Forever us *A Justin Bieber fan fiction*

A young girl named Emily has a dream in becoming a fashion stylist in the USA. What happens when Scott Braun is the one who helps her dream come true. Emily hates Justin at first but then she decides to give him a chance. They became friends but what happens when they start to fall for each other ??


5. Welcome to the stone's family


I can't believe it. Finaly i found someone that actualy is just like me. Almost same bday date, same periode date, same age. I'm just sooo happy that i met her for real. We were finally home and we got in my bedroom. Me: let me just get you something to wear ! Emily:Okay i'll just sit here. She sat on my bed as i looked for a pijama. I found one and gave it to her. Me: You can change your cloth here. I'll go change somewhere else.  Emily:okay. Thank you Alex. Me:No need to thank me.  I went out to change my cloth in to pj's and when i finished and went back to my bedroom since Emily finished changing her cloth. And the door was opened.  Me:Emily you're beautiful. Even without make up you look prettier.  Emily: well maybe i am but not as beauty as you. Me:awwwww thank you.....sooooo...... you wanna watch a movie ? Emily: sure what do you have ? Me: Well just name a movie and i'll see if i have it. Emily: well i do love toy story do you have it ? Me:yeah of course i do. Emily:yayy. Me:Do you want some popcorn ? Emily: yeah sure. In 15 the popcorn was done the TV was set and we sat on the couch of my bedroom to watch the movie.  *WHEN THE MOVIE WAS DONE* It was 10:30 and dad wasn't home yet. So we just sat on the floor and talked. Emily:When are you guys going to usa ? Me: this sunday after-noon You're comming with us right ? Emily: I guess I am. The fashion show is this saturday. I'll pack my bags sunday morning and i'll be done before the after-noon. Me:why don't you pack your bags saturday morning and bring them here. I'll go with you to the fashion show and u can come and sleep here. Because we have to be at the airport at 12 pm so we can just stay together. Emily:Sure it will be great. Me:yayy. What about your mom ? Emily:Well I'll tell her that i'm traveling before we go in to the plane and i'll just go in my way to make my dream come true......... because of the help of your dad of course  Me: awwww okay. Tomorow you can talk to dad about the job. He found a few. I don't know what they are but tomorow we'll see. Now lets sleep. Emily: okay then.  She sleped in the guest bed near mine. Emily: Good night alex. Me:goodnight emily. After 30 mns i thought she was sleeping but i heared her whispering "Thanks god for everything. For the job i'm getting and for alex being in my life". I'm soo happy she truly loves the fact that we are sisters it's kind of cute. I then felt asleep.  EMILY'S POV: *THE NEXT MORNING* I woked up and the sun was shining. I felt like it's gonna be a good day. I looked to Alex's bed and she wasn't there. So I got out of bed and went to find the kitchen when I did I saw that table was set and there was food on it. Everything that you can imagine and lots of food. Alex and her father were sitting but not eating. Me:Good morning alex. Good morning mister daniel. Alex:Heyy. Mister daniel: Good morning sweetie. Come and eat. Me: thank you mister. Why aren't you both eating ? Alex:oh we were waiting for you Me: you shouldn't have Alex: Nah it's okay. Mister daniel: Emily... Please call me uncle dani and you can even call me dad. Alex told me how much she loved you and I'm glade that she met you because she always wanted a good friend and I guess it's you. Me: thank you uncle dani. To be honest I always wanted to have a sister and i found alex. Alex:awwww thank you.  I sat down on the shair and started eating like it's the first time i see food. Uncle dani and alex looked at me laughing. Me:Oh sorry !! Just being a teen girl. Alex:you can eat the way you want and how much you want. Uncle dani: yups. Me: Uncle dani ? I just wanted to ask you about the jobs you found me! Uncle dani: yeah emily ! Well i know a couple of guys that need a fashion stylist and designer. In one of them you won't work all the time but you're going to stay with them all day and they will get you everything. Me:Oh i guess this job will be perfect. But will it be far from where you guys are ? Uncle dani:Sometimes it will. Because they travel but when they are in L.A which is most of the time you're close to us. Me: yayy !! And they have no probleme that i'm 18 turning 19 ? Uncle dani: Not at all. Infact my friend was happy because this way you'll know what teens love to see on the boy. On the boy??!! Well as long as it's a good job i'm fine with that. Me:Oh okay then.  Uncle dani: when we get to usa. U'll meet my friend and you guys can talk. His name is scooter braun. Ever heard of him ? Me:No is he a fashion designer or...? Uncle dani: No he's a manager for some big pop starts in the usa and he wants you to be the stylist of one of them. Me: Oh My God !!! That's amazing. Uncle dani: i'm galde you loved the job. But you'll have to stay with the pop star's crew all day when they need you. Who ever it is....... Me:Yeah it's okay. Alex:Yayyy you found a job !! Today we are going shopping to get you some new cloth so you take them with you and leave your old ones behind. To start fresh and suit the usa. Me:I would love to but i can't i must hide my money for later. Uncle dani: Emily please accept it as a gift from me to welcome you in our family and let me pay for anything and everything you love and find in the shopping trip. My treat.  Me: i don't know. I mean i don't want to be klingy or anything...... I just... Uncle dani: no i just want to treat you the same way i do with alexandra that's all. I smiled Alex: yayy we're gonna buy you outfits and shoes and's gonna be fun. Me: yayyyy.
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