Your Little Things

One Direction Fan Fiction movella. Hope you like it :)


5. Getting Ready

As I got home around 4 I could feel the excitement building up inside me. The party started at 7. I found my grandma in the living room watching some old person soap opera. "Hey grandma!" I said excited. "Hello dear, how was your first day at your new school?" "It was fine in fact I made a new friend and she asked me to hang out tonight, can I please?" "Dear, I don't know this girl and if I trust you out with her since you just met her today" that was not the answer I was hoping for. "But grandma she's really nice and we connected instantly." "Ok dear I understand that but I would like to meet her when she picks you up." "Um, that's fine grandma her name is Sarah" "Okay dear, I will look forward to meeting her." "Thanks so much grandma!" I exclaimed. I ran upstairs to try to figure out what to wear that didn't look too flashy or sexy. My grandma didn't need to suspect anything. I dug through my closet. I found this baby blue sparkly tank top that would go with my green eyes. I also found my favorite pair of ripped dark blue skinny jeans. They would go great together. I put them on and added some silver hoops and black pumps. There, I look hot. Now for the hair and makeup. I decided to go light on the makeup with light black eyeliner circling my eyes and some lash defying mascara and some light pink shiny lip gloss. I put a few curls in my hair and I was ready. Perfect timing. The door bell rang just as I was putting in the last curl. My grandma opened the door and there was Sarah standing there in a skin tight black dress and red pumps with lots of makeup and red lipstick. I felt sick. She looked hot. Really hot, but I hope my grandma noticed how over dressed she was for just hanging out with me. "Hello, you must be Sarah" my grandma said as she held out her hand. I rushed down the stairs and said "I'm all ready." Sarah stared at me, as if to say what and the hell were you thinking." "Have a good time girls and behave, be home by midnight" that last part scared me a little bit but I didn't have time to worry because next thing I knew Sarah was pulling me through the door out to the car where Josh sat.

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