Running to a New Beginning

Leigh finally made her escape from the horrible orphanage she lived in since she was five. But when she runs away, Where will she go? After all, shes only thirteen. Where will she find food? Shelter? Where will she go? What will she do?


5. Louis

Leighs POV.

I woke up and looked around. I was no longer in my yellow sheeted uncomfortable matress. I was ina pretty blue room. With comfy blue covers. I rememebered I was at Harrys and smiled. He was so nice to me! I dont know what I wouldve done if he hadnt found me! I went to the bathroom and jumped in the shower.

****Skip Shower******

I walked into the room I guess it was my room. And looked in my bags I still havent unpacked. Oh well.I put on a pretty mint green tank top with ann infinity necklace. Then I put on my black leggings and my mint green converses. I only had mint green convereses and light blue converses and pink toms thats it. I put my brown wavy hair in a pretty ponytail and walked out. It was 11:00. Woah! I slept really late. I looked to see Harry and Louis on the couch.

"Hi" I said.

"Oh the princess has finally awoke!" Louis teased.

"Shut up!" I said rolling my eyes.

"Haz shes being mean to me!" Louis whined.

"Listen to her Shut up!" Harry said to Louis. Louis frowned.

He quickly recovered "Ready to go?" He asked,

Before I could answer "Ok lets go" He said dragging me out.

"Bye Harry" I called.

"Bye!" He called back.

"So where we going" I asked as I got in Louis car.

"The amusement park" He said and grinned.

I smiled "Fun"

When we finally got there I pulled Louis to a huge rollercoaster.

"You wanna go on that?" He asked wide eyed.

"Oh dont be such a baby cmon" I said pulling him to the line.

We got off Louis was screeching the whole time.

A few hours and rollercoasters later. We went home,

"Thanks Louis that was so fun!" I said smiling.

I hugged him goodbye.

And walked in to see Harry watching a movie.

"Hey" I said sitting next to him.


I sat there and watched for a few minutes,

"So I dont get a hug or anything?" He teased.

"Nope" I said and turned my head back to the screen.

A few seconds later he pulled me into his arms.

"No one says no to Harry Styles" He said trying to act scary but failing. I giggled.

He started to tickle me "Harry stop" I said in between laughs.

He just hugged me.

"Your free to go" He said after a few minutes.

"Thanks" I said jumping out of his arms.

"Wait Leigh"He said.

"Yeah" I spun on my heels to face him.

"I signed you up for this sports, art program thing in a week" He said.

"Ok" I said.

"I thought it would be fun they do pretty cool things" He said.

"K thanks" I kissed his cheek and went to bed. I was tired.


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