Your Little Things

One Direction Fan Fiction movella. Hope you like it :)


4. Lunch

Thank god it's finally lunch time. Though the food looked and smelled rather gross I had already had a crazy day and foods my friend. I sat down at  an empty table amongst several full ones. I noticed Sarah sitting with the jock girls. She must be into sports. I hate sports. Well actually I don't hate them I just suck at them. It must be nice to athletically inclined. I started to eat my rather slimy meatloaf when someone came down and sat across from me. It was Sarah. "Hello?" I said questionably. "Hi" she said. "Saw you sitting over here alone so I thought I'd join you" "Cool" I replied. Then she asked me a question I had not at all been expecting. "Are you going to Niall's party tonight?" I was shocked. She could tell. "Thought so" She said. "Actually" I said "He invited me but my grandma would never let me go" "I'm going" she said. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. "Your what?!" I shouted. "Not for Niall, for my boyfriend Greg, his brother." I stared at her. "He has a brother?" I asked. "Yes, but he's in college so he doesn't go here." "Wow, your mom lets you date someone that old?" "She thinks he's only a freshman in college. But he's a junior" I almost chocked on my meatloaf. "A Junior in college?!" I said shouting again. "Don't judge me" she said "At first I was only dating him to get back at Niall but I ended up really liking him" I couldn't speak. "Anyway" she continued. "I bet if you really wanted to go I could get you there without your grandma knowing your going to a party." "Really?" I said "How?" "Only if you could do one thing for me though." "What is it?" I asked "You go with me and you see that guy over there?" "Yeah" "That's drew." She said. "He thinks your hot and wanted to go to the party with you if you were going." "Okay" I said "That's fine" "Ok cool, so just tell your grandma that a new friend invited you to go to the movies." "Okay, I will" I said. "Great, See you at 7 biotch."

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