Madeline is learning about dangerous things, but she is also learning you cant trust people. She is being searched for by spy corporations, and she won't go down without a fight. She also thinks to leave South Carolina, but Dan, her loyal boyfriend tells her to stay, and it will all be ok. Madeline wonders if she should believe him, and stay, or betray her thoughts, and go


1. The Bus

Madison sat on a park bench not far from the center fountain of Ripley Park. There was a large man smoking a cigarette next to her, and she wafted the smoke away from her face, careful not to swipe her glasses out of place. In her hand she held her math book, and in her satchel were books she meant to return to the library, but first had to read them all twice. Her long straight hair hung behind her and she flipped a stray piece. She had bags under her eyes, covered in makeup, because she had stayed up late at night texting Dan Pillent, her boyfriend of three years. The bus finally screeched into the curb, and Madison boarded. She chose an empty seat near the front of the bus, and sat straight next to the window. The town whisked outside the window, as she thought about what she was really going to the library for. She thought that Harris was meeting her on the steps, and then would take her down into the secret room; the Combat Room. Then the man smoking a cigarette let out another puff, and the woman bus driver said, “Do you mind?” The man took out another cigarette and lit it.

“Sir, I will escort you from the bus.” The woman continued, pulling into a gas station. The man got up in the woman’s and said, “I’d like to see you try.” Then Madison got the nerve to say, “Sir, stop smoking or the lady will revoke any bus privileges you may have.”

The man laughed. “Oh really? She’ll ‘revoke my privileges’ oh no, I’m scared.”

Madison was getting mad, so she briefly punched the man in the softest area on a man, then said. “Sit down. And stop smoking.”

The bus driver thought about doing something then sat back down, and settled the bus into drive. 

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