Running to a New Beginning

Leigh finally made her escape from the horrible orphanage she lived in since she was five. But when she runs away, Where will she go? After all, shes only thirteen. Where will she find food? Shelter? Where will she go? What will she do?


4. Metting them

Leighs POV.

Four guys barged in through the door.

"Hey Haz" Said the blonde one.

"Hey Nialler" Harry responded.

"Leigh" Harry called for me. I came out of the kitchen.

"Leigh, This is Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam" Harry introduced.

"Hi" I waved.

I was greeted with tons of hugs.

"Lads, This is Leigh" Harry finished.

"How about we all have a day with her?" Liam suggested "To get to know her better" He stated.

There was a chorus of yeses.

"I'll take her tomorrow" Louis said. And smiled at me.

"I'm after Louis" Zayn called.

"I was going to go after Louis!" NIall whined.

"What about the father/Brother?" Harry asked throwing his arms in the air.

They started fighting over me it was kinda cool.

"NO but what about me?" Liam asked "I'm not going last"

"Well I'm going first!Thats final" Louis yelled at Liam.

"BOYS!" I yelled. They all turned to look at me.

"Louis goes first then Zayn, Then Harry because I really want to get to know him" I paused "Liam and Niall we'll do a raffle" I said calmly.

They all agreed.

I wrote Liam on one paper and Niall on another.

"Ok Louis close your eyes and pick a paper" I said to him. He chose a paper.

He looked at it closeslty "Liam it says Liam"

Niall groaned "Fine" He sighed.

"Thankyou now good night I'm really tired" I said.

I hugged them all and went to the room Harry showed me before. I finally slept good.

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