Wow... -Damon Fizzy Fan-Fic- *Completed*

*Completed* Rachel was on YouTube one day and came across a guy... Damon Fizzy. She soon wins a contest to get free tickets to a meet and greet with him... Wow! And included in the contest she gets to be in video with him... How will this all turn out?


13. Without You

Without You

Rachel's POV

I sit in my room... You know, crying.

Kendra sits beside me.

"I'm sorry this happened to you." She says.

"Yeah whatever." I say sitting up.

"Do you want ice cream, I can go to the store and pick some up?" Kendra asks.

"Chocolate?" I ask. She chuckles.

"Yes I'm just glad you're eating." She realizes my laptop is cracked open, "What are you watching?" She asks.

"Um, porn." I say.

"If it was anyone else I would believe it but not you." Kendra says.

"Fine it's not."

"What is it?"

"Nothing." She takes the laptop from me, its a Damon Fizzy video. She stands up with the laptop.

"You're not aloud to watch these kinda videos."


"It only makes you cry." She walks out of my room with my laptop. I throw a pillow at my door then I start crying again.

I hear my phone ring. I don't pick it up.

It stops with no voice mail.

It rings again.

And again.

And again.

Finally a voice mail is left.

I look, Damon's number.

I don't pick up.

One Day Later

I ate three things of ice cream.

I go to the phone and I listen to the voice mail... I just want to hear his voice again since I can't watch the videos.

"Hey Rachel, I've been thinking long and hard... I miss you... A lot. I'm sorry for all that happened, I'm in the airport. In one day and nine hours, I will be able to see you again. I'm sorry if you don't forgive me... I know I wouldn't forgive me. I'm sorry for how much of a jerk I was I knew you didn't want to move and I didn't listen to you. I love you." His voice mail made me cry.

I brush my hair and I get dressed. I run out of my room and I run to the door. I open it and I see Damon.

"I'm so sor-" I kiss him. When we stop I hug him.

I start crying, "I missed you so much." I whisper.

"I couldn't stop thinking of you." Damon whispers. We stop hugging.

"Can I put my suitcase in your room."

"Our room." I say. He smiles.

He puts his suitcase down when we get into our room. When he puts it down I kiss him.

I lay down and I pull him onto me.

He goes to kiss my neck, but he stops himself.

"Are you ready?" Damon asks.


Then we slept together, for the first time.

Damon's POV

I wake up the next morning, next to her.

"Hey beautiful." I whisper.

She smiles, "Hey." She whispers. She sits up.

"What time is it?" She asks.

"6:30." I say.

"Ugh I have to get the kids up." She says. She goes to stand up but I stop her.

"I'll wake them up sweetie." I kiss her.

"Thanks." She says, then she falls back to sleep.

I go into Cassy's room and I wake her up. Then I go into Peter's room and I wake him up. I go into Kendra's room and I make sure she's awake, she is. She's making breakfast.

"Hey what are you making?"

"Um, I'm making bacon, sausage, and eggs."

"Anything I can eat?" I ask.

"Um, well, I didn't know you came back. So, um," She goes into the fridge and pulls out pie, "Here, pumpkin pie." She gives me a fork. I smile.

"Okay thanks." I grab all the meats she made and put it on a plate. I put an egg on it.

"This is for Rachel." I say. I go into our room.

"Rachel?" I whisper.

"Damon? What are you doing?" She asks.

"I got you some breakfast in bed." She smiles and sits up.

"The kids left?"

"The kids left." She kisses me.

"Thanks." She whispers.

"Now I need to get you some orange juice." I say. I kiss her forehead and I go to get her a glass of orange juice.

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