In most One Direction Fan Fictions, one of the members and the main character almost instantly click. However, Katie Tomlinson, Louis's younger sister, and Harry Styles do not Click at all. In fact, Katie thinks that Harry is a bit annoying and too cheeky.

Will they find middle grounds or..... will Katie fall for another?


7. You Choose

Previously on Click:

Before, they ran off to go find Harry, I say something I would in the near future deeply regret. "You're not going to get his number."

"Why is that?" Said the large nosed one, turning to look at me.

"Because," I say staring directly at her eyes, "He has a girlfriend."

Now on Click:

"Who would be his girlfriend?" The long-nosed girl said, unconvinced.

This is where I began to deeply regret my decision to say that lie. "Uh, ummm..."

"Ha! I knew it! You just don't want me to date him!" She turns to the blonde girl and says, "I betcha that she has a major crush on Harry, but knows that he will NEVER date her."

Suddenly offended say snap back, "Whatever! I could get Harry Styles to go on a date with me instantly!"

A smirk grew on the large-nosed girl's face. She turns to the blonde girl and they both begin to whisper, while I on the other hand began to become seriously angry. After a little bit they both nod to each-other and turn to me. The large-nosed girl turns to me and says,

"Alright, it is a bet. If you get Harry to willingly makeout with you, then I will not try to go after Harry. However, if it becomes past midnight, and you still can't get Harry to makeout with you, then you have to get me his phone number." She states.

"Alright," I say, my pride taking over. "But, if I do fail, which will not happen. How do you expect me to get Harry's number?"

"We're not stupid," She says while turning away, "We both know that you're Louis Tomlinson's little sister."


After realizing that the lazer-tag studio is not open until midnight, the two girls and I decided that the bet will take place at a local club, since it is Saturday night. While I was unwillingly talking to the two girls I learned that the large-nosed girl's name is Gwen, and that the blonde girl's name is Christy.

After a lot of pleads and promises (mostly towards Louis), I eventually convinced everybody that it would be a good idea to go to the club.

When we entered the club, I being too young to drink, convinced Louis to come with me to the dance floor. I needed to talk to him to figure out the quickest way to seduce Harry and win the bet.

As we danced I told him about the bet and asked him what I should do.

"Well, first off, this sounds like almost the exact same thing that Harry is doing to you." He says, "You weren't very happy about it, do you honestly think that he will be very happy about it?"

It suddenly hit me what I was really doing to Harry. I am basically trying to do the same thing that he was trying to do to me yesterday, which is to make-out with each other. I felt like such a hypocrite.

But I also never want to see Harry near Gwen, much less dating her.

I was in a predicament and was thinking about one question only...

What do I do?



Now it is your turn to decide what Katie should do:

Should she

Do the dare and potentially have Harry find out?


Don't do the dare and potentially watch Harry date Gwen?

I am prepared for either decision!

I need YOU (yes, you) to comment below your decision!

Hurry because I will be making my decision quick!


Thank you!



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