Beside You

Teenager Angela Jackson also known as Angie, has had a really rough life. After the death of her beloved mother, Angie's dad becomes and alcoholic so Angie and her brother Conner run off to the UK to get away. Angie has major confidence issues and never thinks shes good enough until Angie meets Harry and a blonde headed Irish boy who will change her prospective of everything.


5. Apologies

I woke up to a loud banging on my door. I rose slowly in my bed and rubbed my eyes. Who the heck was knocking at my door this early in the morning. Again I heard the knocking. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs.I looked through the little hole in the door. Conner. I opened the door quickly because I noticed it was snowing pretty hard outside. "Conner. I thought you came home last night?" "No. I thought I'd take some time to meet some new people. Oh and Harry is here to see you." I really did not want to see him at the moment from what had happened last night. He walked inside our house with his cheeky grin smeared on his face. "I want to talk Angie.." I took his hand and led him to my room. I shut the door behind us and started yelling to my hearts desire. "I can't believe you sat there and watched that all happen! You didn't say a thing to those girls! Do you not realize how embarr-" I was cut short by Harry's lips against mine. He slammed me up against the wall and I wasn't sure if I should like this or not. He pulled away and my face was stuck in shock. "I'm sorry." He said and sat down on my bed. I sat down right next to him. "What was that for?" "Ever since I laid eyes on you on that airplane, I wanted you to be mine.. I don't care about other girls. You're the one that I want and I'm truly sorry for what those girls did to you." I started blushing. I didn't know what to say.

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