then I could put it on YouTube.. C'mon, it'll be fun." I turned around and saw him smiling. He knew that it got me every time. I sighed loudly. "Fine. But I still think you guys get too many games." I said before walking back to my room. I heard them slightly laughing and a high-five.


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