Your Little Things

One Direction Fan Fiction movella. Hope you like it :)


3. The Invitation

I didn't know what to say. I was completely out of breath now. I managed to finally say after standing there like a idiot for a minute "Hi" smooth."Im Niall" he said holding his hand out to me. "Welcome to our school, Jordyn." Oh wow he was actually paying attention to my name in class. Who knew? "Thanks" I said shaking his hand that was actually really soft. Still couldn't breathe. "Whats your next class?" He asked intently. I looked at my schedule. Gym. Great. "Gym" I answered shyly. "Do you need help finding the gym?" He asked. "Um" I mumbled. Now that I think about it I didn't really know where the gym was. So then I said "Yes, thanks" I thought he might walk me there but once again I was wrong. He point down the stairs to the basement. "It's down in the basement" he said "Our school is laid out weird" he said flashing that perfect smile. I laughed kinda dorkishly and said "Thanks" I started walking but he grabbed my arm and said "Wait" I turned around to look at him  again. What did he want now? "There's a party tonight at my house, you wanna come? Everyone's welcome." I thought about what Sarah had said about what happened to her at that party 2 years ago. But then again what did I have to lose. It's not like he's my boyfriend or anything. "Sure, why not" I said trying to sound as cool as possible. "Great see you there" I smiled and started walking to gym again when I realized I didn't know where he lived. When I turned around again he was gone. Great. I bet Sarah would know where he lived but should I really ask her? She would totally freak if she knew I was going to the party after what she told me. There was only one solution. I couldn't go. I mean what did I think that my grandma was just gonna let me out of the house on a Friday night to go to some random guys wild party? I'm stupid.

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