In most One Direction Fan Fictions, one of the members and the main character almost instantly click. However, Katie Tomlinson, Louis's younger sister, and Harry Styles do not Click at all. In fact, Katie thinks that Harry is a bit annoying and too cheeky.

Will they find middle grounds or..... will Katie fall for another?


1. Seeing Louis

I smiled as I walked out of my flat, listening to my brother Louis tell me all about his plans for when I come to visit in two days.

"Were going to go dancing, exploring, river rafting, have a soccer tournament between me, you and the boys- oh and your going to meet the boys and-"

"Louis!" I said "Everything sounds great but I have to go, I'm about to drive to the audition."

"Okay Katie!" said Louis "Love you tons! See you soon!"

"Bye Lou, love you too!"

I pressed the red "end" button on my iPhone and slipped it into my purse, I then hopped into my car while fantasizing about my two weeks with Lou and the rest of One Direction. As I drove to my audition, I thought about how fun it will be to finally meet Louis's fellow band members. I kind of knew who they were but it was always a surprise when crazy fan girls ran up to me screaming "OH MY GOSH!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! YOUR LOUIS TOMLINSON'S SISTER!!!!!!! Can I have your autograph and a picture- OH and WHERE IS LOUIS???" While I am just standing there thinking "What?"

As One Direction has gotten more and more famous, the crazy fan-girl thing has happened to me more and more often. I have actually gotten pretty used to it and I sometimes chat with the fans about Lou and One Direction.

Anyways, I am Louis's younger sister by 3 years and I look like a girl version of him, I am even his exact height. Me and Lou Bear are pretty close as far a brothers and sisters go, and we always try to see each other at least once every two months. I haven't seen for six months though, so that's why I am coming down to see him for two weeks.

Louis has told me all about the other members and from the pictures he sent me, I think Niall is the cutest.

All of the boys seem really awesome from what Lou has told me, so I am really excited to finally meet them and get to know them.

As I rolled into the audition building I thought about my goal to become a world famous actress.

Louis and I have always loved acting and when we were little we had both agreed to become actors, but that was before Louis started to love singing.

I, however, still love acting and I am working to become an actress.

That is why I am auditioning for a movie!

I shake the nervousness out of my body as I walk and sit down in the waiting room with a couple other people already in the room.

I start mentally giving myself a prep talk about how I have been in plenty commercials and reminding myself that I have all of my potential lines memorized down to the periods.

I am just about to start mentally reciting my lines when I hear my name being called.

"Katie Tomlinson." Says a woman while opening the door.

I get up and give her a nervous smile while walking into the audition room.

"Don't mess this up Tomlinson." I mumble to myself as I sit down for my audition.


I am on a plane heading to New York to meet Louis while he is on tour.

It's been two days since the audition and I am really happy with my audition. I think that I really do have a chance to get that role.

But, I haven't really worried about that lately since I have been packing to see Lou and the rest of One Direction.

When the plane lands I grab my carry-on bag and practically run out of the plane, being so excited to finally see Louis.

When I finally get out of the plane I immediately see Lou and the rest of One Direction because their is a pack of security guards near them and I can hear the fan-girls screaming outside.

"KATIE!" Yells my older brother as he gives me a huge bear hug, while give one back. "I'm so glad that you made it!!!"

I burst into a wide smile and I say "Me too, Lou! I am so excited for these next two weeks!"

"You better be, Katie!" Says Louis in his smooth British accent "It's going to be a non-stop party with me and the boys!"

"Sounds amazing Lou!" I say while Louis and I walk out of the airport, catching up on each others lives while we drive to the hotel. 

A/N: Don't worry, in the next chapter Katie will meet the boys! Comment and tell me how the Movella is so far! Thanks!  (Tatertotskill)





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