Running to a New Beginning

Leigh finally made her escape from the horrible orphanage she lived in since she was five. But when she runs away, Where will she go? After all, shes only thirteen. Where will she find food? Shelter? Where will she go? What will she do?


7. Presents

Leighs POV.

"What" I asked.

"I'll tell you in the morning" HArry smirked despite his tiredness.

"Cmon Harry thats just low" I said a slight smile appearing on my face.

He laughed "Your officially adopted!!!!!!!" He exclaimed excitedly.

"Omg!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!" I said running and hugging him.

He laughed. I wrapped my arms around him tightly so did he.

"Thank you!" I whispered.

I pulled out of his arms. "Thanks your really the nicest people Ive met in 7 years" I said truthfully.

"Thank you Leigh" He said,

"Now I have some presents for you!" He said.

"That was the best present I could ask for though!" I protested.

"But theres more!"He continnued on.

He pulled an Iphone out of a bag he was holding.

"An Iphone?" I asked bewildered.

"Yeah excited"

"Yes!" I screamed "But one thing, I dont know how to use it" I said sheepishly.

"I'll teach you" He reassured me.

"Thank you Harry" I said and jumped into his arms again a smile etched on my face. A smile that a week ago was never real.



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