Beside You

Teenager Angela Jackson also known as Angie, has had a really rough life. After the death of her beloved mother, Angie's dad becomes and alcoholic so Angie and her brother Conner run off to the UK to get away. Angie has major confidence issues and never thinks shes good enough until Angie meets Harry and a blonde headed Irish boy who will change her prospective of everything.


14. Together

When I got home I took a little nap. Little as in till 7pm. I woke up and Harry had made me a nice dinner. It was the dinner we ate when he first took me out on a date He sat me down and we ate. He then told me to get dressed and I put on a beanie a sweater and straightened my hair. I walked downstairs and Harry took me downtown. All the Christmas lights were hung up and we walked downtown together. He stopped me and smiled. 'I do love you you know,' he said his green eyes sparkling. ' Love you too' He grabbed my waist and we kiss passionately. We continued to walk and talk for a couple more hours. Conner got released out of the hospital a couple days later and he has never been better. Niall has moved on to someone who won't cheat on him. At this moment I have never been happier. He has made me the happiest girl in the world. A/N: This was my first movella and I wanted to finish it because I felt like I can do better. That is why the story was kind of rushed. I will start on a new movella this one was just to kinda get the feel into writing. Thanks so much for reading this story and for all the positive feedback. I love you guys.
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