Hold On...

Jenna and Ed are best friends, Jenna is bullied everyday by Niall,Liam,Harry,Louis, and zayn. She doesn't let them get to her and avoids th. what happens when they do? Will she bend it?


1. School and hanging with friends

Authors note: this is a original story i wrote with one direction and ed sheran in it this story is not true! enjoy!!!!!   Ashley's POV   i heard my alarm go off and i hit the snooze, i didn't want to go to school and see them... but i had to or i wouldn't graduate high school so i slowly got dressed into a pink t-shirt that said peace on it and some blue skinny jeans with black converse. I walked up to the kitchen and made breakfast which wasnt much just some bacon and toast with some milk after i was done i walked out the door and locked it then started to walk to school and i saw harry ugh i dispise that kid and his friends i continued to walk past him as he tripped me, i fell to the ground and he just laughed and continued walking to school ill be shocked if him and his friends graduate but i just kept calm and got up, brushed the dirt off and walked the rest of the way to school.   As soon as i arrived at school i saw ed he was my best friend and my only friend but forget that i ran up to him and hugged him,   "Hey Ed!!" i said happily as i hugged him tight   "Hey Ash" he said i loved when he called me ash   "Ed you wouldn't guess who i saw on the way over here" i said trying to calm my anger   "let me guess... harold or one of his evil friends" he said and he was right it was him   "yep it was harold and he tripped me and walked away man i hate him" i said with anger in my voice   "we all do he's a huge jerk and so are his idiotic friends" he said he really got me there and he smiled   "well wish me luck i got to get to class and those idiotic boys are in my first period" i said not sounding happy at all   "lots of luck to you see you at second period ash" he said as he waved goodbye i waved back   "bye Ed" i said and i walk to my locker grabbed my books and went to class when i got there i sat away from the boys and tried to listen to the teacher as class began but then someone handed me a not it said *ashely is your little skirt dirtied up like that face of yours* i just threw it away after i read it and continued to take notes hopping second period would come quik cause these boys were getting annoying   i look at the board then faced my notebook and i started to draw a dove, heart, a cat, and other things i liked but those boys kept shooting spit balls at my neck i was so close to snapping and cussing then out but i didn't cause i was in class and i was a good kid, i was staring at the clock hopping it go by fast but it didn't the class dragged on and on for what seemed like forever but then the bell rang for second period, i was the first one out and i saw ed waiting for me outside the class room, i walked up to him,   "Hey Ed first period sucked" i said as he hugged me   "i know right my teacher was so boring i hope the boys didn't bother you to much" he said with a hint of sarcazm   "they were so annoying i was about to snap in class but i didn't those buys are lucky im a good student" i said as i smile lightly and look at him   "yah they are ash" he said as we walked into class and sat down   "ok imma try to do my work" i said as he nodded   i took a few notes and listened to the teacher then i wrote ed a note *hey ed wanna chill at my house this weekend unless you have plans then its fine* i hand him the note   i see him read it and he replies and hands it to me it says *yah i don't have any plans so i'd love to hang out with you ash* i was happy to see that he could come over.   i wrote back *cant wait* i saw him read it and then he folded it up and put it away.   i then took more notes and listened to the teacher but i really didn't look at the bored cause it was friday, ed was coming over, and i didn't have those boys till monday so i was happy practically ecstatic ed was my only friend and since my parents died he's all ive had and he's i huge comfort he'll let me cry if i need to and listen when i need him to but enough with that a few minutes later the lunch bell rang and i walked with ed.   Ed's POV   i walked with ash to the lunch room and sat down with her she was so fun to talk to and was so bubbly, quirky, and intresting she's really the only person i can talk to and the only one i trust too.   "Ash what you wanna do when i come over?" i asked her smiling wide   "i don't know ed maybe watch a movie i guess" she said unsure   "yah that would be awesome a good film now we'll decide what to watch when we get to your house ok?" i asked her making sure it was fine   "yah thats a good idea.." she said but then froze i didn't know what was happening till i saw those boys and they approached us   "look at little ashely" they teased but before i could say a thing they threw there tray at her covering her with food   "oops.." they said and walked away   "are you ok ash?" i said angry   "yah im fine just messy and do you got a shirt i can borrow?" she asked   "yes i do its in my locker you know my combination just get it and change into it itll be fine" i said as she smiled and walked away   Ashley's POV   i walked out of the lunch room and hunted for ed's locker, i hated those boys so much they just want to mess up my life but i wont let them but soon enough i found ed's locker and got his shirt and went to the girls room and changed then i put my shirt in my locker and headed back to lunch and sat with ed.   "hey ed thanks for leting my borrow your shirt" i thanked him and hugged him tightly   "its no problem ash and now eat silly" he said and gave me a smile and pulled out of the hug   "ok i will im so hungry" i said as i eat all of my food it was so good and soon enough lunch was over and me and ed said our good byes and went to class.   i went to drama and it was ok all we did was get yelled at by the teacher cause kids weren't listening so i just sat there and hummed some songs i knew and waited for her to quite all the kids down but then the bell rang for our last class which for me was science and i took my seat in the back as i listened to the teacher and took so many notes then we had a pop quiz, it took me five minutes tops to finish and im pretty sure i got a one hundred as always so i didn't worry about that.   the bell rang for school to end i put my books away and looked for ed when i found him i hugged him and he hugged back   "ed you ready for the movie?" i asked him exitedly   "yep i am ready so what you wanna watch?" he said with a smile on his face   "i dont know you decide" i said   "ok we'll watch Saw lll" he said as he looked at me   "i get scared very easily ed" i said as i shiver   "it'll be fine ill protect you" he said showing his muscles   "ok ed" i said unsure and we walked to my house without a problem and we walked inside and sat on the couch, ed got the movie and put it in then hit play.   he sat next to me and watched the movied i hid behind like i scared child through the whole movie and he laughed at the movie and rubbed my back.   Ed's POV   i rub her back as she shivers in fear behind me as i just laugh at the movie i never got why i laughed at scary movies and cried when i watched romantic comedies it was really confusing and i tried to calm her but when the movie was over i looked at her and she was fast asleep so i carried her to her room and kissed her forhead and tucked her in and walked out and shut the door.   i fixed me a sandwich and ate it then i laid down on the couch and slowly drifted off to sleep.   Author's note: Hope you enjoyed this chapter give me feedback! Bye Lovelies <3
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