What is life?

All feedback appreciated!


1. Questions

What is life when you don't know which path to take? When you don't the difference between the wrong or right direction? When you can't make out whether it is love, or lust?


Life is full of life, full of living, full of hope! Full of unanswered questions, full of drama and full of love, but every positive always seems to find a negative! Life, is also full of hate, disappointment and pain.


Why does every pro seem to have a con? And why does every con seem to have a pro?


Do you ever just find yourself, lying there for hours and asking yourself a million questions.. Knowing that you are the only person to remotely find a half decent answer to them?


Do you find that one lovely kind and gentle person but then get scared and fuck it up?


I bet you have.


I bet you have all asked yourselves these questions!


Or is it just me? 


What is the point of living if we are just going to die anyway?


If you ask yourself why, you will find the answer.

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