Wow... -Damon Fizzy Fan-Fic- *Completed*

*Completed* Rachel was on YouTube one day and came across a guy... Damon Fizzy. She soon wins a contest to get free tickets to a meet and greet with him... Wow! And included in the contest she gets to be in video with him... How will this all turn out?


6. Awkward...


Rachel's POV
I wake up, and he's laying beside me. I wipe my eyes and I sit up. He's still there. Oh my gosh he's shirtless... Nice.

I lay back down, I soon pretend to fall asleep.

Damon's POV

She asleep? Yes. She fell for it. I open my eyes. I look at her. Wow she's so beautiful. I kiss her cheek. She smile and opens her eyes. She pulls me down and kisses me.

"I lied. I want to be with you." She whispers. We start kissing again. I stop kissing her back and I smile. She stops. I kiss her forehead. She bites her lip, then we kiss again. Dang, how many times are we going to do this.

I start to take off her shirt but she pushes my hand away, then she stops kissing me.

"No." She whispers. I stand up.

"Why are you in just your boxers?" She asks.

"Because it's hot in here." He puts on his shirt.

"Yeah kinda hot." She sits up. I grab her clothes and I throw them at her.

"What the heck are you doing?" She asks.

"We've got to see Jon. He's going to talking about the day you go back." I say. She just takes off her shirt while we're talking.

"I don't want to go back." She puts on her other shirt. I thought she'd go in the bathroom and do this.

"Well you have to, and I have to go back to L.A." She puts on her skinny jeans that make her butt look nice.

"Well can't you just come to Ashland with me?" She asks starting to put on her makeup. I take it away.

"What are you doing?" She asks.

"I can't go to Ashland because my home is in L.A. And you don't need makeup... I've seen you without any on and you look best without it." She smiles and takes it back.

"Thanks but I've already started." She says putting more on. I roll my eyes. She kisses me.

"Admit it you think I look prettier with makeup."

"No I think you look fake with it on." She shrugs.

"My hair isn't like this naturally."

"What color is your hair naturally like?"

"Blonde." She grabs my hand and we walk out holding hands.

A/N I'm not editing because I have to be going so sorry for any mistakes...

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