Wow... -Damon Fizzy Fan-Fic- *Completed*

*Completed* Rachel was on YouTube one day and came across a guy... Damon Fizzy. She soon wins a contest to get free tickets to a meet and greet with him... Wow! And included in the contest she gets to be in video with him... How will this all turn out?


4. Feelings


Rachel's POV

He's sleeping... We are so close.

I stand up and I lay beside him. He turns and puts his arms around me. Our noses are touching. He smiles in his sleep. He looks so cute in his sleep. He pulls me closer. His eyes flutter open. I closer my eyes acting like I'm asleep before he can gain vision again. He looks and see's me. I feel him get off the bed and I hear him go into the bathroom.

Shortly after he comes back into his bed. He looks at me. He moves the hair off my face and kisses my forehead. He fixes the blanket on me and lays beside me and cuddles.

I'm dying! He kissed my forehead... I think that means he's got feelings!

Damon's POV

She must've been sleepwalking or something because I woke up with her in my bed... I don't think I was that drunk. Wait was I even drunk? I guess so. I pull her closer as gentle as I can trying to keep little her asleep.

Did we sleep together... I hope not. We have to keep this professional. She doesn't even know I kissed her. I wanted to wake her up so I could get a kiss back, but I didn't want to scare her. 

I was dreaming about her. I was dreaming that we were dancing with no music, I know corny... I am a hopeless romantic I guess. I hope she doesn't wake up because I'm full-out staring at her sleeping, that would be creepy.

I kiss her shoulder and I go to her bed and I fall asleep.

Rachel's POV

Did he leave. Dang it. I open my eyes and he's looking at me. I smile. He does the same.

Damon's POV

"How did you get into my bed?" She asks. I chuckle.

"You sleepwalked into my bed so I moved into yours." She stands up and walks over to me. She smiles.

"I find mine better." She whispers.

"Yeah me too."I sit up and she sits up with me.

"What's wrong?" She asks.

"No everything is perfect." I say.

"How perfect?" She asks. We look into each others eyes. I slowly move in closer. Only a little.

"Just as perfect as you are." I whisper.

"How perfect am I?" She whispers. I kiss her. I kiss her with as much passion as a 21 year old boy can. I want her to feel loved. She lays down and pulls me down with her. We stop kissing.

"I'll never be able to get back to sleep now." I whisper. We smile and laugh a little. She bites her lip. She kisses me one last time then she lays down. I kiss her cheek then I start to cuddle with her.

This is perfect.

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