Hold On...

Jenna and Ed are best friends, Jenna is bullied everyday by Niall,Liam,Harry,Louis, and zayn. She doesn't let them get to her and avoids th. what happens when they do? Will she bend it?


2. The weekend

Author's note: thanks guys for reading the first chapter hope you enjoy this update lovelies <3   Ashley's POV   i woke up in my bed im guessing ed brought me up here when i fell asleep so i got out of my bed and walked downstairs and i saw ed in the kitchen fixing him some bacon,   "morning ash" he said as he flashed me a quik smile   "morning ed" i said as i yawned a little and streched   "so how'd you sleep?" he asked me and continued fixing his food   "good you?" i ask him with a slight smile on my face   "good are you hungry ash?" he asked me and i nodded then he finished fixing the food and we both sat on the couch   i ate all of my food and so did ed as we watched a few cartoons, as soon as i finished my food i put my plate in the sink then went back to the living room and sat with ed,   "how was the food ash?" he asked me curiously   "it was fantastic ed" i said with a huge smile on my face   he nodded and he finished his food in silence then put the plate into the sink and then sat back down next to me on the couch,   "what do you want to do today?" he asked me   "we could go to the mall" i said with a slight smile   "that'd be cool" he said with a little chuckle   "im going to go change" i said and he nodded, then i walked to my room and picked out a simple red shirt and skinny jeans, then i walked in the bathroom and took a shower it felt so refreshing, i washed my hair and when i was done i got out and dried myself off, then put on my outfit i picked out and then walked back the couch then slipped on so flipflops.   "im ready" i said with a grin   "ok lets go" he said as he put his shoes on we got a cab and it took us to the mall and we walked into the mall we went into a shoe store and we both bought two pairs of shoes then we went into dillards and we both tried on a bunch of clothes and we each bought four shirts and four pairs of pants to match soon we left the mall and got some lunch, then went home and we both sat on the couch and watched movies till we both fell asleep.   Ed's POV   i woke up and saw ashley laying on my lap i tried to move her without waking her but she woke up and looked up at me and smiled   "morning ed" she said in a sleepy voice   "morning sorry i woke you ash" i apoligized to her   "its ok you didn't mean to" she said with a smile   "ok just wanted to make sure" i said as i hugged her   "im going to get a drink" she said and i nodded as she got her drink and sat back down next to me   "what do you want to do today?" i ask her with a smile   "i dont care we could just stay home" she said   "that's a good idea" i said with a slight smile as i turn the TV on and we both laugh at the cartoons that were watching, i barely could breath cause i was laughing so hard, when we got tired of watching cartoons we put in a funny movie and watched it, when it was over i had to go home,   "i gotta go home ash" i said sadly   "bye see you tomorrow ed" she said and waved bye   i walked home and went to my room and automatically fell asleep it seemed i couldnt wait till tomorrow.   Author's Note: hope you enjoyed!! remember to comment and vote bye lovelies <3!!
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