Wow... -Damon Fizzy Fan-Fic- *Completed*

*Completed* Rachel was on YouTube one day and came across a guy... Damon Fizzy. She soon wins a contest to get free tickets to a meet and greet with him... Wow! And included in the contest she gets to be in video with him... How will this all turn out?


18. OMG!



Damon's POV

I get home from the store Kay. I hate that store. I always find a couple fighting there and a couple about to do it on the ground.

I stand behind her and I kiss her neck, she smile and kisses me.

"I have dinner plans." I whisper in her ear. She giggles.

"You didn't tell me." She says.

"I know, surprise!" I say. She stands up and she kisses me.

I stop kissing her, we can't waist anytime.

"Let's go." I say. Rachel runs out the door and into the car. She stands back up and runs back inside.

"Is this fancy?" She asks.

"Yeah but you look perfect." I say.

"No, I need to get dressed!" Rachel yells running into our room. She comes out and I changed into a tux. She smiles. She looked perfect. She had on light makeup just how I like it and she had a beautiful red dress she also had her hair down and curly as ever instead of straightened and in a ponytail.

"Let's go." She says running into my car. I pull out a ring out of my back pocket and I clean some dirt off the diamond. I nod.

"Good enough." I whisper. I run into the car. She was in the front seat ready to dive but I open the door.

"Get out babe, I'm driving." She smiles.

"Okay." She says walking over to the other side. I sit in the car then we drive to a romantic place to eat.

We eat there and she was so beautiful I was scared people would try to pull her away from me, like Liam Payne or someone, besides the fact we're in Mansfield, Ohio.

"Do you like the food?" I ask.

"Oh my gosh yes this is amazing Damon." She says. I grab her hand I kiss the top of it.

"Anything you you Rachel. I love you."

"And I love you." She takes a bite of the lobster. Wow meat, I didn't think this through...

I look at the menu, I bite my lip.

The waitress walks up.

"Are you having any problems Damon?" She asks.

"How do you know my name?" I ask.

"Well, you're only the most awesome and the most hot guy on YouTube." She says.

"Yeah, um do you have anything without meat, like even your salads have meat chunks." I say.

"Um, I can get you salad with no meat chunks."

"And a Pepsi?" She nods.

"Okay." She walks away.

"I'm having a real nice time Damon." Rachel says. She doesn't really say my name this much.

"Thanks me too." I say looking at the waitress as she brings my salad and water.

"Thank you." I say.

"Your eyes are looking beautiful..." She whispers grabbing my hand.

I chuckle, "Oh, that's what's going on." I say.


"You're trying to flirt." I say. She shrugs.

"Just a little." She says.

"Well, are you done eating?" I ask.

"Yeah but I have to go to the bathroom." She kisses my cheek and runs into the girls bathroom and I eat my salad.

Rachel's POV

I run into the bathroom and I call Kendra.

"Hello?" Kendra says.

"Kendra I'm not sure of this or not but I think he's proposing and I can't get married. You know me I stress out too much about things like this. He-"

"Rachel! Calm down. He might not be."

"He's taking me to a fancy dinner then taking me somewhere else for a surprise." I say.

"Maybe it's a hotel room." Kendra says.

"Yuck no we did once."

"And you liked it, and I know you want to again."

"Yeah I want to who does, but I'm not going to." I say.

"Well, what are you going to do if he does pop the question?" She asks.

"Say yes... I can't say no..." I hang up. I come out of the bathroom with a plastic smile on my face.

Damon's POV

I'm taking her on a romantic walk on the beach. We start walking.

"Wow this is beautiful..." Rachel whispers.

"Not as beautiful as you." I say.

"I swear you are too cheesy." She says. She gives me a kiss.

"I made a picnic." I say. I clap my hands and I girl with a towel and a girl with a basket come out.

I open the basket as we sit down. I pull out the wine.

"Wine?" I ask. She nods. I pour her a glass.

"This is a vegetarian picnic after your meat lovers dinner." I say. She smiles.

She kisses me. She grabs my tie and pulls me to the ground. She starts to unbutton my shirt but I stop her.

"What has gotten into you." I say tapping her nose.

"Love Damon." She says. We chuckle. I pull out the ring.

"Rachel Underwood..." I start, "I have loved you since we first kissed and I've never stopped loving you, even when it's hard. When you fancy over Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens, I don't even care because I know you love me. I know I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know you don't want to get married right now and we don't have to, we can just be engaged. I love you more then Becca loved Edward in Vampires Suck." She chuckles, "I love you from the moon and back, hell I love you from Pluto and back. I want to be with you forever and that's why I have to ask, will you marry me?" I ask. She looks at me in shock.

Rachel's POV

I don't know what's going on, I want to say yes but I'm not sure. That was so sweet and I do fancy Kellin Quinn, I've actually said his name while we were kissing, and he can accept that.

I think that I want to say yes not that I feel I have to.

"Yes." I say. He smiles and he starts kissing me.

"Thank god, Kellin Quinn may have a hot wife b-"

"Hey." I say.

"Let me finish. I was going to say Kellin Quinn may have a hot wife, but she's nothing compared to you. She's coal and you're the diamond." I smile and I kiss him.

He starts to kiss my neck, "Did you get a hotel room?" I asks.

"Um, yeah I'm proposing. If you said no, I could stay there and if you sad yes... We could stay there." He says

I giggle.

"Well, we'll need it." I whisper into his ear. He chuckles.

"Then let's go before this gets too far." He says. We run into my car and we drive to the hotel room.

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