Hold On...

Jenna and Ed are best friends, Jenna is bullied everyday by Niall,Liam,Harry,Louis, and zayn. She doesn't let them get to her and avoids th. what happens when they do? Will she bend it?


3. Is he really nice?

Author's note: hey guys thanks for reading my fanfic please message me and tell me if i should update and how it is so fare, enjoy this chapter       Ashley's POV   i woke up and realized it was monday. ugh why cant i just stay home today but i just got up and got dressed in a pink tank with peace writen all over it with some black shorts and white vans. i walked to the kitchen and made me some bacon and eggs with orange juice, i slowly walked out the door and locked it then i walked to school and suprisenly i didnt run into any of the boys. when i arrived to school i didnt see ed and i saw zayn the quite boy of the group so i decided to talk to him so i walked up to him.   "hey zayn...' i said not knowing what his response would be   "oh hey why you over here?" he said looking at me confused   "i thought i'd be nice and see if you wanted to hang out cause your annoying friends aren't here" i said in a little angered tone   "oh i didn't know and im sorry about them i only hang with them to be cool" he said and he looked down   "well they aren't cool just so you know but i can tell you don't want me with you"i said as i turned to walk away but he grabed my shoulder   "don't go im sorry but i would love to hang out with you and ed today" he said with a huge smile   "ok and theres ed now" i said as i motioned ed to us"   Ed's POV   i arrived at school later than usual and i saw ashley with zayn but she motioned my towards them and  so i walked over to her.why was she with him, why was he so nice to her?   "what are you doing with him?" i said really mad   "he's nice ed we are cool he's gonna hang out with us today" she said smiling   "ok ash i trust your judgment" i said putting a fake smile on my face   she nodded and hugged me but there was something about zayn that didn't seem right i knew in my heart that zayn was going to hurt her and i was diturmined to not let that happen.o im going to keep an eye on that dude and one wrong move and its bye bye zayn.   Ashley's POV   i walked with ed and zayn to our first class and i could tell ed wasn't happy that i had made friends with zayn but it was my choice and he doesn't control my choices. i don't want to seem mean but i know ed is a judgmental guy when he knows zayn will hurt me but he wont ed dont worry or will he?? is this all a joke or prank??   WAS HE REALLY NICE????   Author's note: sorry for the short chapter ill be updating asap give feedback!! bye lovelies <3!!!!
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