Madeline is learning about dangerous things, but she is also learning you cant trust people. She is being searched for by spy corporations, and she won't go down without a fight. She also thinks to leave South Carolina, but Dan, her loyal boyfriend tells her to stay, and it will all be ok. Madeline wonders if she should believe him, and stay, or betray her thoughts, and go


2. The Surprise

When Madison finally reaches the library, she sees Harris waiting on the steps, playing on his phone. When she gets off the bus, the man with the cigarette looks at her and says,

“Not funny, kid.” Then he shakes his head and walks off. Madison continues up the steps and when Harris sees her he smiles. His light blonde hair shimmers in the harsh summer sun.

“So, Maddie, are you ready for training?” he asks.

“No, but I have to anyway right?” Madison says, and wrings her hands. They walk inside, and Harris whispers something to Nadia, the librarian. She hands him and key, and all Madison hears is the distinct sound of a kiss. Harris leads Madison down a flight of stairs to a secret underground training base for S.P.A., or the Secret Protection Agency. Harris unlocks the door, and pulls Madison inside.

“First thing; go change.” He says. Then he picks up a bundle of clothes off the self and hands them to her. She walks into an offshoot and puts on the new clothes; plain black pants, and a black shirt, and a hair tie to pull up her hair.

When she comes out, Harris is sitting on a chair, tied up. His eye is bloodied, and he can’t move. Madison’s first thought is to help him, but then she sees a body moving on her left. She throws a sidekick, and hits the mystery person in the gut, moving them backwards. Then she punches and knees a object on her left. Then Harris yells, “Stop!” Madison turns to him, just in time to see a man with a knife in front of him, not seeing Madison. Madison slides on the ground, kicking the man’s feet out from under him. Then she turns to see Harris grinning.

“You did good!” he says, and undoes his ties.

“What was that?” Madison asks, wiping sweat off her forehead.

“That was a test. You were supposed to come for me, then fight, but you were even smarter.” Harris says, wiping off the eye makeup.

The three bodies come out, and there are two girls, and a large man.

“Meet Jess, Cali and Jacob.” Says Harris, gesturing to the girls then the man.

“You could have warned me.” Says Madison.

“That would have ruined the whole, think before you do vibe” said one girl she assumed was Cali.

“Yeah, and we totally thought we would get you on the ground before you could speak.” Said Jess.

“I just came so I could pretend like I was going to kill Harris” said Jacob, grinning at Harris.

Madison couldn’t help herself. She laughed. Then Jess, Cali, Jacob and Harris joined in. Then she punched Harris in the stomach.

“I deserved that” he said.

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